Serama chicken is a decorative kind coming from in the Kelantan state the Malaysia within the last 50 years. The each other is also recognized together Ayam Serama and also Malaysian Serama. That is a true bantam chicken form and is no standard.

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Serama chicken is a real bantam breed, which indicates there space no conventional version that this type. After ~ the advancement of this type, it has actually actually continuous been desired as pets also as additionally extremely popular as an ornamental chicken breed.

Serama chickens make gorgeous animals and also buddies, both inside her home and also outdoors. Their little size calls because that really tiny area and also a pair or triad have the right to conveniently it is in caged in a 3 foot by 2 foot unit. They must just be blurt of your cages when they are safe native killers such as pet dogs, felines as well as predators.

Tiny however mighty, the Serama claims the tiniest chicken worldwide, and likewise one that the most expensive!

It is a loved one novice come the west globe, yet has been well-known in Singapore for number of years. It has the difference of gift a true bantam– over there is no huge counterpart chicken.

It has actually winner the mind of several and also although quiet thought about a scarcity in this country, the ranges of Seramas is on the increase.

Maintain exploring for much more information worrying this tiny chicken and likewise see if that will absolutely match your flock.

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Serama Chicken Size and also CharacteristicSerama Chicken treatment Guide

Serama Chicken Overview


Seramas room tiny. They selection in elevation from simply under 6 inches to rather under 10 inch high.

They have actually a very upright ‘V’ posture; also their tail plumes are upright. Castle look permanently sharp and ‘on guard’ because of this was provided the labels of ‘toy soldier’ or ‘courageous warrior’.

The head the the bird is top top the small side and additionally is thrown earlier in the upright pose. The comb is solitary and also red as room the wattles. The earlobes have the right to be a mix the white and also red. In the chicken the wattles and also comb room a lot smaller sized than the male. Eyes room a bay red.

They have actually a quick back; actually there is small room in between the body and also tail plumes. Castle are incredibly muscular birds. The shoulders are developed high and the wing are organized perpendicular and also must virtually touch the ground.

The breast is complete and also proud, extending well past the head of the bird.

Legs room muscle and huge collection of tool to an extensive size and likewise yellow in shade. They need to be clean the feathers and also four toes per foot.


The Serama has actually three different criteria relying on whereby you lie (Malaysian, unified States and UK).

The Malaysian conventional is quite perplexing come the bulk of westerners given that it is figured out according to form (slim, apple, sphere, dragon and also so on). In bespeak to do this even more user-friendly for people not conscious of the kinds, the American traditional was created as a mix of ‘slim’ and ‘apple’.

They were approved right into the American Poultry association in 2011– white being accepted at the time. Since then black has actually been embraced in 2018.

The Poultry club of good Britain authorized Seramas in 2008.

Seramas deserve to be uncovered in four welcomed dimensions and weights:

Micro: Males about 13 ounces, and also females roughly 8 ounces.A Class: Males under 13 ounces, and likewise females under 12 ounces.B Class: Males under 16 ounces, and likewise females under 15 ounces.C Class: Males under 19 ounces, and also females under 19 ounces

Birds larger than ‘C’ space not accepted. Part individuals have actually actually had success breeding also smaller sized 보다 the micro size, but that comes v a high price for the bird.

The smaller sized the bird is the better trouble in hatching and rearing chicks because that the chicken. Even measurement A has trouble in preserving a great hatch price.

Health Issues


Serama chicken treatment is a truly vital point we need to an alert either together a chicken breeder or chicken enthusiast. We frequently buy chicken meat or chicken egg on the market.

The poultry farming company aims to provide livestock farming to achieve people’s daily consumption, while elegant chicken dog breeders intend to meet the requirement of elegant chicken enthusiasts.

Or high-quality chicken dog breeders? even if it is you room a an intricate chicken collector or sophisticated chicken breeder, over there is one kind of chicken the you deserve to pick come have.

