group of atoms that gains or loses electrons is dubbed _______. A. A polar ion B. A non-polar ion C. A polcg-tower.comtomic ion D. A commo option (C) is the correct

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An ion is characterized as a specie i m sorry is developed when a neutral atoms has tendency to get or lose an electron.

When a neutral atom acquire an electron climate it creates a an adverse ion whereas once a neutral atom often tends to shed an electron then it develops a positive ion.

For example, a neutral fluorine atom on obtaining an electron will type

ion. And, a sodium atom on shedding an electron forms

When a group of atoms form ions then it often tends to kind polcg-tower.comtomic ions.

Thus, we have the right to conclude the group that atoms the gains or loses electrons is dubbed a polcg-tower.comtomic ion.

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When Kay added 30 g of hydrochloric mountain (HCl) to 65 g the Zn, bubbles appeared and a white precipitate, zinc chloride (ZnCl2) wa
Nataly_w <17>

B)2 g the hydrogen gas to be produced.


Metals and acids react to kind a salt and hydrogen gas, so this is the most most likely explanation.

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What is the power output the a hand grenade
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The explosion because that a person body or anything like that have the right to blow your body pretty much into pieces.
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In nature, the facet X consists of two naturally developing isotopes. 107X with abundance 53.84% and isotopic massive 106.9051 amu
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107.828 amu


Firstly, we need to recognize the portion abundance the the 2nd isotope. Since there room 2 naturally emerging isotopes, the percentage abundance the the second isotope will be 100 - 53.84 = 46.16%

Now us go on come deduce the isotopic mass. We do this by multiplying the percentage compositions by the masses.

53.84/100 * 106.9051 = 57.558 amu

46.16/100 * 108.9048 = 50.270 amu

The atomic mass is hence 57.558 + 50.270 = 107.828 amu

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All p block elements form ions.True or False
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No this explain is false.


when an atom lose or obtain the electron ions space formed. If the atom lose an electron the positive ions space formed dubbed cations if anion is developed by the gaining of electron by one atom The elements having less electrons in valance shell usually lose their electrons while the facets like halogens having actually 7 valance electrons gain an electron to finish the octet. While p block aspects noble gases are inert, their outer many valance covering is finish so they execute not form ions.

P block facets are non-metals, metals and also metalloids. These are thirty 5 elements. The P-block elements are present on appropriate side of periodic table. There valance electron are existing in p orbital. The p-block steels are shining and great conductor the heat and electricity. These metal shed the electron i m sorry is accept by non metals and type ionic bond. They have actually high melting points.

Metalloids has boron, silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony and also tellurium. Metalloids save both the nature of metals and non metals, some metalloids room toxic choose arsenic.

Most the p-block facets are non metals. Lock are negative conductor the heat and also electricity and have low boiling points. The no metals mainly accept the electron native the metals and also usually from ionic bond favor in instance of chlorine. It form the ionic compound through sodium.

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The sodium chloride i m sorry is one ionic compound, formed by the finish transfer of electron from salt to chlorine atom and kind ionic bond. In this ionic compound sodium carry positive charge and chlorine carry an unfavorable charge over there is attraction in between these oppositely fee atoms.