In every one of his writings, Elie wiesel always choose memoir/fiction together his genre.Including the fact that the based that on his own life (for those who don"t know, Elie wiesel is a survivor the holocaust and write books about it), that helped world empathize and can quickly accept his point of view toward the incident.

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ElieWiesel is a writer, teacher and also activist who is recognize for the memoirNight, in which that relays his experiences enduring the Holocaust.Most that his writing are in the fiction, memoir and autobiographygenres. His choice of genre proves valuable by sharing with thereader his own sentiment about the Holocaust.

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It enables him a moment to reflect top top why the civilization neglected to assist the Jewish human being during their biggest time of need.Let"s first look at why the other alternatives don"t work. In this passage, we don"t see any kind of evidence the Wiesel trying to relocate on through his future in America. Other than for the point out of an American president together a recipient of one of his questions, that doesn"t point out America specifically. The second option states that Wiesel is making use of this together a means to ask essential leaders around their lack of action during the Holocaust. This is no a an excellent choice due to the fact that in the passage he states that he has personally asked the leaders these questions. Therefore he is not making use of this item of composing to asking them. Lastly, he is no accusing the leader of keeping the Holocaust a secret. That voices his questions as to why castle did not do much more to prevent the atrocities however nowhere does he suspicion them that secrecy. This leaves choice C together the only viable choice. In the passage Wiesel is asking himself why the needs of the Jews were neglected. 

N this excerpt, the writer criticizes that the Allies did no respond strongly sufficient to the fatality camps in Germany and also Poland. He says that it was easy to postpone the deaths of part people and that one should fight in ~ every instance versus crime. The is clear the the writer is versus the opinion that countries should continue to be neutral or that people should prevent confrontation at all costs; when human lives room at stake one must mobilize and also dispose that the mantle that neutrality. The would most likely agree with the opinion the one should proactively fight injustice; this practice would have saved plenty of lives during the holocaust. The correct answer is b. D is wrong because while that thinks the their stance was bad, they go not reason the Holocaust; they simply handled it incorrectly.