Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone

Also known as: harry Potter and the Philosopher"s stone (EU), harry Potter à l"Ecole des Sorciers (FR)Developer: KnowWonderPublisher: digital ArtsPlatform: game Boy ColorReleased in JP: December 1, 2001Released in US: November 16, 2001Released in EU: November 16, 2001

This video game has covert development-related text.

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This video game has unused graphics.
This game has unused items.
This game has unused music.
This video game has unused text.
This video game has debugging material.
This video game has a covert level select.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone is a turn-based RPG based upon the novel (during the exact same time together the movie adaptation has actually been made). You have uncovered a famous Witches and also Wizards Card!

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2 CHEAT Menu10 Unused Penalties11 Unused Text





Set $FFD2 come $44 to get in the CHEAT menu, which lets you warp to any kind of map in the game (unfortunately, there room no unused ones). The button mix Up + A + B + Select held for 32 frames in the overworld would have actually activated this menu, yet the code is skipped over. It"s located at $00:$17b3.

The food selection can additionally be accessed v GameShark code 0144D2FF. Keep in mind that the code have to be disabled as soon as inside the menu in order because that it to duty properly.

CHEAT food selection Sound Test


There is additionally a CHEAT menu containing a sound check functioning like the one in the sequel. The password for it follows the code for the consistent cheat menu, with the init program being at 01:4d5f.

Unused KnowWonder Intro


There is one unused intro display screen of the developer, KnowWonder. To cause it, collection $FFD2 to $02.

Unused Griptonite logo design Easter Egg


There is an unused and also partly attracted over logo design of the developer, Griptonite Games, surprise on the starfield the the telescope. The logo design is the same shade as the dark blue background, for this reason it can not be seen; the palette has been adjusted to do it white. It appears that at part point, the stars and galaxies were moved around, make the logo design partly corrupt. There doesn"t show up to it is in a way to do the logo appear.

Unused Items

Star Chart may have been pertained to the Astronomy Tower quest.

Spellbook was intended to hold spells you discover throughout the game. This is supported by a line used in the game: "I"m awarding 25 residence points come Gryffindor, and also you"ll discover a new spell transcribed right into your spellbook."

Parchment, Notebook, The day-to-day Prophet, and Hagrid"s Umbrella are all unused.

Broomstick treatment Kit suggests that brooms were originally going to play a lot larger role in the game. Although over there are four flying minigames in total, the only one that yields a broom as an item is the Flying key minigame (Comet 260).

The ordinary Broom, Nimbus 2000, and also the Shooting Star walk unused. Ultimately, the broom shop in Diagon Alley never ever sells anything come Harry. The script in the room of the last dungeon with the flying key checks for the existence of the unobtainable Nimbus 2000.

Coal and also Holiday Popper space unused Christmas items.

The Luminous Balloons and also the Grow Your own Warts Kit space intended to come native the vacation Popper. This is indicated in thing 12 that the novel. Luminous Balloons room seen in Sorcerer"s stone and room of keys on other consoles - they are primarily used to odor people.

The Sorcerer"s Stone is never used as things in the game. The Flying crucial is never things in the inventory, because it is automatically used after gift caught.

Dustpan, Sickles and Healing Sparkle are never ever inventory items. Dustpan is seen as a sprite in the broom closet through the an excellent Hall, and Sickles & heal Sparkle (Revive) are just seen as dialogue symbols in the game.

Unused Music

This is one unused song from the game. Might have maybe been supplied for among the search completed screens.

Unused Armor collection Countdowns

There are four countdown variables, offset by $40 and also decremented by two every frame only in the Armor Gallery. They carry out not appear to be provided by any kind of other code. The static holes in the ground may be related to these variables, possibly having been plan to work as spikes or similar.

Partially Unused Potions course Script

The script for Snape during the Potions course is broken. ~ Harry fails to carry the crucial items once, Snape will not speak to Harry till he collection them all. However, over there is password for three much more consecutive fail scenarios:

Incomplete. One suggest deduction. You"re letting under your girlfriend Mr. Longbottom.Too few ingredients, Potter. Back to her search.Your girlfriend couldn"t wait and had to go to the Infirmary. Negative work, Mr. Potter. 5 points indigenous Gryffindor. Course dismissed.

The code is buggy and also jumps over these.

Moreover, the game contains an unused copy the the Snape script. It includes the same an insect and is possibly an early version, as it has some further differences:

It checks if harry has exactly the amount of ingredient needed. If they have actually more, he will certainly be denied.It doesn"t take the ingredients far from Harry.It only provides two home points because that bringing the ingredients rather of five.It doesn"t show the full display quest finished screen and warp Harry to the Dungeons.

