What is the Executioner’s Blade?

The executioner’s tongue is a weapon provided by among the 7 ninja swordsmen of the Mist indigenous the Naruto universe. It is one of the many widely well-known weapons from the well known group due to the fact that it has made its appearance early in the Naruto storyline.


The executioner’s blade or in Japanese, the Kubikiribōchō is a huge sword memory to that of Cloud’s buster knife from final Fantasy VII. The a enormous broadsword shaped like a butcher’s knife through a hole close to the guideline of that blade and a semi circle close to the handle.

Kubikiribōchō literally way decapitating carving knife. The shape having the one hole and the semi circle near it’s handle make that an effective tool because that decapitation. In the hands of a sent user, the executioner’s blade is a force to it is in reckoned with.

Of course, no anyone deserve to simply wield the the executioners blade. Its massive size also means that the is significantly heavy. Because that one to have the ability to use that in long durations, the wielder demands to it is in exceptionally strong and skillful. If girlfriend would like the Executioner’s Blade for yourself, check it out right here on Amazon.

Who room the 7 Ninja Swordsmen the the Mist?


It’s practically impossible come know an ext about the executioner’s tongue without having to bring up the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist. ~ all, to it is in a member of them (or death a member) you require to have actually one the the 7 ninja swords that the mist.

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The 7 ninja swordsmen room the most elite knife wielding shinobi of the Mist. They room so powerful that lock can carry down a country together. All members that the group are S-class. They room handpicked and are under the command the the Mizukage, the leader of the the village hidden in the mist.

They are tasked through with protecting the town and the people. Return the group of seven perform follow orders and also take objectives from the Mizukage, castle don’t think about the security of the Mizukage as their optimal priority.

Rather, lock are much more committed towards protecting your village. The executioner’s blade, favor all the remainder of the seven’s weapons have had various wielders. All being the strongest of their generation within their village.

The history of the initial seven ninja swordsmen is really fascinating. Being among the the strongest of each generation, the story of all wielders is simply as exciting. However, not too much is known about all members.


The very first generation of the seven ninja swordsmen to be officially formed by the Mizukage as soon as the hidden Mist village was just start to prosper. That was throughout that time as soon as the existing Kaguya clan attacked and plundered the hidden Mist.

A the majority of shinobis and also villagers were being slaughtered until a group of sword-wielding ninjas came and defeated the plunderers. Impressed by the an abilities that the group had, the Mizukage officially turn them into an organization of Kirigakure.

They to be then since called the seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Needless come say, each member has actually their very own unique powerful weapon and the executioner’s blade is just one the them. What provides their tools very solid and efficient is their own respective abilities.

For the instance of the executioner’s blade, it have the right to heal or repair itself. Loss that the receives no issue how little or great is repaired v making usage of the iron native the blood that its victims.

From straightforward chips to parts of it obtaining separated, the sword can still be able to get earlier to its original form. At any kind of given time, there deserve to only be seven energetic ninja swordsmen in ~ the group and also their weapons deserve to only be handed down or it is in taken by force.

Traditionally, members have an understudy that then inherits your position and also weapon, if ever before they die. Understudies room selected from young genins or chuunins the prove themselves to be promising.

Understudies are offered for them to ensure that they stay to be seven in their group and that the alongside inherit the weapon is competent with making use of it.

Who space the various Wielders of the Executioner’s Blade?

It is amazing to recognize the story of every wielder and just how the Executioner’s blade to be passed down from one to another.

More than the unique capacity of the weapon to heal, what makes the weapon special is understanding different powerful users have actually made use of the Executioner’s blade before.

From heroes to anti-heroes, that can likewise be how amazing to know simply how various the ideals of the wielders room from one another.

Jūzō Biwa

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Among the handful of civilization that were able to wield the Executioner’s tongue or the Kubikiribōchō, is Jūzō Biwa. Jūzō was a very powerful Jōnin level shinobi from Kirigakure. He was popular for his brutality in the battlefield.

