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Leopard Geckos without warmth for 10 days

ns was on vacation for 10 days and also had who take treatment of them. The warmth was off unnoticed.... I"m worried.... Ns hope lock don"t die. Will they survive? I simply put the heat earlier on
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They can not eat for a while till the temp accelerates their metabolism sufficient to get ago on track. If lock don"t have actually respiratory infections at this point then I would think simple recovery is promising. If they were huge and healthy prior to the warm was off then ns think they"d it is in alright, just gain the heat on ASAP
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Well, if the temperature in the place they were weren"t the low castle shouldn"t have any kind of problems!! Respiratory difficulties seem a bit over reacting, ns mean, they deserve to be in ~ room temperature for part time if the room temperature is not as well low, was it a very cold place where castle were???
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unless it"s been yes, really cold where you are, it"s not most likely to it is in a big deal. Heat him ago up to suitable temps and also keep one eye on him. Exactly how did this happen? If you"re utilizing a UTH w/ a thermostat, there need to be no reason for the heat ever to be off in the first place.
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ns myself simply lost strength to my house for a whole week - and I deserve to sympathize v your concern, however I deserve to assure you every little thing should be OK! as your location says you space in the US, ns would"nt be worried. Its simply the finish of summer now, so uneven you house somehow got below 50 F while you to be away i wouldnt be as well concern!Your leos more than likely slowed down their eating habits, or didnt eat in ~ all when the heater was turned off. If castle are healthy than this isnt too large a deal. Part leos deserve to go a month or more without eating at all due to the fact that they have actually plenty of save on computer fat. Just obtain the tank back to its continuous warm temps and administer them with slow/easy to record food. In ~ no time at every they have to be eating frequently again!
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No respiratory infections. Ns live in mountain Francisco wherein it is 55-65 transparent the day. They space eating fine now. Basically I had actually a couchsurfer unplug the warmth to plug she laptop in...without my noticing...They it seems to be ~ to it is in doing ok, I"ll store you guys updated.

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