Most youth football player slide through their feet. As soon as learning just how to perform a baseball slide correctly, it’s very advised no to usage a basic bag since the bag is immovable. For safety reasons, begin out using a cone, a ar mat or a baseball glove. Continue to be on the safe side until you’ve arisen an efficient sliding method and have manage of her legs.

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A slide usually begins around 5 to 7 feet away from the base, depending upon whether friend play on a turf or grass infield. A player who is best or left handed will have a choice for which leg he is most comfortable sliding with. Righties generally prefer sliding v their appropriate foot, and also lefties will slide with their left.

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Sliding in the 4 position Drill

This drill is in 2 steps. Players beginning to discover to slide have to sit top top grass because that the drill.

Assume the “4” place that in this drill. It duplicates the position players will slide in throughout real video game situations. Coaches deserve to instruct their teams as follows.

Step 1

Players all sit on the grass.
Sitting up, best handed players expand their ideal leg the end all the way. Left handed players expand their left.Right handed player bends his left leg and places his ankle and foot under his extended right leg. (Left handed players do the opposite).Their position must resemble the number “4.”As castle slide right into the base (a baseball glove must act as a basic bag), they fully extend both arms right up right into the air.

Players must be told that once they do their really slide, your rear end should it is in on the ground. Beginning of the person sliders have to be advised no to on slide sideways, as this will cause cuts and also bruises to the political parties of your legs. They should slide right with the complete weight of their bodies on your butt.

Step 2

Players in this part of the drill will execute an really slide right into a baseball glove. This drill need to be perform on natural grass whenever possible.

Line up football player in a line. Making use of a whistle, the coach blows into it, signaling the an initial player in line to run. To slide into the glove:

Take 3 running steps towards the glove. As you take it your 4th step, righties expand their right leg completely as they walk in step 1. Player lowers his human body to loss on his butt. Together he descends, that tucks his left foot under his expanded right leg. That raises his arms fully. That slides on his rear end until his prolonged right leg touch the baseball glove. Player gets up and also runs to the back of the line.

Make certain to slide v the cleat of the prolonged leg elevated all the way up so the the slide is top top the heel.

Coaches need to keep the brisk. As shortly as the slider it s okay up and clears the way, punch the horn to get the next runner moving and also sliding. Have actually each player on the team slide 3 times, going to the finish of the line after your slide to wait their following turn.

Head very first Slide Drill

This on slide drill should only be performed through older, an ext experienced players. Slide head very first increases the risk of injury come the head and arms. Part teams room phasing out head an initial slides since of the built in dangers and the physical harm it can reason from the activity of defenders on the field.


Head first is thought about the quickest means to slide into a base. As soon as you slide through your head instead of her feet, your forward momentum is kept so you reach the bag an ext quickly.

When you on slide head first, the hands touch the bag rather of the feet. You’re much better able to avoid being tagged by relocating your hands as you slide in.

There are instances during the game when a runner must never slide head first.

Sliding into residence plate. The catcher put on his equipment can cause real damage to her fingers or shoulders.The rules of baseball do sliding head an initial to disrupt a dual play illegal. If this happens, both the base runner and the hitter will be dubbed out.A fielder deserve to accidentally run on the sliding runner’s fingers during a slide. Fingers can break together with the possibility of shoulder injuries.

To slide into a base to a runner’s finest advantage, and additionally to protect against injury, as the jogger picks up speed on the way to the bag, he should start to lean forward. This keeps the forward momentum going. Start extending the body forward.

Keep forearms and hands the end in front, and also not away from the body.Pull earlier on both wrists.When sliding into the bag, the palms of the hands will make contact, not the fingers. This helps stop finger injuries.

Hook on slide Drill

The hook slide is a variation of the feet an initial slide (4 place slide). The main distinction is that rather of making call with the base with your foot, you will slide feet very first but to one side of the base or the other, and make call with the bag v your hands.

