When visiting any kind of country it payment to try and discover a few local words and in greek the world appreciate her attempts at typical Greek phrases also if they space wrong.

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Whilst it might seem prefer a difficult language at an initial you will be surprised how quickly you pick points up. As one of the oldest languages in the world and also over 5000 words provided or adapted in English friend probably currently know an ext than you think.

I to be in no way fluent in Greek yet usually remember sufficient each visit to get by, and also most civilization speak English anyway. I’ve provided a couple of tips that i use below in red which might assist you as well.  


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kalimera = great morning – καλημέρα. M for Morning!

kalispera = great afternoon – καλησπέρα. Offered only as soon as coming to a location or meeting someone in the night or in ~ night. P for PM!

kalinihta = great night – καληνύχτα. Offered only together a goodbye greeting in the night or in ~ night.

yassou = hello or good-bye – γειά σου. A greeting to one person or a friend. Ou for simply one of YOU!

yassas = hello or goodbye – γειά σας. A greeting to more people or a much more formal and also polite means to greet an unknown person

Yassou file mou Yanni = Hello my girlfriend Yanni 

Other beneficial phrases

Efharisto = say thanks to you 

Parakalo = she Welcome 

Parakalo = you re welcome ( yes, the very same as over – its a handy word)

yes = Nai ( the opposite of what feels herbal right!)

No = oxi 

Sorry/excuse me – Sigonmi ( sick on me) 

Milate Anglika? = do you speak English?

Logariasmo parakalo = The bill, please.

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Mporo na bgalo mia fotografia? = might I take it a photo?

Then katalaveno = ns don’t understand

Ela = Come

Pos se lene? = What is her name?

Fiye = go away! 

Me lene … = My surname is …

Ise omorfi = you room beautiful

Apo pou eisai? = Where space you from?

Eimai apo Anglia = i am from England

Thelo ena kafe = I want a coffee

Ehete thomatio? = carry out you have a room?

Thelo ena tsai = I want a tea

Thelo mia mpira = I desire a beer 

Cheers/Salute – Stiniyahmas ( skinny arses)

Wine = krasi

Menu = menou

Taxi = taxi

Church = Ekklisia

Airport = Aerodromia

Ferry = Porthmeio

Love = agapi

Doll = koukla ( often used for small children/babies)

Oops/Yay – Opa! 

If you’d choose to learn an ext common Greek phrases shot a free online food or check with the neighborhood Greek Orthodox Church in her area. Like any type of language exercise makes perfect and also the much more you shot and usage your understanding the more likely you will retain it.

The Greek alphabet v english equivelant

Chinese (Simplified)
netherlands English
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