With the arrival of 5 new, refreshed or change the name Apple tablet models in the last 6 months, it"s more important than ever before to understand how to measure up an iPad for a case. This article covers several ways to make certain you can match the Apple tablet you very own to the case you want. 


This post was update in April of 2021 to incorporate the newly released 4th generation iPad waiting 10.9, 2nd generation 2020 11-inch iPad Pro and the 2021 M1 equipped 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This is the most up come date information on exactly how to measure an tablet for a case, apple tablet dimensions and how to measure up your tablet screen dimension so you"ll understand what size tablet computer you very own so you have the right to purchase the ideal size case. 

Please note that the 2021 M1 equipped 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 2020 fourth Generation version room the same as whole dimensions. This permits the M1 chip version to be compatible will certainly all instances designed because that the 2020 fourth generation model. 

Recently we"ve i found it a bit of a trend below at MacCase: customers ordering iPad pro Cases and iPad Sleeves and also then contacting united state to inform us the we have shipped the not correct size. Upon checking your orders, we uncovered we did undoubtedly ship the size they requested. They just ordered the not correct size.

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MacCase has actually been making iPad cases due to the fact that Steve Jobs introduced the first one ago in 2010. Transparent the history of MacCase, the trouble of client ordering the not correct size case was no an issue. What had readjusted that suddenly customers to be ordering the wrong dimension iPad cases?

No one enjoys the procedure of placing an order virtual for for any kind of product only to receive the dorn size and also then need to have it replaced with the correct size. It"s a hassle for everyone involved. No accessory company wants to delivery the wrong size anything and also have the customer be disappointed. So us thought, probably we should do a blog post about how to measure up an iPad because that a case?

A Brief history of iPad Size

Before Apple developed iPads in various sizes, over there was only one size. Girlfriend either had actually an iPad or friend didn"t. Purchase the ideal size iPad case was easy. It was either because that the iPad or that wasn"t. Oh, the good old days of 2010!

Following the product strategy that the iPods, as soon as it came time to refresh the iPad, Apple exit the iPad 2 and a smaller sized Mini version. So currently we have the original which to be one size, the new iPad 2 which to be slightly different and also a new smaller Mini. Us went indigenous a single iPad size to 3 in one step. Yikes! Reative to how things room now, this was still the good old days!

As the iPad line grew, apologize wisely changed their naming program. Castle switched that up and also followed the strategy of your MacBooks, naming succeeding the newer models based upon size the the screen (10.2, 11, 12.9 ) not on generation (iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3). Of food they go this after releasing 3 or 4 versions of the original iPad more confusing things if you were in search of a situation for an older model. 

The unavoidable switch to and also current usage of naming by size helps when searching for the right size case. "Which iPad execute you have" or "What size is it?" is frequently heard once someone here at MacCase is ~ above a speak to with a customer. Many of the time the customer knows which dimension they own and we can gain them the appropriate case. 

Once you have the iPad or iPad pro home and also you room using the a while and also realize you require a way to safeguard it, the actual dimension of the iPad you room using have the right to be lengthy forgotten. It"s not favor the size pops up on the login display screen every time you rotate it on. It would certainly not be hard for apologize to add a option in the setups to tell friend what iPad the size and generation girlfriend have. 

The dimension isn"t also etched right into the aluminum ~ above the back. (That can help, if you"re hear Apple). So friend either recognize you have a 10.9, 11 or a 12.9 or girlfriend don"t. And also if girlfriend don"t you have an 11-inch apologize tablet, you can mistakenly bespeak something other than a iPad agree 11 case. 


What size is mine iPad?

The existing Apple iPad lineup has actually 5 sizes. To do matters worse over there is a entirety plethora the generations of every size. That"s why we produced this post. It have the right to be intimating to desire to stimulate a case and not recognize what dimension or i m sorry generation of Apple tablet computer you own. 