Folio Brevis

The Folio Brevis is a book for Harry to temporarily store renowned Witches and Wizards Cards he find in his adventures. You can then walk to the Folio Magi (probably save in the Wizard card Collector"s Club), wherein you have the right to deposit and view all collected Wizard Cards. Since there is no cite of the Folio Triplicus, it"s very feasible that the Brevis was cut early in development. An symbol for the Brevis may not exist in ~ all.

The Folio Brevis had actually a minimal number that cards it could hold.

You can not pickup any more cards together your Folio Brevis is full!

Hagrid was initially intended to offer Harry the Folio Magi/Triplicus in Diagon Alley. This block of text generously describes the functions of the Folio Brevis.

Before i go, you"ll be wantin" these. Every the students in ~ Hogwarts space keen on famed Witches and also Wizards Cards. These Folios room where yeh save the cards. Yeh lug the Folio Brevis roughly with yeh, yet the Folio Magi, yer main album, is too large to bring aroun". Yours is already at hogwarts waiting for yeh, yet yeh can still look at it now. Yeh jus" can"t put your cards in that yet.

Unused Penalties

Harry to be intended to lose home Points for disturbing classes. This attribute was many likely cut due come the lack of methods Harry has to obtain House Points. Instead of complete classes because that Harry come interrupt, castle are just left empty, with magical to meet enabled. Message from teachers taking away residence points space scattered transparent the assorted classes take care of attends.

A recommendation to this still exists in the game; when in search of the Gryffindor password, a student on the 2nd floor warns Harry.

Don"t walk in on classes that room in session. Many of the teachers take it away house points if you interrupt them.


You"re interrupting a class! That"s a 5 House allude penalty top top Gryffindor!

Defense versus the Dark Arts

Harry disrupting the history of Magic and Flying classes.

You"ve interrupted a course in session! That"s a 5 House point Penalty!

... Throughout the wildcat Gargoyle win of 1911, the wildcats to be winning when...

Please reap the 5 House allude penalty you"ve earned for interrupting my class, Potter!

5 House allude penalty, Mr. Potter, for landing on mine field!

Say hello to Harry, everyone. Speak goodbye to 5 residence points, Harry, for interrupting class.


Harry shows up to be disturbing Professor Binns" history of Magic class.

...the 14th Century economic bubble burst following the Soap Blizzard that 1378...

Harry, you startled me! however I won"t deduct extra residence points, simply the normal 5 for interrupting.

Always an honor to have actually you fall by my class. Sorry around the 5 suggest penalty for interrupting it.

Unused Text

Additionally, this blog post shows up if you know some spells, yet don"t have enough MP come use any kind of of castle (only the spells you can use normally present up). This never happens, as the an initial spell you learn is Flipendo, which doesn"t need MP come use.

You don"t have sufficient Spell clues to cast this spell!

These 4 messages refer to the four deck varieties Harry can choose from in the beginning of the game. They are shade coded to stand for each home as well. In the last version, lock are changed with Justus Pilliwickle, Gulliver Pokeby, Gregory The Smarmy and also Merwyn The Malicious respectively.

You will be collecting the Gryffindor Deck!

You will certainly be collecting the Ravenclaw Deck!

You will certainly be collecting the Slytherin Deck!

You will be collecting the Hufflepuff Deck!

Some unused reactions to Harry eat candy. All of these reactions are changed with "It never ever seems to lose its flavor!"These room for Bertie Botts" Beans.

Mmm, popcorn. (+
1 SP)

These room for Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, and possibly Licorice Wands and also Best blowing Gum respectively.

Better 보다 the best pumpkin pie! (+
1 SP)

Two unused bits of message intended for once Harry sell items back. He can not sell ago items to either shop.

Potage"s Cauldrons

Since it"s used, I"ll provide you
1 Sc.

Does that suit you?

The mirror by the door come the hospital wing is supposed to command somewhere.

My dad said me there used to it is in a mystery passage behind the winter in the corner of this hall.

A quest used for the final good Hall scene. The is impossible to watch this quest message, due to the fact that you can"t stop the game.

Find bother Wiz Card.

A placeholder because that the pause Screen.

Pause display screen Here

Diagon Alley

A little conversation between Harry and the cashier at thrive & Blotts. Girlfriend are never ever able come sell earlier the books. Despite her wording, this is a generosity buyback price because Harry bought the publications for 143 Sickles.

I have to sell these books ago to you.

Oh dear. I am fear we can only provide you 123 Sickles back for them.

You are never able to select what publications you want to purchase in the game.

Did you decide on those books?

