The .223 Remington was very first launched in 1963 with the Remington version 760 pump-action rifle. That was taken into consideration as a varmint cartridge then.

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A tiny while after, the .223 began to be provided by the US armed forces as an speculative cartridge in 1964. And also like the NATO military cartridge (5.56x45mm), the .223 Remington Magnum is a advertising type.

It’s one of the most renowned rifle cartridges for Americans and has obtained high appreciation through the years. However why precisely does the .223 Remington have such a huge following?


How to usage a .223

.223 Remington Rifle Types

There space two main types of rifles.

The first category is referred to as a Varmint Rifle i beg your pardon is a bolt-action type and has 1-12-inch that rifling twist for bullets that selection from 2.5 to 3.9 grams.


The 2nd category is referred to as a Semi-Automatic Rifle which you can discover in twist prices such together 1-7-inch, 1-8-inch, and also 1-9-inch. Most world in the us use this form for varmint hunting, self-defense, residence defense, and also law enforcement.

The semi-automatic rifle category also comes in AR-15 and Ruger Mini-14 types.

The .223 has about 50-grain varmint bullets for this reason you have the right to hunt various animals such as gophers, soil squirrels, and also prairie dogs because that a street of 400 yards.

For larger pets like rock chucks and groundhogs, if friend shoot in ~ the 300-yard range, climate you may hit the target due to the fact that of the greater impact velocities, though.

However, you deserve to still hunt deer in ~ 150 yards due to the fact that the greater impact velocities are solid enough to take it effect.

The 1-14-inch is too slow for the 55-grain bullets when you pack it initially. Most barrels of the .223 have a sluggish rifling twist for the 1-12-inch. V its rate, it’s more suitable v bullets that have actually 55 grains or less.


However, some shooters discover that the 1-12-inch twisted can’t stabilize heavier bullets for much better accuracy. In spite of this, twisted barrels because that the .223 space still the most famous choice.

With the style of tactical bolt-action rifles, the twist price is 1-9-inch. On one hand, the twist price of part ARs and also other .223 rifles are 1-7-inch. This kind is made for long-range shooting and also targeting.

Now, why perform you should analyze those twisted rates? It’s because it is extremely vital that girlfriend know just how well your own .223 Remington performs come really know how far a .223 bullet actually travels.

How to use a .223


There is a basic rule to draw close fist to.

First, if you want to shoot the heaviest cartridge (which starts from 50 grains), then the 1-12-inch twist is an exact option.

Second, if you want to shooting bullets native 60 grains, then acquire the 1-9-inch that twist. The 1-9-inch is a good choice for stabilizing the grain bullets (from 35 come 40) to satisfy smaller targets. However if you desire to hit with long and heavy bullets, then you should obtain the 1-7-inch or 1-8-inch twists.

There space some young differences in between the twists that most civilization aren’t aware of though. To play deer-sized game, you should be careful around the twisted rate.

Handloading the .223


For handloading, you must stick with fast powders that have burn rates in between Hodgdon’s Varget and Alliant’s Reloader 7. Alliant is a new powder designed because that ARs and the .223 Remington. The is likewise called AR Comp.

Among every the other popular modern-day rifle cartridges, the .223 Remington is the least expensive. Shooters can use it for greater targets, especially in three-gun matches or in the organization rifle category.

Moreover, you can likewise use the .223 Remington together a survival rifle.

Usage relying on Level the Expertise

For newbies who desire to find out the structures of shooting, the .222 is the finest option.

For experienced shooters, friend can select the .223 to boost your bullet’s path. The .223 Remington will improve the ballistic coefficients, bullet drop, wind drift, exact ammunition, handloads, and also accuracy that the rifles. You’ll additionally be able to exercise your marksmanship skills.

Finally, various other hunters will advantage from substantial variants that the .223 Remington which have actually been do in countless years.

See the table listed below comparing the varieties of the ammunition every handgun.

Caliber Weight/Type Muzzle Velocity (ft/s) Maximum range (yards) Velocity at affect (ft/s)
.22 long Rifle 40 gr RN 1255 2000 300
.223 Remington 55 gr SP BT 3240 3875 545
30 – 06 Springfield 180 gr SP BT 2700 5675 800
9mm Luger 124 gr RN 1120 2400 350
45 ACP 230 gr RN 850 1800 330
44 Magnum 240 gr RN 1760 2500 350



There is a significant number the shooters the think the .223 Remington is terrific cartridge that does the job. And also this is why the .223 Remington is one of America’s most incredible cartridges.

If you have actually only a rifle because that one cartridge, climate you could certainly choose the .223 Remington. V it, you’ll gain to target games such as varmints and deer.

It’s likewise not challenging to load and also shoot through the .223 Remington. However, you should also an initial understand its limitations prior to using it.

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Everything else additionally depends on how well knowledgeable you space with your gun skills. The .223 Remington have the right to actually reach ranges of 3,875 yards when used well.

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