To do matters even more confusing, Apple has taken older models favor the 10.5 that supplied to be dubbed "Pro" and recast it together the brand-new "Air". Does my old 10.5 Pro instance fit the brand-new 10.5 Air? that depends. We indicate calling the case manufacturer and asking them. 

The 9.7 and also 10.5 space pretty close. It would certainly be an extremely hard to know which dimension is which without having them next to each other. This have the right to making to buy a case an overwhelming and deserve to lead to buying the wrong size case. 

The objective of the blog is to offer you part guidance in just how to measure the size of your iPad therefore you can then purchase the correct size case. Right here is the "Rosetta Stone" of just how to measure up an iPad for a case: All tablets and also laptop computer systems are measured throughout the screen diagonally.

This measurement is the size of the product. An iPad pro 10.5 will certainly measure about 10.5 inches when measured diagonally across the screen. The measurement go not encompass the bezel. If you are measuring, just measure the active component of the display screen which is the component that lamp up. 

Consequently, a 12.9 iPad Pro will measure simply under 13 inches when the screen is measure diagonally as displayed in the picture above. Many world think the measuring the length of the tablet will provide you the correct size. This is not the case.

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Your may be even much more confused if you try to measure the overall length or broad to recognize the size. Plenty of times in the history of iPad development, Apple has actually kept the as whole length and width the the actual tablet the same yet decreased the black color bezel approximately the screen. What effect does this have actually on the dimension of the tablet?

If you"re measure the in its entirety length is the reads 9.5-inches and also the previous model was a 10.5 (as measured by screen size diagonally), by do the bezel smaller, the actual display screen size increases. Therefore you could think you need a instance for a 9.5-inch (which Apple never ever made) however the old official size was 10.5 and with the bigger screen measured diagonally, that design is now officially a 10.9. 

Again, the nomenclature that the product originates from the display screen measured diagonally. It"s the same system or technique used come measure and also sell televisions. 


How to measure a tablet computer for a Case 

If doesn"t issue if you very own an apple or Android tablet, again like televisions, consumer electronic display screens are measure up diagonally throughout the display screen from left come right. The crucial thing come remember is come make certain you space measuring the lit component of the screen and not the display screen bezel. 

Measuring the screen and including the bezel will offer you a number different from what the manufacturer intended. If the lit component of the screen measures 10.9-inch and also you include the .50" bezel, your measurement will result in a analysis of 11.9. You"ll it is in spending all her time in search of a instance for one 11.9 tablet computer which doesn"t exist 

The manufacturer is calling the a 10.9-inch model. You"ll one of two people not discover a case for it or you"ll wind up ordering the wrong next protective device. Measure twice, to buy once. 


How to uncover iPad Measurement 

Like televisions, the same method of measure up the screen diagonally is used is provided to dictate laptop size. Measure the display screen diagonally will yield what the manufacturer considers the size of the computer. This means of measure up the display screen to name the dimension is additionally used for tablets like Apple"s. 

The an essential thing to know about this is precisely how to measure the screen. To uncover the exactly iPad measurement, you should make sure you are measuring the lit component of the screen, no the black bezel the surrounds it. Make certain you revolve your tablet on and when the display lights up, measure up from one lit edge diagonally throughout to the other as displayed above. 

Any website product page listing (worth your salt) should have multiple speak to outs one of two people on the images themselves, in the feature collection or what in the summary stating which size and also which generation of that dimension the case is for. Again, be certain to check you"re obtaining the right case for your iPad. 

Some sites will have actually the iPad cases offered by size. Others will have actually a style and also you have the right to pick the size on the product web page of that particular style. Some sites could have a mix of the two. A page like this will have the size noted multiple times throughout the text. 

The suggest is to know what size instance you need and be certain to bespeak the correct size for your iPad 9.7, 10.5 Air, 10.9 Air, iPad pro 11 or 12.9 inch. Even if you understand your iPad measurements, the length and also width, without knowing the measurement of the display diagonally, you deserve to still bespeak the wrong size situation or bag. 