Hogwarts Express

An at an early stage version of losing the battle against Malfoy. It appears he wouldn"t initially have provided you his card mix had you lost. beforehand Final
Thanks, Potter. Now you know far better than to an obstacle your betters. I believed you"d be much better at spells, Potter. Her weakness touch me. Here"s a card combination for your Folio Triplicus. Usage it if girlfriend face good danger.
An unused line, probably intended because that Hermione after ~ the battle.

Good point for Malfoy that i wasn"t here! Drink this Wiggenweld Potion, it will certainly take treatment of your wounds.

The hogwart Dungeons (After Sailing across the Lake)

Some unused message from Hagrid.

Step lively, ns don"t desire to have go earlier for stragglers.

I to be worried around you, Harry.

Yer worse 보다 Neville"s toad for gettin" lost, Harry!

We"ll be over there soon...if everyone remains together.

Don"t drag yer feet...somethin" could grab "em.

Sorting cap Ceremony

Unused message from human being waiting in the an excellent Hall.

Hurry right into the an excellent Hall or you won"t obtain sorted!

No time to talk, I need to go acquire sorted.

There"s naught to perform out here. All the action is in the great Hall.

Supposedly someone"s head pains after getting sorted.

Oww...my head...

Harry Asking wherein Gryffindor home is Located

Used for a student. Probably from Slytherin House.

Already in last place, if I"m no mistaken.

A solution from a professor. Perhaps Snape.

You"d much better find it prior to lights out, Potter.

Harry asking for the Password come Gryffindor House

Various responses. The 2nd last line is meant for a Slytherin Student.

I don"t even know my very own password.

What"s a `password"?

I understand mine, but not yours.

No, sorry.

Couldn"t say.

Try `Second Rate". It definitely fits.

Beats me.

Gryffindor usual Room

A feasible setup because that a reduced sidequest.

There"s supposed to it is in a box of confiscated item in the teachers" usual room. I bet there"s some pretty nice ingredient in there.

A workaround come quote Dumbledore accurately native the film. Instead of Dumbledore announcing this info in the great Hall, this speech was collection to appear as a keep in mind in the usual room, perhaps on the an alert board.

Mr. Filch, the caretaker reminds friend all that no magic need to be supplied in college corridors between classes. Violators room subject to House point penalties. The woodland on the grounds is forbidden to every students at every times. The third-floor corridor top top the right-hand side is the end of bounds to everyone that does not wish to die a very painful death. Signed, Albus Dumbledore

Harry trying to find the Potions Classroom

Various unused messages from random students.

"Potion price Slip, may Be Headed because that The Dungeons"

You have actually a long method to go.

Just prefer a Gryffindor to it is in lost!

Conversation in between Filch and Harry.


You! Why aren"t friend in class?


I"m trying to discover the Potions classroom.


It"s in the dungeons! even a first year should recognize that!


A common line cut from countless classes. This is the very first instance the it.

You won"t discover what friend are looking for in here, Mr. Potter.

An alternate line come These room beetles" eyes, every right!. This unused heat is cut, and also the one left in is doubled.

These look like insect eyes...like indigenous a beetle!

Snake Fangs were intended to show up on the prior of a Griffin statue, quite than gaining them native a battle.

I thought I observed some top top the eagle-headed lion things on the 2nd floor.

What are between the griffin"s paws? These have to be snake fangs. Ns hope they"re the right kind.

If you take too lengthy to collection the ingredients, Neville is sent to the Hospital Wing.

Your girlfriend couldn"t wait and also had to go to the hospital wing. Bad work, Mr. Potter. 5 points indigenous Gryffindor. Class dismissed.

Defense versus the Dark Arts

Another among the "You won"t uncover _____ here" lines.

You won"t uncover the c-c-counter-curse in here, Harry!

Messages indigenous students.

I told girlfriend this would certainly happen.

Harry asking a Slytherin student just how to remove a curse.

You are a curse, Potter, and also I WISH ns knew how to remove you.

A solution alluding come the "Grow Your very own Warts Kit". This line argues that the Warts Kit could be an Astronomy-related sidequest.

Expose it to moonlight. No, wait, that"s just how you eliminate warts.

Small conversation between a student and Harry.


Aren"t you feeling well, Harry?


Yes, sniffle snort. Peeves just actors a spell on me and also made me sick.


He makes everyone sick. That sounds favor a curse come me. You need to see Professor Quirrell top top the 3rd floor. He"s the curse expert here.

An unused heat from Harry. This to be intended to show up ~ you usage the Curse book to remove Peeves" curse, however Harry automatically learns Mucas ad Nauseum after you exit the Menu.

Ah, the feels better. I think I can remember this spell, too.


Unused conversation v someone.


Do you understand a good place to find herbs top top the institution grounds?


