Pirates that the Caribbean: exactly how Did Barbossa Return after ~ His black color Pearl fatality Hector Barbossa died at the finish of Pirates the the Caribbean: The Curse of the black Pearl, but was later revitalized through superordinary means.

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Geoffrey Rush together Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean
Hector Barbossa died at the finish of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse the the black Pearl, yet was later restored via supernatural means. Illustrated by Geoffrey Rush, Barbossa is among the couple of characters to appear in all five Pirates that the Caribbean movies released so far. Cunning and also gleefully wicked, Barbossa offered as the villain in the first movie, The Curse the the black color Pearl, having actually previously led a mutiny against the eponymous ship"s initial captain, Jack Sparrow, prior to taking end himself. However, Sparrow"s treacherous very first mate gained his comeuppance not long after once he and also his crew found the treasure that Cortés, only to wind up cursed and transformed into the undead.

By the finish of The Curse of the black Pearl, will Turner (the kid of Sparrow and Barbossa"s previous crew-mate, william "Bootstrap Bill" Turner) had the ability to lift the curse before Barbossa could realize what"d happened, giving Sparrow the possibility to finally shoot and also kill him. The character was thusly presumed to be gone for good when the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Man"s Chest, picked up a year later on in the series" timeline. As such, it come as no tiny surprise as soon as Barbossa popped increase in the sequel"s last scene, happily chomping on one apple - something he"d to be unable to enjoy doing as soon as he was cursed - and also asking what had happened to his ship.

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The concern of how and also why Barbossa was ago from the grave wouldn"t be answered until a year later, once Pirates that the Caribbean: at World"s End fight the scene. As the movie explains, Barbossa to be resurrected by Tia Dalma, a Caribbean mystic who, unbeknownst to all those around her, was in reality the sea goddess Calypso, having been trapped in human form years ago by the pirates that the Brethren Court. Being a member the the court himself, Barbossa was compelled to assist Calypso in her quest to complimentary herself from this spell, lest she snuff the life the end of him once again.

Naomie Harris together Tia Dalma in Pirates of the Caribbean in ~ World's End
Resurrecting Barbossa is quickly one that the best creative choices the Pirates the the Caribbean franchise has made. The character was a good antagonist in The Curse that the black Pearl and also an equally perfect foil to the trouble-making Sparrow, both in regards to personality and style. That only continued to evolve in his later on appearances, start with his change into the heroes" unlikely allied in At World"s End (having to be humbled by, well, dying). Barbossa even discovered himself functioning on the side of the regulation in the fourth Pirates the the Caribbean film, On Stranger Tides, wherein he served as a privateer come King George II. Fatality eventually caught up to him (again) in the followup, Dead males Tell No Tales, however not before Barbossa finished his redemption arc and saved the life that his daughter, Carina Smyth.

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It"s most likely just too Barbossa"s been eliminated off for good (maybe). Disney"s at this time in the process the rebooting the Pirates the the Caribbean films after the disappointed response to Dead guys Tell No Tales, with two different versions of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 in energetic development (and only among them could - focus on might - function Sparrow or any type of other returning personalities in a supporting capacity). Barbossa became such an essential part of the previous movies that it could be complicated to proceed the same story without him... And yet, to perform so would also risk undo the already-satisfying payoff to his personal journey. In that regard, starting from scratch and also letting Hector remainder at last seems prefer the smartest relocate for Pirates the the Caribbean in ~ this stage.