how high deserve to spiders jump, and can they leap increase on come a wall and climb from there? for instance, have the right to a spider jump as much as the lip in any type of of this (O is ground, X is wall):

X X XX X XX X XX X X X X XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEveryone says you should put a lip ~ above your wall to keep spiders out, however nobody states if there is a minimum height prior to it is effective.

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I always put mine lip simply high enough so that i don"t bump my head on the (that is, v 2 block of air in between the ground and the lip). I have watched it prevent spiders and also have never ever encountered a spider over the lip. James" price is correct around the spider AI.



While they have the right to jump, i am not sure of the height to shot and offer you a worth (The wiki is empty)

What I can speak to is the the spider AI will generally walk forward and then jump up when it demands to, causing them being Under the lip and hitting your heads ~ above it. If they can jump approximately the lower ones, it would be a timing worry whether or no they made it.


I am making a fighting arena round a spawner and also I have actually made the steel bars 4 high and the spiders can"t jump that


The minimum elevation a spider have the right to jump is around 15 blocks high. It doesn"t matter around the lip, the does not also work.( or at the very least when i tried it) so, you should construct your structure pretty high, if you do not desire spiders invading your building.

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