Look difficult for unexplained tufts the grass. They"re like magnets for herbs and also other medicine ingredients. Simply make certain to have actually your dragonhide gloves on if you choose them. Some herbs have the right to hurt a little.

Hermione finding the end that she didn"t complete the assignment first.


I acquired them all! I"m...oh, Harry. I assumed I"d be the first one done.

Prof. Sprout:

No, bother was first and got a one-of-a-kind reward.


Well, execute I acquire something because that being second?

Prof. Sprout:

Well, since you understand so much about Herbology, you need to do wonderful job weeding the garden. Won"t the be fun?



Prof. Sprout OR Harry:

Congratulations, Hermione.


I expect I"m not allergic to any kind of of these herbs.

Charms Class

The game always gives 15 points for a perfect exercise, no matter just how your power was.

Well done, Harry. 5 house points because that a well performance.

Top knotch! space you sure you haven"t levitated feather before? 10 house points because that a job well done!

Some lines from Flitwick. In the last game, he just says "On to your following class, Harry".

Hurry along, Harry. If you"re late, friend may lose those home points you simply earned.

No factor to continue to be once class is over. There"s much more to learn elsewhere.

Transfiguration Class

Another "won"t uncover it here" blog post from a professor.

The rabbit isn"t in here, Harry! you re welcome hurry and also find it!

Harry gets a snarky answer from a student when asking about a purple rabbit.

No. Perhaps you can find one if you had a violet carrot.

Midnight Duel with Draco

When harry returns, the Fat Lady in the Pink dress asks what"s up.

Where on earth have you all been?

Never psychic that! Pig snout!

Looking for Hermione (Troll ~ above the very first Floor)

Unused article from who on the main floor.

Nothing up there to see, Harry. Every the funny is down here!

Various replies from students.

I believed I saw her through the broom cupboard.

Her sleep is most likely in a book, but I don"t understand where the remainder of her is.

Maybe she"s with Neville"s toad and they"re both lost.

This is appropriate after take care of finds the end that Hermione is on the very first floor. Rather of this line showing up, that goes right to Dumbledore prompting anyone to get in the good Hall.

Let"s talk to her as soon as she come back.

After Quirrell announces the there"s a troll, over there were claimed to it is in crowds that students. They to be most likely taken out because of sprite lag.

Stick together, first-years! monitor me!

Looking for hidden Christmas Gifts

An alternative line for McGonagall. In the final game, she just says "I haven"t checked out him.".

I haven"t checked out him. I know he likes to hide points behind locked doors, though.

Unused replies native students. The school has no hike NPCs throughout the Christmas stage, so this are never ever seen.

Peeves! His kind offer haunting a negative name. Ns haven"t seen him lately, though.

I haven"t viewed him or her package. Ns hope over there wasn"t anything great to eat in it.

Harry explains the flute he gained from Hagrid.

Sounds a tiny like an owl.

Looking because that Dumbledore

Various lines native students. Numerous of these were cut because they contradict the moment Dumbledore left (overnight), or because they reveal details McGonagall is supposed to call Harry.

Professor McGonagall says that Dumbledore is in London.

Maybe he"s in the an excellent Hall practicing his end-of-year speech.

Anywhere he pleases, ns suspect.

I haven"t viewed him in days.

Maybe Neville Longbottom has him in search of his toad.

I experienced him having a whispered conversation through McGonagall. Questioning her.

I"ve heard he likes come surf in the lake. Or was that Filch?

Well, he"s certainly not increase here.

McGonagall is assistant head master. She"d for sure know.

I haven"t seen him today.

I yes, really don"t view him an extremely often.

No, i haven"t viewed him all day.

This line looks maybe unfinished, as it does not have actually a question note at the end.

Do you recognize where we can uncover Dumbledore, professor.

Encountering Fluffy

Harry forget the flute to placed Fluffy come sleep. The flute is constantly in your inventory.

I didn"t lug it! We have to go back!

Devil"s Snare

A heat taken out together Ron and also Hermione fall onto the Devil"s Snare.


A blog post for when you lost versus the Devil"s Snare. In the final game, the party is teleported to the suggest before Fluffy.

We"re still stuck, Harry! try again!

The paris Key

The minigame is not timed, and the player is stuck until they capture the key. The is difficult to lose.

Darn, ns missed the key! I"m walking to have actually to shot again!

Giant Chess Pieces

A line intended for Hermione.

Be careful...

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Troll Room

It"s possible to discover a grand Wiggenweld medicine on the hand that the troll"s sprite. This line was intended to go together with the discovery.

A Wiggenweld Potion! I"m glad he didn"t have the chance to use it!