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How carry out you weigh a whale?
October 4, 2019 by Tony Phillips

If you monitor this blog at every you’ll realize that quite a couple of blogs are the an outcome of my trying come answer inquiries from tourists to ours layout.

In the middle of the summer whilst “on duty” I had a an extremely serious conversation with a young boy that was gall disappointed that he was not going come go the end to sea come pet a whale. The took quite a long time to describe to him that whales went up and down the coastline on the whales schedule and not his. Close to the end of our conversation (Mom was doing her best not to laugh) he came out with a zinger, “You claimed that whales weigh much more than elephants.” ns agreed that I stated that. “Well, just how do friend know? that weighs whales.” mother saved me and also I went for a cup that coffee.

Well an write-up has recently concerned my fist which go answer his question. The article appeared on the BBC website and also was written by a lady named Helen Briggs:

Until now it has only been feasible to weigh whales when they have actually washed up dead ~ above beaches. Now scientists have solved the conundrum, v the assist of aerial photographs take away by drones.

Their version accurately calculate the body volume and mass of wild southern ideal whales. Already being offered to assess the survive of calves, that has numerous potential supplies in conservation. Body mass is a crucial factor in the success that whales together a group, identify their power uses, food requirements and also growth rates. Yet many of what we know around the body dimension of whales comes from old whaling literature or from pets that end up stranded top top the coast or recorded in fishing gear.

“It is very daunting to measure a whale on a scale – I typical you need to kill that to perform it and also that’s specifically what we’re preventing here,” said study researcher Fredrik Christiansen native the Aarhus institute of advanced Studies in Denmark.

Mother and calf appropriate Whale

The researchers studied southern best whales, which conference in big numbers at your winter breeding grounds off the coast of Argentina. They flew a drone over whales swim in clean water, catching photographs when the adults and calves came approximately the surface to breathe, consisting of their backs and also sides as soon as they rolling over. They uncovered they might get a good representation the the body form of the whales, which castle linked back to old whaling literature recording body length, girth and also mass. Castle were then able to transform body shapes, or volumes, to mass.


3D model of a right Whale

“The capability to predict human body mass indigenous free-living whales opens up the chance for us to look at at pets over time and look at just how they change, just how they grow,” claimed Prof Christiansen. 

Drone studies could aid in conservation by security the wellness of different whale populaces in the oceans. The approach could additionally be used to calculation the dimension of other naval mammals by adjusting the model parameters.

Whales are the largest animals on this planet, varying from the 4 ton pygmy right whale to the 200 ton Blue whale.

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Wherever you are young man I hope this helps.

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