children are born through a love the learning. As soon as we offer them high-quality books that intrigue and also challenge, we empower lock to seek their organic curiosity and discover your interests.

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As students develop a strong structure in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, they build a trust in themselves the ensures lifelong learners emerge.

HMH into Reading is differentiated by design to sell a balanced method to literacy instruction, assistance teachers in arising a society of learning and growth, and aid all learners think in the power of "I can."

Designed to make teaching easier, HMH into Reading has your resources for K–6 ELA main point instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning—all in one place. Listen in as third-grade teacher Alexandra Gray shares she experience.

HMH into Reading is an ext than a program—it is a vision to prosper the next generation the learners and it starts v you!

From motivating learners to supporting educators, HMH Into Reading was built to address the demands of the whole learning neighborhood to facilitate outcomes that elevate students, schools, districts, and communities.

Intuitive and agile teaching tools allow you to execute what you do best—deliver powerful, identified instruction.

High-quality texts integrate with engaging reading and also writing workshops to strengthen critical skills.

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Explore the captivating, authentic literature that lies at the heart of HMH right into Reading through our interactive online collection.

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From award-winning publications that propel discovering to a strong emphasis on productive annotation, HMH into Reading travel guide students together they transition from arising readers to effective writers.

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A an extensive library of trade books serves as a connection to every module topic and bridges reading and also writing instruction.

Scaffolding in the program ensures students receive the early support and practice the sets them on the ideal path come independence.

Offering teachers a fully integrated method to vital text analysis and deepened comprehension, HMH into Reading teaches students just how to notice vital signposts in messages that suggest to their meaning. Embedded into every lesson, notification & keep in mind strategies through Kylene Beers and Bob Probst teach students exactly how to spot vital signposts in messages that point to their meaning.

Authentic literary works focal messages kick off every module of writing.

A Writer’s Notebook offers students the chance to discover the basics of composing conventions as they analyze writer’s craft, check out various genres, and grow in mastery.

Anchor charts spotlight the three vital components of any story and administer students through an conveniently digestible, visual layout for arranging their thoughts.

Waggle provides supplemental, adaptive exercise that aligns to HMH into Reading to reinforce main point concepts and also support students at every proficiency levels v engaging, gamified exercise for qualities K–8.

entrust targeted homework or obtain the many out of independent exercise time with Waggle, which contains Spanish lessons beginning at class 3.

Reinforce your day-to-day instruction v personalized practice in Waggle that provides lessons and practice directly correlated to Into Reading’s table that contents.

Delight students with high-quality, age-appropriate contents that grows through your students, consisting of engaging K–2 foundational support, SEL-oriented hints, gamified rewards, and also badges.

Writable"s virtual writing tools satisfy Into Reading"s world-class literary works to certain students have direct accessibility to high-quality mentor texts throughout every action of the composing process.Student-friendly rubrics always guide drafting and also revision, in addition to optional cotton peer reviews and also feedback on structure and organization, it is provided by man-made intelligence.Customizable, state-specific creating prompts and also rubrics prepare students for high comb assessments.

Designed through you in mind, HMH right into Reading allows you to guide students on the route to live independence reading and also effective oral and also written communication. With highly supportive tools that conserve you time, HMH into Reading was built to fit your teaching style and also unique great needs.

Into Reading"s day-to-day Show and also Teach decks because that Foundational skills and Social and also Emotional learning are simple for teachers and engaging for students.

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class decks incorporate explicit teacher modeling and also systematic indict aligned to the scientific research of reading. Daily tasks emphasize phonics and also phonemic awareness with engaging multisensory routines.

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HMH into Reading integrates SEL into the day-to-day curriculum as research study suggests. With connections to program literature and these ready-made instructional distribution tools, you have an easy means to weave SEL right into your weekly lessons.

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“The slides that came out this year—the daily Show and also Teach slides. For sure unbelievable. I mean the lot of planning the takes turn off the teacher’s plate.”