One that the most asked inquiries I acquire is just how long go cake batter last, or deserve to I make cake batter ahead of time. In this experiment, ns compare cake mix batter and scratch cake batter to see if it’s possible to mix that up and also bake it later.

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ONE fast NOTE! There is a video close come the end of this post the goes through every little thing as well and you have the right to see the structure of every cake slice, therefore don’t forget to examine that out together well.

I’ve wanted to execute this experiment because that a lengthy time, but I want to execute it right and also with a lot of different factors. It’s bring away a many time, yet I’m gathered a lot of of valuable information.

I have to say the I went into this v some preconceived notions around how i thought points would revolve out, however I’m acquiring ahead of myself.

So, in this post, we’ll talk about:

Experimenting through cake batterHow long cake batter lastsRefrigerating cake batterFreezing cake batterStoring cake batterBaking cold cake batterAnd even if it is you deserve to leave cake batter out overnight

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First a Bit around This Experiment:


For this experiment, I’ve small cake layers because that both cake mix cakes and also scratch cakes. That way, girlfriend can acquire an idea of how this will impact both, no issue which one friend prefer.

It doesn’t issue to me what you favor to roasted or eat…cake mix or scrape cakes…it’s her choice, yet I wanted to experiment v both, so ns didn’t leaving anyone out.

For the cake mix batter, I offered Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake mix 15.25 oz box. I mixed and also baked the batter follow to the accuse on the box.

For the scratch cake batter, I provided my recipe for my vanilla cake. You can find that recipe on my site here: Favorite Vanilla bean Cake Recipe

Alright, let’s obtain a couple of things the end of the way. They’re vital things to know prior to we acquire to the experiment.

Important components When Not making use of Cake Batter appropriate Away:


We’re walk to speak a tiny about the differences in cake mix cakes and scratch cakes together it will pertain to exactly how long the cake batter may last. (If you want to delve also further into this topic and also see the pros and also cons of each, you deserve to see this post: Cake Mix vs scratch Cakes.)

Cake Mixes:

Cake mixes have additives in them. I’m not saying that’s an excellent or bad, but that that will more than likely make a distinction in exactly how long your cake batter will hold up.

The additives and whatever rather is added to cake mixes is essentially what makes them more stable and predictable.

Scratch Cakes:

Some cakes use baking soda, some use baking powder and also some usage both. For an ext detail ~ above what the difference is, you can see this post: What’s the Difference between baking soda and baking powder.

I’ll summarize it below for you real fast though for this reason you’ll recognize why it can make a difference when not utilizing your cake batter ideal away.

Baking powder is dual acting, which means it balloon twice. When in liquid and also once in heat. The starts working the minute liquid is included to the batter.

If you don’t roasted the cake batter best away, it might not rise as much since you’ll yes, really only get the second reaction from the baking powder. You may still obtain rise v it, but it might not rise fairly as high. The will simply depend.

Now cake batter that uses only baking soda, might not work as well as cake batter with baking powder included if girlfriend don’t roasted it right away. That’s due to the fact that baking soda is not twin acting and it will start working as quickly as it combines with liquid.

This method if it’s currently done it’s job and also then when you bake it later, well you might not get enough rise, since it’s not going to have as much lift as soon as heated as baking flour would.

If you have actually a cake batter v both baking powder and soda, you might be okay as the baking flour will obtain that second rise as soon as you put it in the oven. It’s really simply an experiment.

REMEMBER THOUGH that baking soda and also baking flour aren’t interchangeable, therefore don’t go substituting one because that the other, since they are provided in different instances.

The Experiment:

By the way, don’t forget around the video clip close to the finish of this article that goes through everything, plus it will show you the structure of every cake slice.

I want to shot out this experiment, yet there are so plenty of different factors and recipe possibilities…I’m just one person and also can’t account because that them all.

So I determined to do the experiment based upon an mean cake mix and then one experiment based on my very own scratch vanilla cake recipe, which you can discover here.

My scratch cake recipe does not usage baking soda and that could make a difference. (Read about that over in the vital things to keep in mind section that this post.)

I choose vanilla cakes because it’s much easier to see just how the structure turned out and also how they browned once baked.

Here is the failure of the experiment i conducted:

For Both Cake Mix Batter and also Scratch Cake Batter, i experimented the complying with ways:

Baked right away.Chilled batter in the fridge for an hour, climate baked.Chilled batter in the refrigerator for 24 hours, then baked.Froze batter in a ziplock freezer bag for a week. Then defrosted in the fridge for around 8 hrs while in ~ work, then baked.

