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possible Solution

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Crosswords through Friends hints October 02, 2021
Cushions that come in between mattresses and bedsheets
Notable achievement
___ desk (support for composing while sit down)
From neapolitan or Milan, maybe: Abbr.
Walt Disney human being park special Spaceship Earth
Great anger
South ___ (bottom of the Earth)
Happen many times
Cone-bearing tree
Former prime minister that Canada whose very first name is the capital of southern Dakota: 2 wds.
Thick together ___ soup (description of heavy fog)
Sleek swimmer v flippers
"No ___, ands, or buts"
Best photo winner because that 2012 that was based upon a CIA operation
Fey that wrote the film "Mean Girls"
"Moonstruck" actress whose an initial name is the funding of Washington: 2 wds.
"You've obtained Mail" manager Ephron
Singer/actress Horne who was a civil legal rights advocate
Large deer the the Rockies
___ league (group the Asian and African nations)
Product provided to change hair color
"Doctor, my Eyes" singer whose an initial name is the funding of Mississippi: 2 wds.
"The Simpsons" character who sells Squishees
Color that a clean blue sky
Little computer image to click on
___ Moines (state capital)
Prods through a stick
Fond nickname for Grandma
Body spray through such arrays as ice Chill and Epic Sky
What the sun does at dusk
Long reduced from a knife
Hero of "Great Expectations," or any kind of of Gladys Knight's back-up singers
Resting upon
Surrealist artist Salvador
Maker of sports cars and race cars with a prancing stallion logo
Fencing sword at the Summer Olympics
Checking or savings fund at a bank: Abbr.
Guided trips
Resembling what's real, as a doll
Solo opera piece
Fourth-most populous nation in southern America
"You ___ what girlfriend sow"
Statistics in a spreadsheet
Particle that carries a charge
Rapper ___ Rida
New York university whose teams space the Orange
Israeli actress Gadot
Wordsworth poem, sometimes
"___ not what your country can execute for girlfriend ..."
Cuban that "Shark Tank"
Take turn off one's clothes
Clobber in the boxing ring
Super-quickly, ~ above a memo: Abbr.

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Clownish idiots
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Patrick who's the head coach at Georgetown
First name of pasture Smith's mother
Destructive warhead, because that short
Rock singer Michaels
Overseer of campus sports: Abbr.
Incalculably lengthy times
"Eh, ns don't think so"