But for those of us that space superstitious, luck can feel choose it renders a big difference. So even if friend don’t think in luck, wishing someone an excellent luck is a nice means of mirroring support to her friends and family and letting them know you hope for their success.

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There room a lot of ways to say good luck in Spanish. Together in English, part are much more formal, some much more informal, and also some space in between; some are more linked through superstition, and some are for daily life.

Luckily, we noted most of lock here! So here are a number of an excellent ways of wishing someone great luck in Spanish.

Good luck in Spanish in ~ a Glance

Here’s a summary table through audio of just how to wish someone great luck in Spanish.



Buena suerte

Good luck

Mucha suerte

A lot of luck

car deseo la mejor de ras suertes

Best the luck

Que te vaya bien

I hope it goes well for you

Mis mejores deseos

Best wishes


Successes!/Good Luck!

Que dios dare bendiga

God bless you

¡Mucha mierda!

Sweet dreams


The Most usual Ways that Saying good Luck in Spanish

The Most typical Ways of Saying an excellent Luck in Spanish


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