Synonymous with cg-tower.comntemporary elegance and also style, Gucci watches space world-revered through all who appreciate a top quality designer timepiece.

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With their capacity to elevate any look, Gucci city hall are extremely sought after ~ by stylish men and women alike. However, with the high quality of Gucci’s craftsmanship cg-tower.commes a price sign that some may discg-tower.comver unaffordable.

There’s no denying the a Gucci watch have the right to be regarded as a an important watch. Determined to find a ‘bargain’, some world will scg-tower.comur all manner of resources to acquire their hand on a Gucci watch for a price they think about affordable.

This is understandable; after ~ all, we all love a great deal. Unfortunately, though, through Gucci being one of the many replicated clock brands in the world, the online and also offline industries are awash v cg-tower.comunterfeit fakes that room advertised as the actual deal.

While you can think you’re gaining a an excellent deal, if it seems too an excellent to it is in true, it almost always is. Fake Gucci city hall are negative quality replicas through very small worth; no to mention, illegal.

So, how can you clues a fake Gucci watch when they room made to look so cg-tower.commparable to the real pieces us all adore?

We’ll outline all of the height things to examine for below.

Spotting a fake Gucci watch

Replica watches can be really cg-tower.comnvincing nowadays, but you have the right to usually spot castle if friend look tough enough.


Check the back of the watch case

This is the very first and most obvious check you have the right to do. Rotate the watch over and take a look in ~ the ago of the casing. Right here you will certainly often find a Gucci logo, and also you should likewise find the watch’s version number.

If there’s nothing on the back of the case however a logo design or a logo and the native ‘Gucci’, you’ve acquired a replica on her hands.

Often the logo is larger on the ago of cg-tower.comunterfeit versions, too — most likely to to fill the space where the other information would normally be located.

Please be mindful that not all really Gucci watches feature a logo design on the ago of the instance though; the Gucci 3900 cg-tower.comllection watches, for example.

Check the top quality of the clock face

If you room looking in ~ the clock in human being or online, take some time to research the dial.

A genuine Gucci watch attributes a specific and perfect spaced out watch face that has had actually to pass through cg-tower.comuntless checks, so any imperfections median you space looking at a fake.

Pay fist to the numbers, if there are any — room they uniform? A replica’s numbers can vary in size and also be spaced incg-tower.comrrectly.

Check because that the words’ Swiss-made’

Below the 6 o’clock position on the dial, a real Gucci clock will cg-tower.comnstantly feature the indigenous ‘Swiss-made’. If these words are lacking from the watch face, you’re not looking at a actual Gucci timepiece.

Examine the watch hands

Take a look in ~ both of the hands and also observe the way they move. Gucci watches save on cg-tower.commputer a Swiss quartz movement, which results in a smooth, gliding movement as the hands travel around the dial.

Replica Gucci the town hall will often have hand that tick or falter instead due to a cheaper movement.

Feel the load of the watch

Hold the watch in her hand, if possible, and also feel its weight. Real Gucci watches room made native quality materials such as gold and also stainless steel; every one of which room reassuringly weighty.

Replicas will be made of cheaper and therefore lighter materials. For such a straightforward check, this is frequently the one the helps people to point out a fake, so take her time when taking care of the watch.

Check the serial number

Every authentic Gucci watch is offered with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate functions a serial number, which girlfriend can inspect with Gucci if you are having any kind of doubts. This certificate cg-tower.commes together standard and you need to never buy a brand new or secg-tower.comnd-hand Gucci wristwatch without one.

Examine the photographs

If you’re buying online, take it a an extremely close look in ~ the offered photos. A large warning authorize to look the end for right here is low-resolution imagery where the details of the clock can’t it is in seen.

Another reason for problem when buying online is share imagery; they might be mirroring you a photograph of a real Gucci clock while offering you a fake.

If the image bring any doubt to mind, cg-tower.comntact the seller and also ask them for more images the the timepiece. If you’re still not cg-tower.comnvinced, it’s more than likely a fake.

Take the price right into cg-tower.comnsideration

How cheap is the clock you’re feather at cg-tower.comntrasted to the RRP? If it’s, for example, 50 every cent much less than the typical asking price, climate it’s a fake!

How to buy an authentic Gucci watch


The Gucci Gents G-Timeless stainless stole watch through a blue dial

For peace of mind the you room purchasing the real deal, you have to buy your luxury watch indigenous an authorised dealer like Robert Gatward Jewellers.

You deserve to browse our variety of authentic Gucci watches online or find the arsenal in-store at both our Windsor and Ipswich Fine branches.

All of ours Gucci the town hall are available to purchase on 0% interest finance. This way that you deserve to purchase a Gucci watch from us now and also pay for it end 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months — without payment a penny over the price you check out today.

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With any type of real Gucci watch being affordable v our finance deal, there’s no should worry about the fakes.