What Generation is mine iPad?

If you measure up the screen and it shows 12.9 inches, you have a 12.9 iPad Pro and also need a situation that is designed for the 12.9 iPad Pro. However there is a catch. Through the 12.9 though, you have to know what generation is it. Fun, huh? 

As of this writing, there have been 5 versions or generations of the 12.9 consisting of the present m1 fitted one. Generation 1 and 2 usage the same outer casing and the type factor stayed the exact same from the first generation come the second. So instance that operated for the 1st generation design will occupational for the second generation 12.9. 

The 3rd generation exit in October the 2018, has the very same size screen yet the as whole iPad measurements, the length, width and also depth and feature collection is radically different. Situations for the generation 1 and 2 12.9-inch Apple tablet will not fit the 3rd generation or fourth generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The size discrepancy is simply too great. For this reason if you have a 3rd generation 12.9-inch iPad, you will need a instance specially draft for that model. 

How execute you know which generation girlfriend own? If you"ve purchased her 12.9 after October 2018 and also there is no home switch as part of the design, you have actually the Gen 3 12.9 model. 

In Macrh the 2020 Apple introduced the fourth generation the the 12.9 model. Accompanying this new large, top of the line design was the second generation the the 11-inch iPad Pro. Both this models were different enough indigenous their precursors to warrant brand-new case designs come fit them. Room you having fun yet? 

Let"s review the differences between the third and fourth generations so you"ll have actually yet another means to recognize which is the ideal case for her iPad. Native the front, the 3rd and 4th generation 12.9-inch models are the same. They both perform not have a residence button. 

To uncover the intuitive differences between the 2 version you must flip the tablet over. On the behind panel, look to the upper left hand corner. If the camera system has actually multiple lenses housed in a square panel, you have actually the 2020 fourth generation 12.9-inch iPad pro or the 2nd generation that the 11-inch model. Both usage the very same square camera system. 


If you have this model you"ll need a instance designed because that the 2020 4th generation iPad pro 12.9-inch or the 2020 2nd generation 11-inch apologize tablet. 

And just to make it even an ext confusing, in April the 2021 apple didn"t monitor their own launch schedule (which is commonly 18 months in between updates). Currently they introduced yet one more version of the 12.9-inch and 11-inch tablet computers which are equipped v their M1 chipset. 

The good news is that the form factors or all at once dimensions didn"t change. This method cases designed because that the fourth gen 12.9 and 2nd gen 11 will fit these new models. Whew!

How to find Your iPad screen Size

As friend go ago in time, finding your iPad screen size becomes an ext and an ext difficult. Not because you cannot measure the display the same way as explained above. But due to the fact that Apple didn"t always use the size of the display as the name for that particular iPad model. 

So exactly how do you uncover which iPad you have? 

If you have actually an iPad that pre-dates the existing 10.5, 11 and also 12.9 sized models, girlfriend can find out which version you have, the family member size and also generation by turning it over. On the ago in very, really small type will it is in a version number. If you do a find for that design number, you"ll be able to find i beg your pardon generation iPad that is and also it"s particular size.


If you space shopping in a classic brick and also mortar store, the packaging the situation comes in should plainly show the size of iPad the case is designed come hold. Currently that you recognize how to measure an iPad because that a case is to measure up the display screen diagonally, buying the not correct size case should be a thing of the past. 

If you newly purchased one iPad, air or Pro, the size need to be pretty new in her mind. The most popular, existing generation of iPads includes the 3rd or 4th generation 12.9 and the smaller, lighter 11" iPad Pro. Web links to cases for those separation, personal, instance sizes in addition to other famous iPad case sizes room below. 

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If you forget which of the brand-new Apple tablet models you execute own, using any type of of the techniques mentioned on this page for measure the size of your iPad because that a case will productivity the correct results.