There room basically two means in which severe weather in earth atmosphere affect Earth’s geosphere. The very first most important result is the erosion and the second most important effect is weathering. I hope that this is the answer the you to be looking for and it has actually involved your wanted help.

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One way that serious weather in the Earth"s environment affects the biosphere is that it deserve to determine ones existence. Some civilization can survive and also some will die as soon as there is a severe storm such together flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes.


There are numerous various means that the biosphere (the plants, animals and also other life on ours planet) affect climate. Some develop greenhouses gases and also further warming the our world by the greenhouse effect, while others diminish the number of greenhouse gases raising cooling of our planet.

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All organisms are dependent on the environment for your survival. They take it in and also release gases from the atmosphere. Change in weather problems may result in adaptation, migration, or extinction of a species.

Organisms life in a certain ecosystem might respond to any readjust in the environment of the planet by either adapting to the setting or by moving to the perfect climatic condition.

However, the can also lead to the death or extinct of a populace as organisms can only adapt to particular limitations.

For example, due to an international warming, many types of emperor penguins and also polar bears space on the verge of extinction.

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Geo means “earth.” The earth geosphere is the portion of the planet that includes rocks and minerals. It starts in ~ the ground and also extends all the method down to earth core.

We rely on the geosphere to administer natural resources and also a location to prosper food. Volcanos, mountain ranges, and also deserts space all part of the geosphere. Put simply, there is no the geosphere, there would be no Earth!

Atmos way “air.” The atmosphere contains all the gases surrounding the Earth. We often call the environment “air.” every planets have an atmosphere, yet Earth is the only planet v the correct combination of gases to support life.

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The atmosphere consists of five layers and is responsible for Earth’s weather. Also though the seems choose air is do of nothing, it consists of particles too little to be seen. All these particles have weight that push down on Earth. The weight of air over us is called air pressure.

The first most important impact is the erosion and the 2nd most important impact is weathering