Jūzō, in addition to his allie, no so fortunate but when they were able to corner a group from Konoha. What seemed like a lucky find became the end for the bulk of the group.

Before they can attack, Mighty Duy involved the team’s rescue and also used his eight gateways release formation. V the eight gates, Duy sacrificed himself and was able to kill four out of the 7 ninja swordsmen.

In the anime, the three that endured were Raiga Kurosuki, Fuguki Suikazan and Jūzō. Jūzō climate after that incident left the covert Mist and also became a missing-nin. V his abilities, he to be able to join the Akatsuki and got Itachi as his partner.

Jūzō despised the covert Mist, but he was faithful to the Akatsuki. The was likewise patient through Itachi. Itachi was a newbie come the group when he gained partnered through him. He chose to be professional and showed the the ropes to be an ext effective v his partner.

He was type to Itachi even coming up with methods for them to usage in battles.

Jūzō met his death when they confronted a team the hunter-nins and the Mizukage as soon as they were offered a mission to carry out in the land of the water. They were able to death the hunter-nins but Jūzō gained critically wounded as soon as Yagura, the Mizukage gone into version 2.

Usually, Jūzō keeps come himself but he appears to care around Itachi, when saving that from among Yagura’s attacks. Before he died, the told Itachi to operation away and save himself. Back he no able to complete his sentence, he likewise said that he believed that his knife was his just ally.

Before Itachi left, he placed the Kubikiribōchō in Jūzō’s hand. The blade climate went back to the possession the the covert Mist.

Zabuza Momochi (Demon that the concealed Mist)

Before Yagura’s reign as the fourth Mizukage, Kirigakure had a legacy of having a last exam for Kirigakure Academy’s graduates. This final exam is a death match between students.

Those that are truly exceptional obtain picked to it is in candidates because that the 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. This tradition readjusted because the Zabuza once he wasn’t also a student yet.

Zabuza was able to kill over a hundreds academy student which led to the stop of the academy’s death match final exam tradition. After the incident, he to be then provided the name, “Demon of the surprise Mist.”

After part time, Zabuza ended up being even more popular when he ended up being an Anbu. If his time as an Anbu, he was able to kill Kumade Toriichi, a jonin ninja the the leaf.

How walk Zabuza acquire the Executioners Blade?

Not long after, he joined the seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. The group provided him the sword when he joined. This was just how he was able to get his hands on the Executioner’s Blade.

Zabuza and Haku

Along his journey, he uncovered Haku. He take it Haku come his care and began training that to come to be extremely powerful. Haku had a kekkei genkai or bloodline border which confirmed to do him an even more effective allied for Zabuza.


Together, both the them also met the single survivor the the Kaguya clan, Kimimaro. Haku wanted to talk to the young Kimimaro but Zabuza told Haku to simply let the be. At part point, Zabuza attempted a coup d’etat to death the Mizukage.

However, he failed and also fled v Haku in addition to some that his allies, the Demon Brothers. Also then, that planned ~ above doing another coup d’etat. Seeing as he essential a lot of resources to start one more coup d’etat, they came to be mercenaries.

Desperate to reach his goals, he choose to job-related for Gato, a vile and also very powerful businessman in the land of the waves. Gato to be an owner the a shipping company that regulated the shipping routes in the land of the waves.

He make a syndicate with his shipping firm enabling anyone rather to trade v other nations via boats. This made the country so negative that a lot of the populace was starving. This was about to adjust when a bridge was being developed by Tazuna, a grasp bridge builder.

Zabuza Meets Team 7

Zabuza was tasked come assassinate the master bridge builder. Unfortunately for him, Tazuna anticipated that Gato will have him killed and hired bodyguards. He rental Team 7 native Konoha consisted of of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and also Kakashi.

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Zabuza and also Haku confirmed to be a very daunting adversary to Team 7. When Zabuza fought with Kakashi, Haku dealt with the remainder of Team 7. At part point, Zabuza was nearly able to kill Tazuna through the Executioner’s blade.