Have You obtained A Beautiful gold Angel Coins through Your Change?

Well, I got one from the stamp machine a few years earlier and put it aside. This evening ns came throughout it again and decided to take it a closer look. There was no markings on the external edge that a true coin usually has stating “In God we Trust”, the year minted and also any minting place designation. Then i flipped the coin over and also noticed the very same Angel photo on the back.

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Hmm… this Beautiful angel Coin is no a Coin in ~ All

As ns googled my summary of this piece, it ended up being clear what I had thought to be a $1 yellow coin was not a coin at all, yet a token passed together a coin. The gold finished piece was so beautiful I organized onto that think that was just a brand-new $1 coin that come out.

What i Learned about This Is…

It is nothing however a guardian angel token for great Luck provided out by the Catholic Relief Services. There is no yellow in “dem dar pieces” either, but the golden finish makes them an extremely appealing come anyone receiving one. I review in a discuss Reddit that some ex-Catholics think the token is haunted – and another obtained their coin together a teen and also was told that it to be a reminder to them that God is always with castle in troubling times.1

Well, then I uncovered a site that made it seem much more like over there is some mystique and promise as I read, “the Legend that the angel Coin in that whoever owns among these is promised love, money, and happiness. The original “Angel Coin” was produced by Augustine Dupre, a nobleman who was i was delegated by King luigi XVI in 1792 to design the brand-new monetary money for France. A for sure believer in the power of guardian angels, Dupre incorporated this theme into his design using a mold that unknown material produced by an alchemist recognized only as Le stat.

Years later, as soon as Dupre fell out that favor through the King and was condemned to death, legend has it that he was saved from the guillotine when the Coin he brought as a talisman reflect the sunlight in his jail cell so brilliantly one day that the security on duty broke into tears at the sight, unlocked the cabinet door, and also let Dupre do his escape.

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From that moment on, Dupre’s creation ended up being known together the “Angel Coin”. He taken into consideration it a blessing for his life-long belief in angels.” 2

Do this Tokens Carry any kind of Worth?

Well, as much as financial or collector value, they have actually no value various other than they space intended to carry a tranquility of mind come the bearer through a emotion of good luck wished ~ above them.

What might I suppose to obtain for on Marketplace or at a Flea Market?

Well, if you have one of these token the is worn, you can expect to obtain less than a dollar. If in fairly good condition, you could get $1. If the is totally uncirculated, you might ask $4.00 for it. Together for this token, and also I am not a Catholic just a humble Episcopalian, and I think I will certainly make a necklace the end of it and also ask God to please bring great luck to whoever attract it.3


1 (Does the golden Catholic double-sided angel coin have actually any definition into it?, 2020)