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Hello Nurul, friend will acquire the answer come “Have a pretty weekend” in Chinese if friend click the link of among the options.

Hi, Stan,we carry out most of write-ups in Chinese, English and also Pinyin. Friend can choose the write-ups of different categories and also levels i m sorry are suitable to you at the navigate bars top top the top of the page. You can additionally sign up our weekly newsletter for free, and also we will send friend a free e-book which defined Chinese well-known in both Chinese and also English. Hope you enjoy it. If you need other discovering materials, please leave detailed message here, we have the right to recommend some publications that satisfy your requirements.

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I do NOT understand a indigenous in chinese, so that is very an overwhelming for me.I need a publication with chinese words and also english. Stan

Both “周末” and “假期” refer to time away from work, however they are different. In English, “周末” way “weekend,” if “假期” means “holiday.” If you space fond of doing Chinese tests, the selection of cg-tower.com Chinese tests could be helpful in her studies.

I have done numerous Chinese Tests, since I favor Chinese and also find the tests assist me practice! ns think “周末” and also “假期” average the very same thing. Am i right?

I favor doing quizzes, especially Chinese tests from which I can learn something useful around the Chinese language. Ns wonder around the differences between “周末” and also “假期.”

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