Green In The Gills

Green In The Gills

Green In The Gills (2004) episode 108-B- Higglytown Heroes Cartoon illustration Guide
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Wild Brain, Inc. Dispersed by:The Disney Channel Cartoon Characters:Plunkie, Uncle Lemmo, Bitty, Kip, Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, Fran, Aunt Mellie, Fripp, Pizza Guy, Uncle Zooter, Weather human being Hero, painter Hero. Command ByGeorge Evelyn, Denis Morella. Produced ByJeff Fino, Holly Huckins, Kent Redeker, B.Z. Petroff. Created ByChris Nee, Steve Viksten. Music:Megan Cavallari, note Harrison. An initial Aired top top September 20, 2004. Initially Aired top top The Disney Channel (USA). To run Time:11 minutes. Episode Number:108-B shade U.S.A.

Kip is in bed as Bitty take away his temperature. The kids are external asking him come play. The thermometer claims Kip is fine, yet he shortly discovers the Bitty has actually now caught a cold. That plays through the various other kids, yet feels poor that his mother is sick. He wants to make her...(more)

This song-filled, imaginative series introduces pre-schoolers come the plain "heroes" in the world approximately them, whether it"s the letter carrier, the grocer, the librarian or the veterinarian. With the comical adventures of the Higglytown kids-...(more)
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