CAKE MIX: This cake layer was baked instantly after the batter was combined up.The cake rose perfectly and was fluffy, moist and also tasted good.

SCRATCH CAKE: This cake layer to be baked instantly after the batter was blended up.

The cake rose perfectly, texture to be soft (scratch cakes room a little more dense) which just means the crumb is a little much more fine. It to be moist and also tasted good.

CAKE MIX: This batter to be mixed, left in the mix bowl, spanned with plastic wrap and stored in the fridge for an hour, climate baked. The batter was still chilled as soon as I added it to the pan.

This cake didn’t increase as quickly and I had to roasted it for about 5 minutes longer. Most likely since the batter was cold. But the cake turn out simply as good as if I’d instantly baked it. It was moist, fluffy and tasted good.

SCRATCH CAKE: This batter was mixed, left in the mixing bowl, extended with plastic wrap and also stored in the refrigerator for an hour, climate baked. The batter to be still chilled when I included it to the pan.

This to be the very same as the cake mix. The didn’t rise as quickly, however it did finish up climbing as much as normal in the end. The cake rotate out just as good as if I’d automatically baked it. The texture was soft, it to be moist and tasted good.

CAKE MIX: This cake batter to be mixed, climate left in the mixing bowl, covered with plastic wrap, then chilled for 24 hours. The batter to be still chilled once I included it come the pan.

I saw no difference between this one and when i baked the 1 hour later. It to be moist, fluffy and tasted good.

SCRATCH CAKE: This cake batter was mixed, then left in the mixing bowl, extended with plastic wrap, climate chilled for 24 hours. The batter to be still chilled as soon as I included it to the pan.

I observed very small difference in between this one and when ns baked it 1 hour later. The may have actually been a slightly an ext dense though 보다 the one instantly baked, however it wasn’t a substantial difference. The texture was still soft, moist and it tasted good.

Batter Mixed, then Frozen in a Freezer Bag for a Week, Defrosted in the refrigerator for around 8 Hours and Baked:

CAKE MIX: This batter was frozen in a ziplock bag because that one week. It to be defrosted overnight in the fridge. Ns then let it sit the end for about 20 minute in the ziplock bag, then I sort of smashed it roughly in the bag to mix it increase a bit. I reduced a hole right into the corner of the bag and squirted the batter right into the pan. The batter to be still cold (but not frozen) as soon as I included it come the pan.

It rose largely in the middle and also not as much approximately the edges. It to be not quite as fluffy and moist together the others, yet it still tasted good.

SCRATCH CAKE: This batter was frozen in a ziplock bag for one week. It was defrosted overnight in the fridge. I then let it sit out for around 20 minutes in the ziplock bag, climate I kind of smashed it roughly in the bag to mix it up a bit. I reduced a hole right into the edge of the bag and squirted the batter right into the pan. The batter was still cold (but not frozen) as soon as I added it to the pan.

The edge didn’t rise as much. This one needed to be baked for about 5 minutes an ext than the recipe referred to as for originally. That turned out a bit much more dense and also doughy 보다 the others, however still edible and tasted good.

I think this one ended up turning out okay, mainly since it offered baking powder. It did have some baking soda in it, but mostly offered baking powder because that the leavening ingredients. (Read the start of the write-up to watch why that would make a difference.)

Follow the mix instructions on the recipe.

First you must make certain you’re mixing your cake batter follow to the cooking recipes instructions. That really renders a difference. You additionally definitely don’t want to over-mix the batter because that will certainly make the super dense, rubbery and dry. If friend want more guidance on precisely how lengthy to mix cake batter, walk here: How come Mix Cake Batter

How long does cake batter last?

The far better question come ask is exactly how long have the right to you store cake batter and it still bake ok. The batter will most likely last little bit in the freezer, however the longer you keep it chilled or in the freezer prior to baking it, the less chance you’ll obtain a cake the rises effectively with a good texture.Essentially, based on this experiment, ns wouldn’t keep cake batter much longer than a week in the freezer and that’s just if it’s a cake mix. Even then, her cake isn’t walk to it is in as great as it would certainly be had you combined it up that day or the day before. If you’re making a scratch cake, ns wouldn’t frozen the batter at all. For finest results, I’d make it the day you mix that up. And like i talked around above, it might not turn out also if your cake recipe just calls because that baking soda and also no baking powder.

Can friend refrigerating cake batter?

