After analysis this article, you deserve to pass v the walls of the magic school and other places of the game world, view all this indigenous a bird’s eye view, open up previously inaccessible levels in the video game on the book and film.

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To usage the codes, you require to readjust something in the game settings paper

For this you deserve to use our software «HP and your computer» or modify the file manually.

After you turn on debug mode, green letters and also numbers appear at the height of the screen.

Debug Mode alternatives and Commands.

1. Hotkeys

F4 — opens up a menu for picking levels and bookmarks.

F6 — gain back Harry’s health.

F9 — learn all spells.

PageUp / PageDown — rate up/slow under the game.

Delete — enable/disable free camera (controlled by arrow).

Ins — develop a screenshot in the save folder (works very unreliable).

~ — open console to enter text commands.

2. Regulates for the console

set statusitemgryffindorpts ncount 1000 — Gryffindor now has 1000 points.

set statusitemslytherinpts ncount 1000 — Slytherin now has 1000 points.

set statusitemravenclawpts ncount 1000 — Ravenclaw now has actually 1000 points.

set statusitemhufflepuffpts ncount 1000 — Hufflepuff now has 1000 points.

set statusitemjellybeans ncount 500 — variety of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

set statusitemflobbermucus ncount 200 — lot of phlobber worm mucus.

set statusitemwiggenbark ncount 200 — the quantity of Wiggentree Bark.

set statusitemwiggenwell ncount 200 — quantity of medicine Wiggenweld (green bottles).

set statusitemstars ncount 20 — variety of stars top top the workshops.

giveallcards — acquire a full set of cards.

swordmode — enables/disables knife mode.

goylemode — enable/disable Goyle mode.

exit / battered — leave the game.

set HGame.HChar bObjectCanBePickedUp True — take it living creatures by hand.

set HGame.HProp bObjectCanBePickedUp True — take items by hand.

opacity -100 — make Harry invisible.

opacity 100 — do Harry visible.

AddHealthPotential 100 — add 1 lightning.

AddHealthPotential 600 -add 6 lightnings.

AddHealthPotential -100 — remove 1 lightning.

AddHealthPotential -600) — eliminate 6 lightnings.

SpellCursor_Distance 100000 — change spell range.

Cam_Distance 1000 — readjust the distance from the camera come the character.

set BeanRoomTimerManager fCountdownTime 1000 — add extra time in the prize room.

fpsmode — allow camera first person view.

set bother drawscale 2 — adjust the scale element of drawing Harry.

set actor drawscale 2 — adjust the range of illustration all actors.

set take care of fatness 1000 — adjust the weight of Harry.

set gibbs fatness 1000 — change the weight of every actors (norm: 125-150).

pause — pause/resume gameplay.

throwweapon — throw a magic wand.

activateitem wand — return the magic wand.

get package.class_name building — gets the worth of the class property (example: get hpmodels.harry health).

keybinding — show the objective of the stated key.

stat all — display statistics, other than animations.

stat no one — rotate off the display of statistics.

stat default — display screen default statistics.

stat reset — disable every messages other than stat fps.

stat anim — enable/disable to display statistics on animation for all characters with DrawType DT_Mesh.

stat audio — display sound statistics.

stat fps — enable/disable screen of current and also average variety of frames every second.

stat game — enable/disable video game engine statistics display.

stat hardware — enable/disable hardware accelerator statistics display.

stat irradiate — enable/disable the perform of lights that influence players.

stat render — enable/disable visualization statistics.

stat actor — enable/disable statistics for character.

getcolordepths — present the list of palettes supported by your video card.

getcurrentcolordepth — acquire the depth of the shade palette (16 or 32).

getcurrentres — gain the existing resolution of the game screen.

preferences — show advanced settings window.

getres — acquire a perform of accessible game display resolutions.

isfullscreen — return «true» if the game is fullscreen.

confighash — gain configuration data.

brightness 0.5 — collection the brightness (from 0.0 come 1.0). If referred to as without parameters, the worths ​​switch cyclically.

flush — reset all video game options, clear cache, reload textures and also recalculate lighting.

fov 90 — set the viewing edge (in degrees). For this function to work, the parameter bAllowFOV=True should be collection in the ini-file.

setres 1280x900 — set game display screen resolution.

setres 1280x900x32 — set the game display resolution and also color depth (16/32 bit)

slomo 0.2 (0.01-1.00) — adjust gameplay speed.

setspeed 1.0 — change player movement speed.

editactor class=harry — contact the settings panel nature of the active character. Functions if the game is in window mode.

setsensitivity 1 — collection mouse sensitivity.

exec myscript — run the script document in UnrealScript. The document must be located in the «system» folder..

endfullscreen — switch the video game to windowed mode.

hideactors — hide all personalities in the game.

showactors — return all personalities to the game.

open 123.unr — open up level 123.unr native the maps folder.

playersonly — stop/unlock every minor characters, events, objects. Only managed character is active.

causeevent — send the occasion to all characters or objects the have trigger functions. For example, in the an initial game, these room doors.

killall . — remove all personalities of the mentioned class.

viewclass firecrab — enables you to check out the game people from the representative that the selected course (looping). Harry, for part reason, looks in ~ the world from a elevation just above the knees.

showall — show all paths, triggers and stuff. Because that termination, that is enough to reload the level or move to another loadable location. For example: indigenous the castle go come the courtyard.

cancel — cancellation.

—demoplay mydemo — play back the taped demo. Example:

demoplay mydemo?3rdperson?timebased

—?noframecap — this option enables you come play the record in the opposite direction and as quickly as possible. Works with the timedemo collection to 1.

—?timebased — this parameter to adjust smoother playback. If playback is too slow (compared to actual speed).

—?3rdperson — allow flying roughly the key character together a spectator. This parameter also enables you to view the document from the bots.

—demorec mydemo — document the passage in the paper mydemo.

—stopdemo — avoid demo recording or playback.

report — copy the present game report come the clipboard.

If part teams carry out not work-related — check yourself

Favorite level in debug mode

Unlocking the Gryffindor Quest

Investigate the level

Special rooms

We replace the character

Harry damages Reduction

Reducing the display time the logos

Mode and Compatibility through Windows 8+.

Change challenge level

Running from the settings window or by modifying the user.ini file. Uncover the line beginning with «Difficulty=» and set the wanted parameter (DifficultyHigh, DifficultyEasy).


If you have permitted debug mode and also the record is locked (read-only), friend will must remove the attribute prior to editing it and return that to ar after editing.

Placement and Editing: АlехeyMS.

Editorial and also Design: OOKS.

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