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replacing The Flint On your

Flints space something that must be replaced, approximately every few weeks because that an typical user.

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To replace the flint we should remove it from the flint tube:

1. First, remove the within unit (insert) indigenous the case.

2. Revolve it over and also unscrew the flint spring making use of a small screwdriver or a coin. Progressively remove the spring.

Tip: The spring is under tension so be sure it doesn’t fly away.

3. Turning the within unit (insert) ideal side up again, eliminate the remaining piece of flint, if any, by tenderness tapping the within unit on a hard surface.

Hint: Remove any type of stubborn flint slivers or residue with an unravelled paperclip.

4. Insert a brand-new flint in the brass-colored flint tube. Be certain not to confuse the brass guideline on the finish of the flint spring. Even though that looks favor a flint, that is no a flint.

5. Change the flint spring and turn clockwise till tight.

Important Tip: Be certain the screw is tightened so the lid can completely close. A tight seal will help delay the lighter fluid’s evaporation. Re-tighten if the lid does no close.

6. If the flint wheel binds after a brand-new flint is installed, turn the wheel backwards a few times.

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Hint: You have the right to keep extra flints under the feel pad for future use.
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