The hook on slide is an extremely useful at house plate, once the catcher tries to tag runners out. Once you move your body, you provide the catcher much less to tags by sliding far from the catcher’s mitt. When hook slide into residence you can hit the earlier corner the the plate with a real rapid hand activity that have the right to be difficult to tag.

The hook slide have the right to be offered at various other bases as well. When a litter made come the infielder takes him to one or the various other side that the bag, the runner have the right to slide to the opposite side of the infielder and also reach the end to touch the bag before he has actually time to tag you out. The jogger reaches out and also tags the bag.

The difference in between performing a hook slide and a feet an initial slide is the the runner will hook slide to either his left or his ideal side depending on the action in the game, and also whichever next is the most helpful to him reaching the bag and avoiding the tag.

Note that baseball rules have actually changed about slides to avoid twin plays. Players can now only use the hook slide when attempting to avoid a tag. The runner will be referred to as out if he supplies the hook slide as soon as he make the efforts to rest up a play.

Take 3 running procedures towards the bag.


As you take your 4th step, righties prolong their ideal leg totally as they walk in step 1.Player lowers his human body to slide on his butt. As that descends, that tucks his left foot under his extended right leg. He raises his arms fully.He slides ~ above his rear end and turns his human body to the right, or to the left.As he slides, his human body passes come the next of the bag together he extends his arms out to touch the bag with among his hands.Practice sliding to both the left and also right sides of the bag.Coaches heat up their plays and also calls the end “left” because that his players to on slide to the left that the bag, then “right” to on slide to the other side.

A great addition to this drill is because that coaches to have a player at an initial base and one at 2nd base play defense. Players heat up at first base and slide come second. The first baseman throw the sphere to second and the jogger tries to touch the base prior to the 2nd baseman tags him out.

The an initial baseman have the right to throw come the appropriate of second base first. This pressures the jogger to hook slide into the left side of the base. Then in reverse, the an initial baseman throws come the left next of the base, forcing a hook slide to the right.

This drill can also be perform at home plate, but always be aware of security issues. The runner will attempt a hook slide right into home, v a 3rd baseman cram softly to the catcher put on his gear. The runner attempts to touch the plate through his hands prior to the catcher tags him out.

Game situations when Runners Slide right into a Base

When her team has actually runners on base, there space two main objectives.

Moving runners up into scoring positionScoring runs at home

Getting runners from very first to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd requires the jogger to be quick in stimulate to avoid being called out ~ above base. Bases space 90 feet personally from each other. In major League Baseball, the median running time for pro players is clocked at around 4.3 secs for ideal handed hitters and 4.2 secs for left handed players.

Sliding right into a base will certainly be an ext than 1 second faster for 2 reasons. In the very first place, significant league ballplayers take about 10 to 12 feet off the bag. The street from first base to second is 90 feet. If the runner takes a 10 foot lead, the distance is currently 80 feet away. It takes a significant league player to run from base to base an mean of 3.3 seconds, practically a full 2nd faster 보다 running from house to first.

Now, if this same significant league ballplayer slides into second base feet first, his body gets there around a half second faster. This fifty percent second is crucial, since throws indigenous one infield player to one more are very fast. The average throwing speed in between infield football player is 85 miles per hour. The exceptionally fast throw of pro baseball infielders provides it necessary for basic runners to conserve time running anywhere possible. Also fractions the seconds saved are an essential to his success getting to the bag before the throw.

In real video game situations, runners slide for the complying with reasons.

Avoid being Tagged Out

When a player slides into a base, the is harder because that an infielder to tag him out, due to the fact that the base jogger is currently a short profile target. Also, time is compelled for the fielder come bend under at the lower target base jogger to touch him through his glove. The chances of being called out as soon as sliding are reduced significantly.

Avoiding Overrunning a Base

Runners are challenged with a dilemma together the careen towards a base. They want to acquire to the base as quickly as possible, yet when hurtling forward they run the hazard of ending up past the base. Sliding into base to reduce the runner’s forward momentum, yet acquire him come the base as conveniently as possible.

