Toronto-based Wattpad is a society storytelling platform released in 2007 by Allen Lau in partnership with Ivan Yuen, which has grown to an 80-million strong community the readers and writers that spend an average of 23 billion minutes on the platform every month. However, Wattpad isn’t just a ar but also has in-house studio and publishing — namely, Wattpad Studios and also Wattpad Books. These 2 in-house assets encourage the creators of the communication to write stories the could become published by Wattpad or turned right into a movie or a series by their studio.

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Although distinct in its own sense, Wattpad is just one of the thousands of social networks available to people and with so much to consume, it’s common for customers to switch platforms as soon as they don’t find perfect media for usage on one. So, if you’re thinking about permanently deleting your Wattpad account, we’ve put together a straightforward guide because that you here.

Things to save in mind prior to deleting the account

Before you start the process, you should understand that closing your Wattpad account will totally free up your present username, which can then be provided by someone else to produce a new account v the same username and also you won’t be able to restore your initial account ~ that. However, you deserve to restore her account by signing in again.

Once you’ve permanently deleted your Wattpad account, in enhancement to your username, you’ll lose accessibility to your libraries, read lists, private and public messages, comments, personal written works.

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How to delete her Wattpad account?

You can only delete her Wattpad account via the net — one of two people on your computer or a web web browser on your smartphone. The option isn’t accessible on Android and also iOS apps. Login to her Wattpad account on the website and follow the steps below to close your account.

Step 1: Click on her profile surname at the top-right of the display and also from the drop-down menu click on Settings.

Step 2: Then scroll to the bottom the the page and also click on Close Account (located on the ideal side ~ above PC).
Step 3: Fill in the information and check the box that reads: Yes, I’m sure. You re welcome close mine account. Then go into your password in package below and also click on Close Account.
To check if your account has been closeup of the door or not, form “” and replace “X” with the username the the account you simply closed. If the account has actually been efficiently closed, you’ll view a “User not foundpage. Signing right into your account immediately after deleting it will reclaim it with the self-restoration process.

Once you’ve deleted her Wattpad account, it could still show up in Google search results for a few weeks.

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How to recover a turned off Wattpad account?

If you’re having 2nd thoughts after deleting her Wattpad account — together mentioned over — merely sign in ago to the account to reactivate it. If you’re looking to recuperate your Wattpad account after some time of deleting it, follow this link.