When you do pulled pork, opportunities are you’ll have a lot of leftovers. This is wonderful because it will taste simply as good a day or two from now as the did once it to be freshly made.

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Of course as it “ages” it gets far better than ever. That’s since the seasonings continue to infuse and also mix your flavor right into the meat. Just naturally an ext delicious.

But how long is traction pork great for in this left over state? go pork meat should be eaten any kind of sooner than various other kinds of meats, or have the right to you eek out a solid mainly of it in the fridge? Or even eat it month from currently from frozen?

These space valid questions, and of food it depends on exactly how you both store and also reheat her pulled pork.

Don’t worry, it’s not as well complicated, and also in this article we’ll malfunction how to best save your pulled pork and methods because that reheating, reusing and frankly, re-enjoying.

Then we’ll look at a recipe because that making delicious traction pork carnitas in ~ home and also what to do with the leftovers because trust me, you’ll have actually a TON that leftovers.

Saving her Leftover pulled Pork because that Later


The best means to thaw out that pork when you need it is to refrigerate the overnight, then put it in cold water until it’s completely unfrozen.

Just like any other leftover meat, you’ll must reheat the pork to around 165 degrees before it’s an excellent to go again.

If the pork end up a little bit dry, you deserve to simmer it in some broth or few of that tasty original sauce if you saved it on the stovetop to make it great as new.

Get it approximately 250 degrees and you’re ready to go, similar to it came appropriate out the the press cooker again. Friend can also reheat it in her smoker; simply monitor the temp and also watch for dryness.

If you’re in search of a quicker technique than on the stovetop, girlfriend can conveniently pop the pork in the microwave instead.

Just keep in mind, microwaves tend to reheat points unevenly, for this reason make sure you row up that pork commonly to do sure whatever is boil up.

What to carry out with Leftover traction Pork?

Once you have actually that pork reheated, you can easily use it because that so plenty of different things.

Other 보다 a straightforward BBQ traction pork sandwich with great toppings, below are just some mexican dishes you have the right to throw together petty quickly:

TacosTaquitosBurritosQuesadillasMexican format pizzaLay end avocadosRice/Pork burato bowlLayer right into nachos

That pulled pork is a really functional food, providing you a ton of alternatives for what you have the right to do v it once you have actually it thawed out. Think salads, casseroles, pasta, and anything you could do v pulled/shredded chicken.

Making her Pulled Pork – “LA” Style

Unsurprisingly, you have the right to easily discover some great recipes virtual that lays the end the entirety thing because that you step by step.

With only 5 minutes of prep time needed prior to your traction pork is prepared to go into your push cooker like an instapot and start cooking, this is a stupid basic recipe that any type of cook of any type of level can obtain down.


All friend really need are a couple of spices, a decent reduced of pork and also a slow cooker, then you’re front of the game.

For the cut of pork, i recommend either shoulder, either bone-in or bone out. It’s going to fall off that bone after the time in the slow-moving cooker anyways, for this reason I’d recognize if you want to save yourself the problem of fishing the bone out later.

The many important part is making certain the meat is skinless therefore the mix that cumin, olive oil, oregano, onion, salt, pepper and jalapeno have the right to marinade in that slow-moving cooker, offering it the iconic LA carnitas flavor.


Once friend have everything in the slow-moving cooker, currently it’s simply a wait game.

You’ll desire to chef that pork on short for 10 hours or top top high for 6 hours. Any an ext will dry it out and also make it too tough and also stringy and also any less will leave you with raw pork, a major no-no.


After her pork comes the end of the slow-moving cooker, your following step is to shred it up right into delicious, bite-sized pieces. It must be tender enough to just tear apart with two forks, providing you those tasty shredded chucks to walk on her carnitas tacos or in your quesadilla maker.

This shouldn’t take more than around ten minutes or so, depending upon the size of the roast girlfriend chose. The bigger that is, the longer it would take to carve up.


For following level pulled pork experiences, it’s super crucial to brown the pork in its very own juices in a cast iron or electrical skillet.

In fact, currently that you know how long pulled pork is great for, you can use this browning method as a method to reheat and crisp up leftover pork.

The key is to save as plenty of of those natural pork juices combined with the broth you put in the pressure cooker at the start, then carrying that into the pan for browning later. It is a major an essential to getting that authentic, Mexican-style taste.

You’ll desire to collect only around 2 cup max of the leftover juice. That would certainly be the perfect quantity for the browning process.

If you have any kind of extra past those 2 cups, litter it in a separate container and save it because that later. That will come in handy once you’re reheating that pork later on on.

Here’s a step-by-step overview to what you’ll require for marinating and also cooking your pulled pork carnitas tacos:


3 pounds boneless or bone-in pork shoulder, reduced into little 1½-inch pieces1 cup homemade chicken stock or low-sodium chicken broth for use in the push cookerYour 2 tbsp that cumin, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 21/2 tsp that salt, 1 tsp of black color pepper, 1 tbsp that oregano, 4 cloves that minced garlic and 1 whole jalapeno marinade1 tablespoon of salt

You’ll additionally want some heat corn tortillas, either homemade or store-bought are fine, part chopped white onion, a couple of lime wedges and some shredded cabbage prepared to peak off those tacos.

If you’re feeling specifically adventurous, you deserve to throw part homemade guacamole, Pico de Gallo or salsa on height to really make those flavors pop.

This tasty pork goes well with practically everything however some of mine favorites room with delicious mexico fried rice or wrapped up into a giant burrito.

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If that’s too daunting for you, this is a YouTube video clip to rest it down for you.