As a pet rabbit owner, deciding come leave your bunny alone because that a day, a weekend, or for a lengthy vacation is a large decision. I’ve owned pet bunnies for years, and our bunnies have actually be left alone many times. In this article, we’ll explore how long your rabbit deserve to be left alone and also what you deserve to do come make that alone time much easier for your rabbit and you.

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Let’s begin with the basics and work towards my 10 tips for leaving her rabbit alone because that an extended period of time.

Rabbits can be left alone for 2 to 4 days. Rabbits room social creatures and also as such, they prosper when they have actually company. ~ above the other hand, they don’t eat a lot and they don’t should be walked. With enough food and water, your rabbit can quickly be alone for approximately 4 days.

However, other factors could shorten or expand that period.

Rabbits Left Alone throughout The Day

Rabbits can conveniently be left alone during the day because that 6 come 10 hours while you at work or playing. Rabbits flourish with companionship, yet regular job alone won’t reason them any kind of harm. They’ll just be all set for part out-of-cage playtime as soon as you acquire home.

To prepare your rabbit for continual workdays alone, make sure that you adjust their feeding schedule so that they are accustomed to obtaining their pellets and also salad (dark irpari greens) in the evening.

During the day, her rabbit will have unlimited access to quality hay and also clean water.

When you obtain home, you’ll offer your bunny your salad (as recommended by our veterinarian nurse friend) during your bonding and playtime. These fresh dark greens are such a treat the they will give you some good bonding time to assist build your relationship with her pet bunny.

Then closer come bedtime you’ll give your rabbit your small portion of rabbit pellets.

With a good reliable schedule, pet rabbits can flourish with you gift gone during the day.

Rabbits Left Alone for The Weekend

Rabbits can conveniently be left alone because that the weekend. You just need come make sure that lock have enough well-contained food and also water to stay clean and also last because that the whole weekend. Girlfriend should also make sure that her pet bunny has access to a variety of rabbit toys to help them avoid gaining bored.

A few days in their rabbit cage or us is yes, really no big deal for a hare as long as it’s large enough that they have room come play and also has the essentials in the cage.

Those hare cage essentials incorporate a hay manger, a large waterer, a bunny litter box, and also varieties the rabbit playthings to save them occupied.


Rabbits Left Alone because that a main or More?

If your planning a huge vacation, you’re more than likely wondering what to carry out with your pet bunny during the vacation.

Pet rabbits should not it is in left alone for a mainly or more. This is due to the fact that they space social creatures that would be really lonely, it would be very daunting to leave sufficient food and water there is no the hare binging and consuming it all prior to you return home, and the rabbit cage would certainly be a mess.

Rabbits deserve to be given substantial piles the hay to easily last them because that a mainly or more. Girlfriend can offer them extra hay in their hay manger and in the bedding i beg your pardon they don’t at every mind eating.

However, it’s very challenging to carry out your bunny enough water come safely last the long. If a hare runs the end of water for more than 2 to 3 days, they will die.

10 Tips because that Leaving your Rabbit Alone For expanded Periods

1. Gain A rabbit Sitter

You require someone to visit your rabbit at least every 3rd day. During these visits her bunny sitter is going to take treatment of her rabbits needs consisting of socializing time. These jobs include:

Fresh Hay & PelletsFresh WaterBunny play Time

2. Introduce The hare Sitter In Advance

Introducing brand-new people to your rabbit sometimes reasons stress and also fear for her bunny. Her bunny needs a chance to get to know their rabbit sitter before you leave for vacation.

Likewise, her rabbit sitter demands an chance to gain to understand your bunny and also their needs.

I recommend that you have you pet sitter visit at the very least twice before you leave her rabbit for an extended duration of time. Much more visits would be better. Just make sure that beat time is part of each visit.

3. Think about A larger Hay Feeder

No issue how an excellent your hare sitter is, they space not going to take treatment of your rabbit and also you do once you’re home. They can even be a day so late in do it end to your house.

You don’t desire your hare to run out of hay, therefore it could be precious considering a bigger hay feeder.

Here is a connect to larger hay feeder available on Amazon.


4. Take into consideration A larger Rabbit Water

Water is even an ext important the hay for your bunny’s healthy. If your bunny were to be without water for more than 24 hours, you space risking the health and wellness of your bunny.

Do not risk your hare running the end of water.

If you typically water her bunny in a tiny water bowl, that’s merely not walk to work while you are away on vacation. In ~ the an extremely least, you have to replace that bowl through a larger bowl, or possibly two bigger bowls in situation on gets accidently dumped out while you room gone.

You can want to think about a rabbit water party that attaches to the outside of her bunny’s cage for this reason it can’t be spilled. Right here is a connect to one top top Amazon.


5. Think about A huge Litter Box

If your rabbit litter crate gets to messy, that is very likely the your bunny will certainly quit making use of it. This is walk to do a substantial mess for her rabbit sitter come clean up…or because that you to cleanup when you obtain home.

Sadly, you might also have a long-term affect in your residence if your bunny has got in the habit of not using the litter crate by the moment you acquire home.

A larger litter box will take longer to gain too confusing for her rabbit to use it. It might be worth the investment prior to you leave.

6. Get A variety Of hare Toys

Before you leave her rabbit alone if you go on vacation, you fan it to her to keep her from obtaining bored. To this end, we recommend having actually your rabbit sitter swap out rabbit playthings each time they visit.

Your rabbit will be stimulated by new toys every couple of days.

You don’t need to buy every hare toy; there room some great complimentary ones you deserve to find around your house. Here is an short article we composed rabbit toys, and I have a curated perform of an excellent rabbit toys one Etsy.

7. Introduce brand-new Rabbit tools Early

Make certain that present any new rabbit equipment to her rabbit job if no weeks before you leaving for vacation. You want to give your bunny time to acquire used to the new feeders, waterers, litter box, etc when they room not likewise trying to get used to you gift gone.

8. Have Lights ~ above A Timer

Give her bunny a since of part normalcy by having actually lights ~ above timers. Ideally, you’ll have the lights walk off at your normal bedtime so your rabbit’s sleep fads are influenced to much.

As an added benefit, the lights will certainly make your house seem occupied and also your hare sitter won’t be walking right into a dark unfamiliar house.

9. Consider Music Or Videos ~ above A Timer

Introduce some range for her rabbit by having music or videos ~ above timers or that you have the right to activate remotely.

10. Take into consideration Investing In A far Monitor

You can get affordable IP video Camera’s the you’ll be able to accessibility from her phone during your vacation. If you space a worrying rabbit mama, this video feed can be the peace of mind the you require to be able to really gain your vacation.

You can even get a camera that has actually two method audio so your bunny deserve to hear a acquainted voice native time to time.

You can gain one affordable here on Amazon.

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I hope you uncovered what you essential in this article. I hope you deserve to enjoy your vacation learning that your rabbit is for sure at home.