The only case when a runner usually runs past the bag after his foot makes contact is when the operation is from house plate to first base. If he to be to continue to be standing and running from an initial to second, and also unable to operation to third, his front momentum will likely make that run additional than the bag, and also he will be tagged out once a sphere is thrown to the base. This is what provides sliding critical.

Sliding permits the runner to operation as fast as he can, through the expertise that that won’t pass the base and still have the ability to tag with his foot. The immovable bag likewise serves to hinder front momentum.

Take the end Slide

In a second base to an initial base twin play situations, the ball is thrown come the infielder extending the second base bag (shortstop or 2nd baseman). The infielder covering needs to tap the bag through his cleat and then litter quickly and accurately to an initial base.

In this scenario, the runner moving from an initial to second doesn’t make it come the basic on time come be referred to as safe. This is the moment when he have the right to disrupt the twin play. Rather of sliding straight into the 2nd base bag, the runner deserve to slide in the direction of the fielder. The fielder do the efforts to litter to very first to finish the double play circuit will have actually a much harder time throwing to an initial accurately, because he demands to jump end the runner sliding right into him to make the throw.

Also, the fielder do the efforts to litter to very first is hampered in his attempt because he knows the slider is easily advancing toward him. Now the thrower’s focus is affected, he to know the runner is sliding into him, even before contact is made. It happens often that the fielder becomes fearful of impending contact. This is just one of the ways to “take out” the fielder.

There are borders to the jogger performing the Take out Slide, and the last judgment rests v the umpire. Because that example, imagine the shortstop is do the litter to an initial for the twin play conversion. He is prepare to litter from the left next of the bag. His body is located two feet away.

If the jogger sliding goes the end of his method for the objective of intentionally sliding right into the shortstop, umpires will speak to illegal interference. As a general rule, if the slide base runner is clearly sliding towards the defensive player and also away indigenous the base, if some component of his body is quiet able to make contact with the base while still interfering v the defensive player’s throw, the slide will certainly be ruled together legal.

Sliding runners have to be aware of this as soon as trying the Take the end Slide. It needs to visually appear that your slide is in the direction that the bag, and not in the direction of the defensive player. Constantly slide in such a means that you can touch the bag. Store this in mind once making a hook slide.

Avoiding Injury

There space instances, particularly for younger players, once sliding into a base will be much safer than to run to the base. If a defender is having an obstacle fielding a ball, he may stand in the base line. The jogger who is advancing might not have time to gain out that the means before colliding right into the fielder. In these instance, sliding may be the ideal option to stop injury to self or come the fielder.

For this reason, practically all tiny league coaches currently teach their players how to execute feet very first slides.

Sliding into an initial Base

There are certain situations as soon as it might be to the runner’s benefit to on slide into an initial base. It occurs rarely, yet sliding deserve to make the difference between making the safely to first or being called out. One circumstances is once a poor throw to the very first baseman traction him turn off the base. Slide into very first saves runners, on average, 7 tenths the a second.

Rules have actually been developed if a runner decide to on slide into an initial base.

The runner should stay in the base path. Sliding into first is generally head first, however the rules for sliding are the same as running. An out will be called if the jogger deviates from the base path.Sliding through an initial base is permitted, simply as the is legal because that a runner to run past very first due come his momentum. However, after ~ the jogger slides with the base, he cannot attempt to relocate towards 2nd unless he think he will certainly make the bag in time. An example of this is once the ball is overthrown. He need to be conscious that if an attempt to operation to second is made, he’s taken into consideration a live jogger who deserve to be tagged out.Diving to very first is the very same as slide to first. Runners top off very first base regularly dive back to protect against being picked off. Whether sliding or diving, the same rules apply. The jogger sliding have to still stay within the base path, and also he’s not enabled to make call with the an initial baseman.

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If the umpire identify the jogger sliding has actually done anything come interfere v a fielder, he will certainly be called out.