It’s constantly nice when somebody says that they like you. After analysis this, you can make your oriental friends feel an excellent by learning exactly how to say “I prefer you” in Korean!


2. 나는 너를 좋아해 (naneun neoreul joahae)

나 = na | I

너 = neo | you

You deserve to use this expressions with people who are close to you and also who are of a similar or younger age.

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Note the informal korean has various words because that “I” and also “you” than formal Korean.

You deserve to replace “you” through a name or title.


나는 민호를 좋아해 (naneun minhoreul joahae)

I favor you, MinHo. (note that in not blocked Korean, 씨 isn’t used after a who name)

A word of Caution about Romanization

We’ve added in the Romanization for all of these words to help with pronunciation. However, us recommend that you shot to move onto reading comfortably in Hangul (the oriental alphabet), as this will boost your pronunciation and your reading skills. It will certainly also help you notice patterns in words, which will lead friend to boost the rate at which girlfriend learn brand-new Korean words and grammar points.

You deserve to download a complimentary guide to learn the korean alphabet in around an hour here.

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Learning vocabulary words is a great way to help you discover the basics of a language such together Korean, but your language learning will just really take off when you start attempting to have conversations in Korean. Take it a look in ~ our free list of oriental phrases or our full Korean course for every the help you will require when studying Korean.

Now that you know exactly how to speak “I like you” in Korean, and also “I like it” in Korean, begin letting her friends know how you feel about them!