Despite his desperate searching through his past, Willydoes not achieve the self-realization or self-knowledge typicalof the disastrous hero. The quasi-resolution that his suicide offershim represents just a partial discovery of the truth. While the achievesa experienced understanding that himself and also the fundamental natureof the sales profession, Willy stops working to realize his personal failureand treason of his soul and also family with the meticulously constructed artificeof his life. The cannot understand the true personal, emotional, spiritualunderstanding that himself as a literal meaning “loman” or “low man.” Willyis too propelled by his own “willy”-ness or perverse “willfulness”to identify the slanted fact that his no hope mind has forged.Still, numerous critics, focusing on Willy’s entrenchment in a quagmireof lies, delusions, and self-deceptions, overlook the significantaccomplishment that his partial self-realization. Willy’s failureto identify the anguished love readily available to the by his household iscrucial come the orgasm of his torturous day, and the play presentsthis incapacity as the real tragedy. In spite of this failure, Willymakes the most too much sacrifice in his effort to leaving an inheritancethat will enable Biff to meet the American Dream.

Ben’s last mantra—“The tropical is dark, yet full of diamonds”—turnsWilly’s suicide right into a metaphorical ethical struggle, a final skewedambition to realize his complete commercial and material capacity. Hisfinal act, according to Ben, is “not choose an appointment at all”but like a “diamond . . . Rough and also hard come the touch.” In the absenceof any kind of real degree of self-knowledge or truth, Willy is maybe toachieve a tangible result. In some respect, Willy go experiencea kind of revelation, as he finally pertains to understand the theproduct that sells is himself. With the imaginary advice the Ben,Willy end up completely believing his previously assertion to Charley that“after every the highways, and also the trains, and the appointments, andthe years, you finish up worth more dead 보다 alive.”

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