Key PointsFaulty door lock actuators in the 2007-2011 CR-V do the door locks unpredicatable.Owners have shelled out thousands because that repairs since the same parts fail repeatedly.After lawsuits, Honda extended the guarantee in 2015 but that has because expired.

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A CR-V door lock actuator. Image source.

The door locks in the third generation CR-V (2007-2011) stink. Castle won"t lock as soon as you want them to, or they"ll randomly unlock if driving, and then they just stop functioning all together.

The difficulty is through the door lock actuators. An actuator is the behind-the-scenes magic that make strength door locks possible. They have an electric motor, gears, and also some sort of link or cable to run the lock. And the ones the Honda set up are really at risk to failure.

Common Complaints about the Door Locks ∞

As you can imagine, the most common complaints about these door locks is lock don"t behave together you"d expect. For example, they nearly instantly lock as shortly as friend unlock them.

The prior passenger door locks instantly (2 seconds) after it is unlocked for this reason passengers space unable to enter or departure the auto without reacting instantly. As soon as I inquired in ~ the Honda dealer what it would certainly take to settle it, ns was told that would cost $300!

Or they unlock at arbitrarily while driving.

While driving the doors will certainly unlock on own and I feeling unsafe as I travel v my grand children and also worry when the doors will certainly unlock top top \ own. I also re-lock the door but as I save driving the door will again unlock on its own.

Safety concerns ∞

Of course the biggest worries are the safety involves with unreliable door locks:

Some owners room worried around theft after ~ finding your parked cars had unlocked themselves.Others room worried around being locked the end of the car in cold weather.Scariest of every is the realization the locks might not permit you out of the auto in one emergency, such as after a crash.

Expensive to replace (over and also over again) ∞

On average, this lock difficulties really start to choose up around 85,000 mile which is well outside Honda"s conventional 3-year / 36,000 mile warranty.

The mean repair expense per actuator is in between $300 and also $400 and also owners speak they"ve had to change the exact same actuator twice because Honda changed the defective component with a newer, but equally defective part.

Honda must have actually figured something the end ∞

There are a ton of complaints around the door locks in the 2007 and 2008 design years. Yet complaint volume take it a sharp dive for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 version years.

This suggests Honda swapped the end the negative actuators in a refresh of the third generation, however didn"t offer any kind of assistance come owners stuck with defective parts.

Honda sue for Actuator failure ∞

A proposed class-action lawsuit for door lock failures to be filed versus Honda in beforehand 2013.

The complaint alleges the the door locks room defective, resulting in potential security issues and lots the expensive repairs that frequently fall exterior the warranty period.

The lawsuit, Kevin Davitt, et al. V. America Honda motor Co., Inc., et al.

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, accused the automaker of violating customer fraud law in brand-new Jersey, Florida, and California and also caught recovery because that breach of express warranty. In other words, Honda need to pay for the door locks repairs due to the fact that they are plainly defective.

Honda agrees to settle the sue ∞

In September 2014 the automaker i agree to settle the lawsuit v the complying with terms:

Honda paid the end $1.4 million in attorney fees