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Brutus and also the conspirators kill Julius Caesar since they think he is bending on tyranny and is collection to dissolve the senate (and thereby dissolve the republic that Rome). As soon as Cassius speak to Brutus to to convince him that Caesar should be killed before he deserve to be crowned emperor, Brutus acquiesces...

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Brutus and the conspirators death Julius Caesar since they think he is bent on tyranny and also is collection to dissolve the senate (and in order to dissolve the republic that Rome). Once Cassius speaks to Brutus to convince him the Caesar need to be killed before he deserve to be crowned emperor, Brutus acquiesces and also compares Caesar come a serpent.

And as such think him as a serpent"s egg,Which, hatch"d, would certainly as his kind flourish mischievous,And death him in the shell

The preemptive activity proposed through Cassius and agreed come by Brutus and the various other conspirators is expected to defend the voting power of the senate and also thus protect the republic that Rome against potential tyranny from a solitary ruler. 

In explaining the murder to the crowd, Brutus cites this political engine clearly. 

If then the friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer,--Not that i loved Caesar less, but that ns loved Rome more.Had you fairly Caesar to be living, and also die all slaves, 보다 that Caesar to be dead, come live all freemen?(III, ii)

Thus the killing of Caesar is justification by Brutus as a method of defending the verity of the state. If Caesar lived, according to Brutus, then all of Rome would have been subject to the whim and the will certainly of Caesar. The voting power of the senate would have actually been nullified. The people"s understand then would have had no representation in the government. 

What we should note is how closely Brutus delineates the plot of the conspirators from the ambition of Caesar. Having violently deposed the leader of the senate and also now standing as the following in line to leadership, Brutus is compelled to imply that the is not ambitious. That goes to great lengths to paint Caesar together the ambitious figure and also to depict himself as a humble maid of Rome. 

Should we trust Brutus in his self-avowed humility? 

The play lets us think that Brutus, by and also large, is a true patriot. Yet he is sly. He accepts advice indigenous those the agrees with and rejects advice from others, thereby making self seem open to ide while he may actually be simply keeping his own council. Brutus is definitely troubled by his actions and also we can wonder just how ideal to understand his character and his motives.