Why not try a little of maths in French next time you get the possibility to visit France. Back it can be tempting come down devices altogether there space plenty of things you deserve to do once on vacation to store the cogs turning.

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To help, it can be a good idea come think that maths in a foreign language? This will help your child to continue their breakthrough and have fun whilst far from institution this summer. And, prior to you recognize it, they will certainly be conversing v the locals making use of their newfound knowledge!

So, without more ado, let’s acquire started v some maths home learning – in French!

For anyone that is wondering, the French word because that maths is mathématiques.

Now that we’ve acquired that the end of the way… let’s take a look at somebasic vocabulary with each other to gain you started:


Numbers room a good place come start. Mastering this will help your boy to begin using French when you room out and also about.


Consistently analysis these the end loud and reciting them with each other will you press these terms into your lengthy term memory.

You can then desire to use these numbers in a vacation themed sentence. Perhaps:

Je voudrais + + glaces = ns would prefer + + ice cream creams

For example:

Je voudrais huit glaces = ns would favor eight ice cream creams

Four Operations

Do us all remember ours operations?

In maths, operations refer to addition, subtraction, multiplication and also division.

Fortunately, many of the four operations room the very same as your English equivalents therefore it might not take lengthy for your kid to remember these!

addition = l’additionsubtraction = la soustractionmultiplication = la multiplicationdivision = la division

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2D Shapes

Once your child has actually mastered the French because that numbers and operations, you can then relocate them on come talking around shapes.

Why not shot finding one of the shapes listed below when you on holiday? maybe a pretty square item of cake?

This will really start to gain their mind working:


Try to encourage your child to incorporate your number and shape understanding together in the sentence:

J’ai + = I have +

For example:

J’ai trois triangles = I have actually three triangles

3D Shapes

Once you have mastered this vocabulary, why not move on to 3D shapes?


Again, shot to encourage your boy to use their form vocabulary in the sentence:

J’ai +

For example:

J’ai onze cônes = I have eleven cones

To improve memory retention further, it could be a great idea to publish this vocabulary.

Sticking these translations up roughly your home (once you have actually returned from your holidays), will aid cement the ‘maths in french’ relationships made in your child’s brain.

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