If your girlfriend provides you jealous and you don’t know just how to address this case the appropriate way, then this post will display you the best way to handle your jealousy so girlfriend still watch attractive in her girlfriend’s eyes.

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Men and women all experience jealousy to part degree, we just experience jealousy in different ways. For example, females are an ext likely to feel jealousy if your romantic partner drops in love with one more woman; men, ~ above the various other hand, are much more likely to feel jealous if your romantic partner has sex with an additional man. This is a vital difference in between the sexes.

If friend think your girlfriend or mam is interested in who else, or one more man has shown interest in your woman, it’s herbal to feel jealous. In psychology, this is recognized as mate guarding, which describes the defensive an answer that’s prompted when encountering sexual competition.

It’s normal to feel jealous. It’s common to girlfriend guard. It’s common to desire to safeguard your woman from other men. Yet knowing how to safeguard a mrs the right way is what the end the attractive man from the unattractive man. If her girlfriend makes you jealous, you have to know just how to respond to the instance in a way that won’t like attraction altogether.

If her Girlfriend provides You Jealous…

It’s not unusual for women to use men as proxy weapons versus each various other as a way of finding the end if a guy is confident or insecure. Her job, as always, is to task strength and confidence, even in the most complicated circumstances. It’s tempting come explode v rage, to contact a woman out, to end up being passive aggressive, and use every cheat in the book to punish she for making you feeling jealous. All of these reactions perform nothing however reveal insecurity and also emotional weakness.

The only time you have to worry about a mrs leaving girlfriend for one more man is when you permit feelings the jealousy to consume you. If girlfriend respond to feelings the jealousy v threats, tears, or moody behavior, nothing be surprised if the woman decides she doesn’t want to stick about to view the show. The better, instead, to manage jealousy through an attitude of indifference.

If your girlfriend renders you jealous, shot to find humor in the situation. Feeling tells ladies you’re unafraid and also unaffected by feel of jealousy, also if your girlfriend provides you jealous on purpose. And where the not attractive man allows feelings of jealousy consume him and also destroy the relationship, the attractive guy acts in a method that is counter-intuitive and surprising.

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