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William Sydney Porter, or O. Henry as he is famously known, is the writer of this very interesting quick story title ‘Hearts and Hands’. The title notifies the astute reader that the story is walking to attend to handcuffs, the quizzical nature on which hand or hand the cuffs room cuffed, and the emotionally side that the personalities involved. The marshal in this story who was a glum-faced man showed empathy towards Mr. Easton the criminal and also interchanged the function of criminal and marshal between them. The marshal want to do it seem the Easton to be the real marshal and also not him. He to be doing this to conserve Easton’s reputation in front of the proud young woman miss Fairchild, who was indigenous Washington. There room two other passengers the town hall the entirety charade and one of them knows that the ‘real marshal’ could be known whose left hand to be cuffed, the idea being the marshals never ever cuffed their strong arm that is the right hand to a criminal in handcuffs. So, also though the glum-faced guy said he was no the marshal, we know he is since his left hand or ‘weaker’ hand was cuffed to Easton and also not the other method around.

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O. Henry with his ‘twist in the tale’ it s okay the 2 passengers in the story to answer our question related come the handcuffs, that is, who was the actual marshal, the glum-faced man, or Easton. It is through O. Henry’s unmatched wit that us realize as soon as we think the over how we to be fooled by the genuine marshal. The glum-faced man indeed had actually his love in the best place and also so spoilt his very own reputation by offering Easton the title of a marshal at least for a moment in the B & M Express.

However, things were gift taken too far by miss Fairchild. She was so fascinated by Easton being the marshal the she was practically getting prepared to work out down v him in the West. Perform remember that the B & M Express where this story takes ar is traveling in the direction of the East. The genuine Marshal and also Easton to be going come Leavenworth prison while miss Fairchild to be going earlier to Washington. It to be Washington’s elite yet pretentious, superficial crowd, that had actually made Easton desperate enough for more money, that he had actually taken to counterfeiting in the west till he was captured by the glum-faced marshal. The marshal feels that Easton would sooner or later be cost-free and start a new life. He no want miss Fairchild to spoil Easton’s name earlier home and also therefore the made the switch. Notice that the marshal frames his sentences in such a way that that neither speak the entirety truth nor does the lie. The adhering to is stated plainly by him:

They both to be going come Leavenworth.The prison term was seven years because that counterfeiting.Easton should speak a good word in favor of the glum-faced man.That means it would certainly make it much easier for him there.A marshal constantly handcuffs self to his prisoner.Mr. Easton to know his business.

As you notice, the actual marshal is a man with a actual keen eye for analyzing people’s characters and how come answer such world who are only brought away by exterior beauty. Miss Fairchild it s okay so brought away through the lie that she finds the totality idea fascinating. Easton is not only a good-looking young man but also a an extremely cool customer. He is no at every uncomfortable that miss Fairchild had actually seen that handcuffed nor is the ashamed about what he has done. The admits brazenly the it was to ‘keep up’ with the Washington crowd that ‘he had actually to execute something’ and that ‘money has actually a means of flying away’. Therefore, Easton is a cheat, a liar, yet a pleasant-looking fellow. However, he was still the criminal, despite his exterior kind was goodly-looking, unequal the glum-faced and roughly pull on marshal. This indicates to united state the old cliched proverb the ‘don’t referee a book by that cover’.

When the marshal realizes that things are getting out that hand, that asks to be required to the smoker component of the eastbound B & M Express. Miss Fairchild is left in she seat through the wrong id that Easton had come to the west to become a marshal. She would certainly I assumption: v invariably re-publishing this news v everyone in the pretentious and also materialistic group in Washington. In this group, there was a details Ambassador who used to call upon miss Fairchild due to the fact that he chosen her. Easton remembers this from his past and asks miss out on Fairchild whether she felt the Ambassador was far better than a Marshal. This is a sign of old rivalry in which miss Fairchild gift a mrs of conceit throw the whole idea come the wind saying the she was never interested in the Ambassador and in any type of case, she never ever liked the Ambassador. She wants to curry favor with Easton since now he was a marshal. She wanted to resolve down v him together she discovered it cool to it is in the wife of a good-looking marshal. Indeed, miss Fairchild to be a woman who would perform anything to her advantage. She was extroverted, really proud, and liked world to notification her. She looked down on commoners but was very friendly v good-looking people and rich people from her friend circle.

The two various other passengers who were listening to the conversation were an extremely amusing characters. The first one to be astute, intelligent, and comprehended the genuine matter and easily figured out the actual marshal. His friend was dull and also impressionable together he gained fooled through the glum-faced man. He mentions that Easton to be ‘too young to it is in a marshal’. To which his companion can’t believe that his friend had actually not recorded on come the actual matter. The story ends in a question style leaving united state who room not so knowledgeable wondering undoubtedly who to be the genuine marshal. Us only need to realize that the ‘real marshal’ to be the one v a ‘good heart’ and also the ‘correct hand’.

There are a few take away points in this story which is together follows:

The marshal mentions the Easton need to speak up for him when they acquired to Leavenworth prison. To miss Fairchild, it would have seemed that he want to be patted ~ above the back by the marshal when in reality, he just wanted the the prisoner would tell the world ‘in the pen’ that he to be well looked after by the marshal. Probably, the marshal would certainly be offered a raise for it?Miss Fairchild, to present that she was keen on settling in the West, tells of her ailing father and how she and also her mother spent the summer in Denver.The ‘butterfly days’ that Easton to be over and now it to be time for him to invest his 7 years in prison.Even Easton make the efforts to go on v the charade of the function switch speak to miss out on Fairchild in a veiled manner choose the marshal.

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It is always a pleasure to analysis an O. Henry story. I read this one in the year 1997 as soon as I was in the 3rd grade and also it still has a charm of its own. I hope come review much more of O. Henry’s brief stories soon. The is certainly one the the best prose authors in the short fiction genre.

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