For much more than 30 years, Kawasaki’s the smallest KX™ motocrosser has played a crucial role in the sports of motocross, giving a race-winning communication on which many national and supercross champion have started the trip to superstar status. Today, Kawasaki’s KX™ 65 maintains the same successful attributes, including a powerful and dependable two-stroke engine, lightweight chassis, bowl brakes and also long take trip suspension. That is reputation together the quintessential learning tool for young racers acquisition their very first steps right into the world of compete riding is fine deserved.

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2015 Kawasaki KX 65
Two-stroke single
64 cc



A very first Step on the road to Glory

2015 Kawasaki KX 65 an essential Features:


2015 Kawasaki KX 65 Features and Benefits:


Engine & Chassis

The KX65’s liquid-cooled 64cc engine to produce an remarkable level of power for its tiny displacement, and its smooth-shifting six-speed transmission with hand-operated clutch assist transfer that strength to the floor efficiently.

Both the behind shock and front forks boast four-way adjustable rebound damping because that optimal handling.

Lightweight aluminum rims alleviate unsprung weight to assist improve suspension action, and also offer the same aggressive look together the bigger KX models. Both wheels feature hydraulic bowl brakes that not just provide great stopping power however require tiny maintenance and also simplify wheel removal.

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Team Green™


Younger riders who race your KX65 at designated occasions are eligible to get support indigenous Team Green™ – Kawasaki’s amateur racing support program. For much more than 30 years, the Team environment-friendly support regimen has provided riders the tools for success by providing technicians and support employee at selected events throughout the year. Team Green gives racers v unparalleled trackside assistance at no cost, when emergency parts are for sale because that last-minute adjustments. While helping amateur athletes attain success, Kawasaki never ever forgets its most vital goal is to ensure a positive and also enjoyable endure for every rider.

64cc Two-stroke Engine


•Digital ignition supplies ideal timing because that optimum throttle an answer throughout the rev range•Ignition rotor functions rare-earth magnets, making that smaller, lighter and an ext durable. Its low inertial moment enhances low-RPM response•High capacity ignition coil it is provided a greater secondary voltage because that a name is spark, and also the punchier response improves acceleration •Connecting stick big-end bearing features a cage for included durability•Primary gear is secured using a lock-nut to help reduce mechanically noise•The oil seal that the left crankcase has actually a stopper for boosted engine reliability•Metafoam gaskets are supplied for the generator cover, water pump cover and also water pump elbow for improved sealing•Silver clutch and ignition covers withstand the indicators of boot obstacle to assist keep the KX spring fresh, longer

Electrofusion Cylinder

•Electrofusion coating top top the aluminum cylinder wall surfaces improves warmth transfer for regular power output•Allows closer piston-to-cylinder clearances for an ext power•Provides great wear and also seizing resistance•Advanced exhaust and transfer ports rise power and performance at higher rpm•Bridge in between exhaust port is machined for increased reliability and resistance come wear and seizure•Lightweight cylinder liner move heat properly for cooler running

Liquid Cooling

•Large radiator provides much more consistent engine temperatures, maintaining power output strong throughout the moto•Cooling device offers greater reliability and also less engine undertake 24mm Mikuni Carburetor•Feeds a four-petal reed valve for great throttle response•Allows the engine come produce more power and torque at every RPM

Six-speed Transmission

•Positive action and rough durability•Hard chrome-finished shift-fork ends stand up to wear•Manual clutch device mirrors bigger KX models•Clutch sheathe gasket made of metal-carbon composite material

High-tensile steel Frame

•Exceptional torsional rigidity for wonderful handling•Reinforced downtube to add strength and durability•Engine and chassis bolts function rust-resistant coating

Front Fork

Rear Suspension

•Rising-rate action allows a much more controlled ride together the suspension compresses

Nitrogen-charged Shock

•Four-way flexible rebound damping uses a range of setups for assorted track conditions•External reservoir help maintain consistent damping •Re-buildable aluminum body


•Forged aluminum rocker eight reduces weight and also improves durability

Front and Rear key Brakes

•Light and powerful•Ergonomic prior brake lever shape offers better feel•Resists fading•Requires less lever pressure

Lightweight Aluminum Rims

•Black aluminum rims administer the same aggressive look as the rims on bigger KX models•Reduces unsprung weight for improved suspension action

Detachable Aluminum Silencer

•Silencer is removable and also packing is replaceable•Oval shape mimics the styling the larger-displacement KX models



“The Kawasaki KX65 is the introduce bike that new riders will love to find out to ride right into the motocross circuit. It has actually a 2 stroke engine with a six speed transmission with hand-operated clutch, and also has a semi-double-cradle steel framework with Uni-Trak linkage system. The Kawasaki KX65 has been given electrofusion-coated cylinder with advanced exhaust and transfer harbor which increases the power and performance.” ----- Motorcycle USA