“Unique” could be an understatement. Solar Motor’s new Pocket Rocket electric motorcycle look at nothing like plenty of of the new e-motos we’ve extended recently.

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Perhaps the is why the agency is pitching their brand-new Pocket Rocket electric motorcycle as a completely new class of light electrical vehicle.

Sol Motor’s pocket Rocket is something else entirely

Stuttgart, Germany-based solar Motors describes the bag Rocket as something in in between a reduced speed electric bicycle and a greater speed electric motorcycle.

As explained by the company:

“The bag Rocket stands out due to the innovative synergy effect of lightweight design, performance and connectivity. The clear and modern design incorporates modern technology with a functional lifestyle for a contemporary riding experience. It’s no an e-bike: it’s too fast. It’s no a moped: it has actually no pedals. The a ‘noped’, specifying a new category of electric two-wheelers. The bag Rocket is the perfect urban commuter vehicle.”

The novel design is certain to revolve heads, and has already won the company multiple awards including the european Product architecture Award and also the German design Award.

Pocket Rocket specs

But if the style isn’t sufficient to success you over, maybe the specs will.

Sol electric motors is actually launching 2 models the the pocket Rocket electric motorcycle, identified by your power and speed ratings.

The pocket Rocket is the standard design while the bag Rocket S is the go-faster model.

The top speed is 50-80 km/h (31-50 mph) relying on the model. The puts the bag Rocket in the city commuter vehicle category, if the bag Rocket S floor somewhere between a city vehicle and also one qualified of highway speeds.

The greater speed model attributes a 6 kW (8 hp) motor, if the lower speed model sports a engine of only 4 kW (5.4 hp). For comparison, most city commuter electric scooters feature motors in the 1.5 kW to 2.5 kW range, make the bag Rocket lot peppier.

Both feature a respectable 150 Nm (111 ft-lbs) the torque.

The pocket Rocket and also the bag Rocket S room each rated for a selection of 50-80 km (31-50 mi) depending upon the talk mode, which is selectable between Eco, Sport and Wheelie. Maybe the Wheelie mode opens up the existing limit the the electrical motorcycle for max power, hence the name.

Braking is completed with a combination of hydraulic disc brakes and also regenerative braking via the rear wheel hub motor.

Large street tires and double suspension should smooth the end the ride and take few of the work off the fairly minimalist seat.

LED lighting is incorporated straight into the main framework tube.

The bike chin is fairly lightweight for an electric motorcycle, at 55 kg (121 lb).

Like many brand-new electric motorcycles and also scooters, the pocket Rocket is designed because that connectivity, with an Android and also iOS application that allows the rider’s call to duty like an tool display.

Sol motors may also be targeting the electric scooter and also motorcycle sharing market. The firm has likewise designed a connectivity module because that sharing and fleet administration integration, i m sorry would place it to sign up with the already booming LEV sharing industry in Europe.

While the bag Rocket isn’t however available, the price is intended to be around €5,200 ($6,000) for the 4 kW version and €6,500 ($7,500) for the 6 kW version.

If you desire to take a sneak emergence in person and also happen to it is in in Cologne, Germany native October 3-7th, you have the right to visit Sol motors at the INTERMOT global Motorcycle Fair.

cg-tower.com’s Take

I’m all for brand-new companies start the market and trying out novel designs. This is absolutely one the the more far the end designs I’ve seen recently though. Ns honestly can’t call if I favor or not.

On the one hand, ns imagine it’d feeling something choose riding about on a drainage pipe through handlebars.

But top top the other hand, i love having actually something distinctive that no one else has. The minimalist and also industrial architecture is definitely an eye catcher, and also if that felt great in a check ride climate I might actually check out myself riding one of these.

Plus, the greater power motor means that you deserve to really have some fun peeling the end at website traffic lights, also if the height speed isn’t together high together other electrical motorcycles.

However, with a price favor that, I certainly can’t see myself buying one. There are currently a pile of electric scooter and motorcycle choices below $2000 in the united state and €2000 in Europe. With a price 2-3x together high, the pocket Rocket will absolutely be booked for people who both want to and can afford to look different.

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What about you? permit us recognize what friend think about Sol’s new Pocket Rocket electric motorcycle in the comments below.