Blair embodies her school-play duty as a downtrodden woman in a way she never imagined, when Dan"s days as teacher"s pet space numbered





Crying. Drinking alone. Staring at a darkened television screen. This are just a of points I’ve been doing on Mondays because Gossip Girl’s last episode in February. It clearly hasn’t been easy. I’m certain there those of you out there who additionally had a complicated GG hiatus. Feel totally free to share story of your own an individual struggles during the GG-free 8-9 p.m. Hour. Now that our present has returned, deserve to I simply say, say thanks to Gucci! Although, I’m not certain this was one of the ideal outings. It felt a small like the TV identical of the Barneys Warehouse sale: There were some choice pieces yet a many it to be fugly and also didn’t fit.

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Let’s begin with what i did like and that was the school manufacturing of The period of Innocence. An initial of all, your costume budget had come rival that of Australia. Hello, couture! Blair can wear that black color ballgown in every solitary episode and also I would certainly be happy. Exact same for Serena and also her feather ensemble. Normally, I have an nearly allergic reaction come feather-adorned outfits (see Paula Abdul’s crazy look on critical Tuesday’s American Idol) but I’m entirely on board through Serena’s costume. Also, josh Schwartz had told me the Nelly Yuki in a fat fit was no to it is in missed and also the wise Mr. Schwartz was appropriate again. Watching the roll her on stage while relaxing ~ above the chaise lounge to be pretty damn hysterical. The class learned in all of this? an ext fat suits ~ above Gossip Girl.

Much of the antics offstage copy what to be happening onstage, specifically Blair Waldorf’s breakdown. I perform like seeing she taken down a notch. It’s always most fun to watch Blair nipper her method back up. Plus, she’s done so many poor things the it’s inescapable that there would certainly be some backlash. I still think she’ll find a way to get into Yale, don’t girlfriend TV Watchers? Blair and Dan’s scene with each other on stage in the carriage was sorta great. I love the she was usually attacking him when they were an alleged to be kissing. Speak of Miz Blair, I’m feeling choose we’re in major jeopardy of having TOO lot Dorota. The best part about her was that she would just appear for a fast scene, utter miscellaneous hilarious, and then be gone. She’s getting an ext screen time now than Jenny! i did love though as soon as Dorota and Penelope both size each various other up in their maid costumes.

Vanessa ultimately didn’t dress choose a stunner person! In fact, she was relatively elegant. Looooved that dress she wore to opened night the the play and also her neon yellow clutch. Plus, she was actually cool and helpful v Serena and her crush on that big ole gay theater director. But her entirety story line through Nate to be disappointing. Nate wade in on her coaching Serena v the date and thinking the she was actually flirting v the director was tired. Plus, they broke up but then got back together in the course of like 5 minutes. Simply break up! and Vanessa, please stop filming things prefer that creepy male in American Beauty. It is no sexy.

I might be alone in this yet I do NOT remember Carter Baizen in ~ all. Yet even his reappearance go nothing to enhance this snoozy Chuck base story line. Ns still don’t really understand all the details. Basically, Elle is a high-class contact girl? Okay, huge whoop. Why am I claimed to care around her? tranquility out, Elle. Don’t allow the door hit you on the means out. It felt too much like filler story line and also not something the actually advanced anything else. Chuck is means more fun as soon as he’s connecting with his peers and not stodgy old businessman v a jones because that hookers. He needs to get back to college pronto and spend much less time taking care of Bass Industries. It was great to check out him realizing his love for Blair by the finish of the episode. I choose the idea that Blair dating a bad boy (also the in joke that Leighton Meester and also Sebastian Stan space a real-life couple) however his character simply doesn’t do it for me.

I think I have the right to safely say that I never want to check out a Cyrano de Bergerac-inspired story line ever again. It’s as old as dirt. And it’s to be done better. Also, I do not think for a 2nd that Serena has read Cyrano. She more than likely just captured Roxanne rerunning ~ above Comedy main some Saturday afternoon. And also the big reveal the he to be gay? Um, duh. He’s a cute theatre director who likes to wear scarves. Also, Charles Isherwood should most likely not it is in critiquing theatre if he’s that negative of one actor, himself.

The worst story line though had to be the one that complied with Dan and also the increasingly annoying Rachel. An initial of all, ns don’t think she have to be hanging the end at pat rehearsals starring a college student she was rumored to it is in romancing. Secondly, Dan passing notes? Really? girlfriend couldn’t just text Rachel something? This show features basically the many technologically advanced teens yet just since he’s doing an Edith Wharton play, Dan gets all 19th century? I’m surprised the didn’t use a quill. Ns don’t think so. Also, Rufus then finding the note because Jenny dropped it felt choose something out of Saved by the Bell. I don’t to buy it. Rachel’s transformation from corn-fed cutie into hyper-texting stunner felt a small forced too. And also Blair certainly doesn’t have detective in her future given that she never even taken into consideration Rachel as a doubt in all of this.

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Confession: I have actually actually currently seen following week’s Gossip Girl, TV Watchers. I’m no going to spoil anything however I can say the it is a much less scattered episode. There’ll be some fairly major plot developments, specifically in regards to a budding relationship in between two main characters.

What did friend think that this week’s Gossip Girl? will certainly Nate and also Vanessa last? will Blair figure out a means to obtain into Yale? will certainly Nelly Yuki wear a fat suit again?

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