Do you fancy yourself together royalty? would certainly you choose to wear a crown and rule a queendom? well if you want to do all of that, and likewise learn Japanese, then you’ll have to know how to say queen in Japanese.

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I’ll go over that now with several different words that you can select from depending upon the situation that you find yourself in. And also also, I’d prefer to re-superstructure a small bit around Japan’s background with a ruling queen at the finish of this article.

Let’s get started by seeing the basic word because that queen in Japanese, and also then go over an example sentence that shows one method on just how it’s used.

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1) The simple Word for Queen in Japanese
2) various other Words You can See
3) Bugs have Queens, right?
4) did Japan ever Have A ruling Queen?

The straightforward Word because that Queen in Japanese

The Japanese word for queen is 女王 which is assignment in hiragana as じょおう and Rōmaji as “jo-ō” which probably sounds a small weird in your head once you’re just reading it.

I mean, it’s choose three “o’s” worth of vowels, right? carry out you just host on come them forever?


Luckily over there is something the can assist us to pronounce this word correctly and also remember it much better too. I’m talking about the word’s certain pitch accent.

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This particular word drops into the 中高型 (the “naka-daka” pattern) which way that the very first mora beginning low, climate the next one is high, and then the 3rd and final mora is low again. Right here is a visual representation of what I’m talking about:




So my understanding is that Japan actually had multiple queens/empresses in antiquity, but then in at an early stage A.D (I forget the precise dates) however it would have actually been throughout the Asoka period just before the Nara period which is around from 200AD come 750AD if ns recall correctly. Therefore to earlier up a little bit, at this time Buddhism had actually started to spread to Japan with Korea, and also there were numerous Buddhist temples popping up all over the place. As Buddhism grew an ext popular and more influential in court human being were starting to get concerned with it. Specifically there was one buddhism monk, who name ns fail come remember at the moment, that got method too close come the queen. Since the court to be concerned about the influence on the queen they usually did the tantamount of an impeachment and set up an additional ruler, this time a dude that then moved and established a capital a ways away from the seat of Buddhism’s influence eventually settling in the town of Heian (Modern-day Kyoto) beginning the Heian duration of Japanese History. Ever due to the fact that women have actually historically no been rulers in Japan. I think there was perhaps one much more empress after ~ that, but i’m not certain who it was. Anyway it is what ns know. Please carry out let me know if there are any type of discrepancies in my facts, because I’m to run off of memory at this point.