There’s no better way to make a fool of you yourself in a an intricate restaurant than by horribly butchering the joint of a food selection item.

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This traditional French fish stew is about as an overwhelming to pronounce together it is come spell, but once you gain the hang of that it’s nice easy. It’s pronounced “BOO-yah-base.” Boo yah!


While we often tend to think that bruschetta together toast through diced tomato on it, “bruschetta” is in reality the surname for the toast itself, and also it can be topped with pretty lot anything. If plenty of civilization pronounce that “brush-etta,” (and part would even argue that that"s perfectly acceptable) the ideal Italian together is “bruce-KAY-tuh.” 


At first glance, the surname of Brazil’s national cocktail (a combination of a street cane-based liquor referred to as cachaça, sugar, and also lime) is simply a jumble of letters, and also that H in there doesn’t help either. But keep in mind that “ha” in Portuguese is express “yah” and also it i do not care a small easier to say. The “kye-peer-EEN-yah.”


The overarching name given to all prepared meat products, prefer salami, pâté, and also cured ham, charcuterie is another French tongue-twister. It’s pronounced “shar-koo-tuh-REE.”


You have the right to tell just by looking at this word that there’s no X in it, yet some world still pronounce it “expresso.” it’s pronounced “es-PRESS-oh,” simply what it looks like. 

We’re not certain why some world still firmly insist on pronouncing this exhilaration jalapeñochip-ole-tey,” but if friend do, prevent it ideal now. The “chip-oat-lay,” and also it’s really not that difficult. 

Remember Curly from the three Stooges’ “nyuk nyuk nyuk”? simply remember that following time you see this top top a food selection and you will do it be fine. Don’t also attempt to pronounce the G; you say the word “NYUK-ee.”

This Italian cured pork cheek or jowl is nothing brief of delicious, but certainly tricky to pronounce. It might take a small practice, yet it’s express “gwan-chee-AH-lay.”

Most world still pronounce this Greek food of meat roasted top top a vertical spit (or a sandwich do with said meat) like it’s shorthand for “gyroscope,” but it’s in reality pronounced nothing like that. Pronounce it “YEE-roh” instead.

These French-style green beans (which room usually thinner and more “beany” tasting than their north American counterparts) have the right to be horribly mispronounced simply because there space so numerous “silent” letters. It’s pronounced “arr-ee-co-vair,” and also the singular “haricot vert” is pronounced basically the very same way. 

This mexican corn fungus (officially dubbed corn smut however sometimes generously referred to as a “corn truffle”) has its root in pre-Spanish Aztec language, so its pronunciation isn’t precisely obvious. It’s appropriately pronounced “weet-lah-KO-chay.” 

Also well-known as a Napoleon, this French pastry is typically made with alternate layers the puff pastry and also pastry cream. Girlfriend most most likely won’t be able to pronounce this perfectly uneven you have actually a perfect French accent, but “meal-foy” is certainly close enough. 

The ax Niçoise can refer to anything from the French city of nice (which is pronounced choose niece, by the way), but it usually describes a saladcomposed the lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, eco-friendly beans, potatoes, and tuna or anchovies. That little squiggly thing under the C is called acedilla, and also connotes that it must be pronounced prefer S. For this reason Niçoise would certainly be pronounce “nee-swazz.” 

Most civilization pronounce this Vietnamese noodle soupfoe,” i beg your pardon is what the word looks like, yet the proper means to pronounce it is “fuh.”

This creamy potato leek soup is usually served cold, and also its creation is usually credited to a French chief at brand-new York’s Ritz-Carlton who flourished up near the French city of Vichy. Need to you discover yourself in need of a bowl, express it “vishy-swozz.”

The first word in the surname of this famous Vietnamese sandwich doesn’t rhyme through the surname Ron. It’s in reality pronounced “bun.”

A salad of fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil that’s a mainstay on Italian restaurant menus, the caprese salad is pronounce “cuh-PRAY-zay.”

You can keep call this well-known salad ingredient “END-dive” if you want to, however know the it’s actually pronounced “ON-deev.”

This controversial French delicacy — the fattened liver the a goose or duck — is express “FWAH GRAH.”

This cool and crunchy vegetable is a great salad addition, however it have the right to be tricky come pronounce. The J is actually pronounced as an H (or similarly, at least), for this reason it have to be pronounced roughly “HEE-kuh-muh.”

You require a French accent to yes, really pronounce this indigenous correctly, yet keep in mind the it’s no macaroon; that’s a sweet do from coconut and also condensed milk. It’s actually pronounced “mack-uh-HRON.”

This super-trendy Hawaiian food, made with cubes of life fish, no pronounced “poke” choose you’re poking somebody, no one is that pronounced “pokey” choose you’re doing the Hokey Pokey. The pronounced “POH-kay.”

The French and also Belgian word because that French fries (no they nothing actually call them French fries in France), it’s pronounced “pum-FREET.”

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This jumble of letters is the surname of a well-known umami-rich sauce it is been approximately since the 1830s. It’s named after a ar of the same name in the West Midlands that England. The pronounced “WUSS-ter-sheer.”

The Pom Pom Swimming pool cocktail from the an enig Garden at Ocean residence in watch Hill, Rhode Island, is a super basic cocktail to make and perfect because that day drinking by the water!