The key reason to usage a stem-and-leaf plot rather of a dot plot is to assess group trends and individual worths better.

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Both are techniques of group data and also can be offered to acknowledge trends in the data, and also some trends are an ext obvious in one or the other.

Dot plots and also stem-and-leaf plots look and also behave similarly. They have a list of increasing values or teams of values on one side of a line, and on the other side of the line, they note how often those values occur. Usually, dot plots are simpler to make, but stem-and-leaf plots give much more information in part cases.

Dot plots usually list the worths or intervals horizontally and also stack "X"s over each interval to tally their frequency. Stem-and-leaf plots perform intervals, often the biggest relevant digit, vertically and also place the lower-value digits to their right.

Both can be used to analyze a wire of numbers, such as "17, 22, 23, 22, 16, 21, 18, 20, 20, 22, 17, 25, 19, 22, 17."

In the dot plot, all whole numbers in between 16 and 25 could be listed, and each value would be significant for the number of times the it occurs. This renders finding the mode an extremely easy.

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In the stem-and-leaf plot, 10s digits 1 and also 2 would develop two rows. The people digits that correspond to that 10 would follow in order come the right of the line. In this case, an analyst might see grouping and also still be able to locate median and also mode.

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