What size is mine Onion

I nothing sweat onion size. Most of my recipes room flexible; if I call for a huge onion and also you use a medium onion, you will do it be fine. In other words, dimension doesn’t matter.

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Except when it does.

I’m working on my vegetable broth recipe, and I desire to gain the right ratio of onion, celery, and also carrot to water. (3:2 water to vegetables, and 3:2:1 onion to carrot come celery.) To carry out that right, I must do that by weight; to give you instructions, I require to recognize what “2 large onions, chopped” actually means. Testing time! I went to the store, bought a range of onions, and got out my kitchen scale. This is what i found.

How much does a little onion weigh?

5 ounces or less, averaging 4 ounces

How much does a tool onion weigh?

5 come 8 ounces, averaging around 6 ounces

How much does a big onion weigh?

8 to 12 ounces, averaging about 10 ounces

How much does an Extra-Large onion weigh?

12 ounces and also up, averaging 16 ounces

 Onion sizes (By Weight)  OnionAverageWeightSports BallSizeWeightRangeComparison
Small4oz / 115g5 oz or lessRacquetball
Medium6oz / 170g5 to 8 ozBaseball
Large10 oz / 285g8 to 12 ozSoftball
Extra-Large16oz / 454g12oz or moreShot Put

Most of the onions in ~ the store are huge to extra-large onions (in the onion bin) or tool (in a three-pound mesh bag.) i buy huge onions – I desire to pick good-looking ones native the bin. (That’s why most of my recipes speak to for huge onions.)

What execute the Feds have to say?

The USDA has a various grading standard, based upon size instead of weight:

 Onion size (By Diameter, USDA size Classifications)  DiameterSize Designation(in inches)
Small1 come 2.25
Repacker1.75 to 3
Medium2 to 3.25
Large3 and up
Colossal3.75 and up

Resources:United claims Standards for qualities of Onions (Other than Bermuda- Granex-Grano and also Creole Type)

And, there you have actually it. (“It” being one large onion, minced.)

What do you think?

Questions? various other ideas? leave them in the comments ar below.

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