Yes girlfriend can, in part instances. Its typically okay to chill cake batter for an hour or two and also even end night (for cake mix batter and some recipes the don’t use just baking soda). Because that the scratch cakes, they may not rise rather as high and may it is in slightly more dense if friend don’t roasted them the same day girlfriend mix up the batter or at the very least the next day.

Can you freeze cake batter?

Technically you can, but when you bake it, that won’t it is in the exact same as baking the the job you mix that up. The longer you freeze the batter, the less the cake will revolve out favor it’s intended to.

How carry out you save cake batter?

It’s constantly best to bake the cake batter appropriate after friend mix it up, however if you can’t, climate you can store that in the mixing bowl, extended with plastic pave in the fridge for a work or two.If you should keep the batter fresh for longer, you deserve to freeze the by adding it to a freezer ziplock bag. Just know that by freezing cake batter, it might or might not bake effectively later. You’ll have to defrost the batter before you can bake it as well.Know that the much longer you go between the time of mixing up the cake batter and baking it, the much less chance you’ll acquire a good cake texture and also rise.

Can you bake cold cake batter?

You can pour chill cake batter ideal out that the mix bowl right into your cake pans. You may need roasted a couple of minutes longer, yet you’ll just want come watch exactly how your cake is responding in the oven.See this post for an ext tips on exactly how to tell once your cake is done: How to Tell once Your Cake is excellent BakingNow, if you’ve frozen the cake batter, you’ll should defrost it prior to you bake it. If you’ve frozen it in a zip lock freezer bag, just set it in the fridge and let it defrost overnight or throughout the day, then squeeze the zip lock bag a little bit to mix it increase slightly. Reduced one that the corners and also squeeze the chill batter right into the baking pan and also bake.

Can i leave cake batter the end overnight?

No, you never want to leaving cake batter the end of the fridge for any length the time. You want to save it chilled until you deserve to bake it, so the it doesn’t spoil.

What’s the best way to do cakes front of time?

If friend really want to do things front of time, instead of storing the cake batter, the best way to carry out it is to bake the batter the job you mix it up (or the next day if it’s a cake mix batter or it’s no a scratch cake batter that has only baking soda in it) then freeze the cake layers.You have the right to freeze small cake layers and also that functions beautifully. I’ve acquired lots of tips on just how to execute that here: Tips for Freezing Cakes & CupcakesYou have the right to actually freeze them and get absolutely no freezer burn and no one will be able to tell they’ve to be baked ahead and then frozen IF you do it the ideal way.

Video for exactly how Long walk Cake Batter Last?:

You’ll want to check out the video below wherein I go through everything and also even pull apart slices of every cake layer, therefore you have the right to see the really texture.

Whew! the was a lengthy post and a super connected experiment, however I’m yes, really glad i did it. I hope it was helpful and also that friend learned some things along with me.

I was pretty surprised the the scratch cake batter actually baked up pretty fine after save on computer it. (Again, i think that is as result of the recipe having actually baking flour in it and not baking soda and also the reality that the batter wasn’t over-mixed, but still i was surprised.)

I expect you appreciated this and if girlfriend have any type of questions or comments, be sure to permit me know!

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Thank you so much! i ran totally out of cooking gas appropriate after i poured the cake in the pan and also found her research. I placed the cake in the fridge for an hour while i ran to get gas. FYI. It to be a scrape cake v baking powder and no soda. The didn’t climb evenly, just like you said. It was a role cake, so no noticeable and it still taste great.

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Thanks because that this info. Ns always around doing points ahead therefore this was great!This no in the experiment but do you think the would help to re-beat the ingredients after acquisition it the end of the fridge and also before putting it in the baking pans and oven or is it an ext about the baking soda/baking flour thing?Also, i was wanting to make a royal tree sprinkle cake that basically is simply that, sprinkling the following ingredients in this order into a 9 X 13 Pan. No egg or oil are added.

4 cup chopped rhubarb1 – 3 oz pkg strawberry flavoured gelatin dessert mix1 cup granulated sugar1 cup water1 pkg. 432 g yellow cake mix1/2 cup coconut1/2 cup nuts3/4 cup melted butter

So sprinkle in the stimulate given over into pan, execute not mix and bake in 325 stove for 25 to 35 minutes.

Do you think this might be excellent the night before?

Kara Jane, you seem to have a blog post about each of my cake questions! thank you so lot for this!

Great morning, i am genuinely appreciative for her experiment. I am a starting person baker and I have had to throw the end plenty of mistakenly baked cakes and am often pressed for time. Many thanks so much.?


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