"God made decision us come take care of this babies," the father stated in a statement released by the hospital



A Texas woman invited rare similar triplet girls on Saturday, and what’s even an ext unusual is that 2 of the babies space conjoined at the pelvis.

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New parental Silvia Hernandez and also Raul Torres defied the odds through the bear of their three daughters, Catalina, Ximena and also Scarlett, at corpus Christi medical Center. The odds of having identical triplets there is no fertility therapies is one in a million, and conjoined twins take place only once in every 200,000 births.

“God decided us to take treatment of these babies,” Torres claimed in a statement exit by the hospital. “We placed our confidence in God’s hands an initial and whatever will be all right.”

The conjoined babies, Ximena and Scarlett, were transferred to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in corpus Christi, and Catalina stays at corpus Christi Medical facility with Hernandez, who is recovering from her cesarean section.

The conjoined babies are linked at the pelvis. They have separate legs and also they additionally have separate bladders, but part of their intestines and abdominal wall surface are attached. Torres stated the babies would likely be separated within six months to a year.

“The two babies room going right into surgery right now. They’re walk to examine their liquids to check out that nothing’s clogged up.” Torres told abc News.

The couple, that are also parents to their 2-year-old son, Raul Jr., learned 2 of your babies to be conjoined throughout the pregnancy.

“The reality is i cried, not because of just how the babies would certainly look due to the fact that we knew we would execute our ideal to provide them the best and also most productive life possible, ns cried due to the fact that the medical professional said we had to understand and also accept the reality that when they to be born they might die,” she wrote on the couple’s facebook page.

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“God determined us because that a reason, come take care of them,” Torres called KIII TV. “He sent us small angels for a reason; for this reason it’s a large blessing for us.”

Torres had to leaving his project as a painter and sandblaster to treatment for his wife and their son throughout the final weeks that Hernandez’s pregnancy. The household has set up a GoFundMe web page to assist with medical expenses.

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