What’s the big deal with belly buttons?

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your navel, and from a clinical perspective, it’s not too crucial to your as whole health. Still, you probably recognize whether you’ve acquired an “innie” or one “outie.”

An innie, of course, is a belly switch that doesn’t prolong past the airplane of her stomach. The outie does.

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Chances space pretty great that you have an innie; in one examine from north Carolina State University, 96 percent the participants had innies, return this relied on a survey (so scientists didn’t actually inspect to make certain that participants were telling the truth). The fact is that outies space rare.

So, what determines whether you loss into that pick group that outies?

First, it’s helpful to recognize what the belly switch is (although you have the right to skip come the following subheading if you currently know this part).

The belly switch is wherein a baby’s umbilical cord is attached. Once the medical professional or midwife severs the umbilical cord ~ the baby’s birth, the cord loses its blood supply and also eventually drops off, leave behind the ship button.

The shape and also size that a belly button has naught to perform with whereby the umbilical cord is severed.

Doctors can’t really do an outie belly button. Most human being with outies have a tiny umbilical hernia at birth, although little infections can also prompt one outie come form. In one of two people case, the outie usually isn’t dangerous.

Credit: Brett Sayles via Pexels

Because these varieties of boy complications space rare, at least 90 percent of civilization have innies in ~ birth, if a tiny minority have outies. However, this doesn’t mean that your belly switch shape continues to be the same through life; an article from Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital argues that there’s a 90 percent opportunity that one outie will certainly “close” ~ above its own by the time a child turns 5. This occurs once the umbilical hernia corrects itself.

More rarely, an innie can come to be an outie if the child has actually an undiagnosed umbilical hernia the pops out together the son ages. Past period 5 or so, there’s tiny chance of an umbilical hernia closing or popping out. Still, the belly button can adjust shape slightly as the child becomes an adult.

If you dislike your belly button, friend can constantly opt for surgery.

Strangely enough, umbilicoplasty—plastic surgical treatment to change the appearance of the navel—is becoming an ext and much more popular, likely because of the popular of apparel that reflects off the midriff.

The American culture of Plastic operated doctor reports that more than 8,000 umbilicoplasties were performed between 2002 and also 2005. Unsurprisingly, women consisted of the vast bulk of the patients, and also the score of most surgeries was to revolve outies right into innies.

With the said, us wouldn’t recommend any surgery to transform an outie come an innie or to change the shape of a belly switch to meet social norms. For starters, belly button shape alters as a human ages, therefore if you’re relatively young, there’s a great chance the you’ll finish up through a various belly button eventually.

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More importantly, if you’re lucky enough to have actually an outie, you’re fairly rare, and there’s no clinical reason come opt for a change. Simply keep your belly button clean, and you’ll it is in in good shape.