cat — numbers of speech 26-5526. Together quiet as a cat watching a mouse = an extremely silent

27. As nimble together a blind cat in barn (‘nimble’ = quick and also light in movement; agile; active) =

28. Like a cat chasing that tail

29. To agree like two cat in a gutter = no agreement at all

30. (a) prefer a cat ~ above a warm tin roof especially in American English = restless, nervous, ill in ~ ease, etc.

(b) favor a cat on warm bricks

31. Works choose a cat in cockle-shells (‘cockle-shell’ = a sort of ‘shellfish’)

32. Together happy together a cat that witnessed cream

33. Prefer the cat the stole the cream = happy and also satisfied with oneself, usually after doing something secretly

34. To put a cat among pigeons = (a) to say or do something that starts trouble or man (b) to present a dangerous person (c) one man among a team of women

35. To shoot the cat = to vomit (=throw increase what friend have consumed or drunk) after acquisition too much alcohol drink

36. To kick the cat = to become angry

37. (a) bell the cat (b) who will bell the cat?

38. Come let the cat the end of the bag = come tell a mystery by accident or without giving much thought to it

39. Come rain cats and dogs = to rain heavily

40. (a) cat and mouse play (b) come play cat and also mouse (c) come play cat and also mouse with someone (d) to play a cat-and-mouse game with somebody (e) cat-and-mouse life

41. (a) not enough room to swing a cat in (b) to have not enough room to swing a cat ring (here ‘cat’ = ‘cat-O’-nine-tails’, a whip — please, see item No. 22)

42. Come fight like cat and dog = to controversy or arguement violently

43. Come buy a cat in the sack = to it is in cheated

44. (a) cat’s away, mouse at pat (b) when the cat’s far the mice will play

45. To placed the cat in the churn = to execute something mischievous, but not very serious

46. (a) a cat-and-dog life (b) to command a cat-and-dog life

47. (a) cat-in-pan (b) to rotate the cat in the pan

48. A blate/shy/timid cat provides a proud mouse

49. What would certainly a young cat do however eat mice!

50. Put an old cat come an old rat

51. Curiosity eliminated the cat

52. Has actually the cat got your tongue? or ‘Cat acquired your tongue?’

53. Look like something the cat brought/dragged in



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Catsuit = a woman’s close-fitting one-piece garment

55. To check out which method the cat jumps = to wait and see exactly how a instance develops before deciding what to perform or which food of action to it is in taken, typically in politics