We will also discover what you have to do come take therapy of serama chicken even if it is you room serama chicken dog breeders or serama chicken collectors.

Why is serama chicken treatment is important?

It believes the there space a variety of types of expensive chicken which is very popular to breed. Among them is serama chicken.

Once you right now decided to have this sort of chicken, friend should emphasis on the care, an especially serama chicken take care of the competition.

You will most likely specifically need even more time and more power to care this distinct chicken. That intends come obtain great efficiency of your serama when contending to the others.

Remember that the means of taking treatment your serama will determine serama chicken lifespan. Currently, let’s uncover some serama chicken therapy you carry out quickly:

1. Serama chicken woof

Serama chicken is really basic to make sure. Castle eat typical chicken feed. For chicks approximately 16 weeks, us can give them starter or farmer crumbles. Then, us can carry out pellet permanently. We can provide tiny grain 2 times a week because it doesn’t enable us to provide much healthy protein. It will make her serama chicken fat and additionally sluggish.

2. The atmosphere for serama chicken

The an extremely easy way of feeding serama chicken, there are countless individuals who reap or collect serama chicken because of the truth that that its flexibility. What we need to pay focus is the cleanness of the stall. Don’t fail to remember to keep your serama chicken the end of the hold-up when it is cleansing up.

3. The separation the serama chicken types

If girlfriend have more than one kind of chicken, you need to divide Serama chicken with various other kinds the chicken. We recognize that serama is for this reason tiny. The separation aims to prevent serama operation over through others v the larger one. Maintaining serama inside your residence will certainly be wonderful to perform in this instance, particularly for serama chicks.

What is the trouble of serama chicken treatment and how to get rid of it?

Serama has quick leg and also it makes an overwhelming for male serama to pass with the ladies serama.

If you want secondary easy method, you deserve to do this tips: we can additionally aid the mating procedure of serama chickens by keeping 2 serama chickens both male serama and female serama in a cage so the they can draw in each other and they deserve to mate without our assistance.

You can not carelessly mate her serama chicken, specifically serama chicken because that the contest.

The various other trouble is in the procedure of brood. You might be wondering, the number of eggs perform serama chickens lay?

On the standard, serama chicken hens deserve to lay regarding 5-8 eggs per duration.

However, because of the tiny body the serama chicken, that is tough for them to cover every among their eggs. And also it will certainly lead to the high high quality of the egg i beg your pardon brings about the fail.

To get rid of this problem, we can use an incubator to hatch the eggs. Listed below are many things you ought to notification for serama chicken like acquire optimum advance of serama chicken:

If serama chicken eggs space bred in the incubator, permit them there because that 2 job till the quill currently dry complying with they flower out. Girlfriend don’t require to feeding them because the food it is provided from their body is enough.After 3 days, you can move them to the hold-up with the warmer device. You can utilize 10 watt or 25 watt. Simply change the power consumption of the light bulb depending upon the hold-up temperature. For your information, that is also essential to let serama chicks gain out native the stall to attain the sunlight when they obtain to 1,5 months or older 보다 it. Friend can similarly decrease the warmer device of the hold-up gradually.If serama chicks space with your mother, just ensure that the stall is secure from any type of kind of hassle or killers. In order to make her serama chicken create even much more ideal eggs for one duration, you had actually much better keep serama chicken eggs incubated in one incubator or let their mother take care of their chicks.

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Serama Bantam treatment Tips

Serama are a professional birdThey should be safeguarded from all cold temperatures.Serama also crave human being attention as with a cat and also dog, and also must be taken on everyday.Their eggs room not easy to incubate; since of their dimension they deserve to have troubles hatching you should keep a continuous eye top top the humidity and also have a dampened cloth under the egg.Also Serama’s can bring a lethal gene in them dubbed the ‘diluted gene’, which originates from the Japanese bantam, this way that chicks, could die 24 hrs after hatching, or die prematurely (not because that the light hearted).

Is The Serama Chicken right For You?