Build your French vocabulary by studying usual words in the language starting with letter T, U, ​V, W, X, Y, and also Z. Hear just how the words space pronounced and also practice utilizing them in context.

Tthe letter TFrench alphabet
le tabactobacco, ~ smoke shopMdJ - T
une tabletableFurniture
un tableaupicture, painting, scene, list, chart, blackboard, bulletin boardMdJ - T
tablerto count/bank/rely on somethingn
un tabouretstool, footstoolMdJ - T
un tac(noun and interjection) tap, clack (sound)n
des taches de rousseurfrecklesDescriptions
taillerto cut, carve, prune, trimMdJ - T
se tailler(inf) - to beat it, split, run offMdJ - T
un tailleursuitWomen"s clothing
talonnerto hotly pursue; to hound, gnaw at; to kick, spur on; (boats) come touch the bottomn
un tamissieve, sifter; raquette head/stringn
un tamponstopper, plug, wad, swab; tampon; stamp; buffern
tamponnerto mop up, plug; crash into; stampMdJ - T
une tanteauntFamily
taperto type; bang, knock; (inf) to scrounge, fight upn
un tapisrugFurniture
taquin(adj) - playfulPersonality
taquinerto tease, bother; come dabble at (used humorously)MdJ - T
tarabiscoté(adj) - ornate, fussyMdJ - T
tarabusterto badger, pester, bother, worryMdJ - T
tarderto delay, to take a long timeMdJ - T
taré(adj) - defective; (inf) perverted, crazyMdJ - T
un tarédegenerateMdJ - T
se targuerto boast, bragMdJ - T
la tartepieDessert
un tartempion(inf) - what's-his-nameMdJ - T
un taspile, heapMdJ - T
un/des tas de(inf) - lots of, lots of, piles ofMdJ - T
une tassecupDishes
la tataauntieBaby talk
la tatieauntieBaby talk
tatillon(adj) - finicky, nit-pickyMdJ - T
un tatillona finicky personMdJ - T
une taule

(fam) - jail, clink, nick

MdJ - T
le tauxrate, leveln
un tee-shirtT-shirtClothing
tel autre
la téléTVHobbies
téléchargerto downloadMdJ - T
un télécopieurfax machineOffice
un téléphonetelephoneFurniture
téléphoner àto callOn the phone
la télévisiontelevisionHobbies
tellement avareso stingyOptional liaisons
téméraire(adj) - rash, reckless, foolhardyMdJ - T
témoignerto testify; come show, display, evinceMdJ - T
un témoinwitness, evidence, proofMdJ - T
temporiserto delay, stall, play for timen
le tempsweatherWeather
à temps partiel(adj, adv) - part-timeMdJ - T
tendreto tighten, tauten, tense; come hang; to collection (a trap)n
tendu(adj) tight, taut, tensed; strained; held/stretched outn
le tennistennisHobbies
des tennis (m)sneakersClothing
tension arterielle
tenterto tempt, attempt, tryMdJ - T
tenueupkeep, behaviorn
la têteheadBody
têtu(adj) - stubborn, pigheadedMdJ - T
le théteaDrinks
le théâtretheaterDirections
ThéodoreTheodoreFrench names
ThéophileTheophilusFrench names
ThérèseTheresaFrench names
ThibautTheobaldFrench names
ThierryTerryFrench names
ThomasThomasFrench names
tiède(adj, adv) - lukewarm, tepid, mildMdJ - T
un tiers(fraction) third; third party/personMdJ - T
timide(adj) - shyPersonality
timoré(adj) - fearful, timid; (literary, religious) - over-scrupulousMdJ - T
TimothéeTimothyFrench names
tiquerto make/pull a face, come raise an eyebrow, come bat an eyeMdJ - T
la tisaneherbal teaMdJ - T
le tissufabric, cloth, material; (anatomy) tissue; (figurative) fabric, webMdJ - T
un tocard(familiar adj used with things) cheap, trashyMdJ - T
la toilettetoilet, bathroomAccommodations
tolérerto tolerate, bear, endureMdJ - T
un tollégeneral outcry, protestMdJ - T
la tomatetomatoVegetables
la tombée(figurative) fallMdJ - T
la tonalitédial toneOn the phone
tondreto shear, mow, clip, cropMdJ - T
le tontonuncleBaby talk
tordreto wring, twist, contortMdJ - T
torpillerto torpedo, sabotageMdJ - T
la totocarBaby talk
les totos (m)head liceBaby talk
toucherto touch; to approach, be/go near; to affectMdJ - T
tournerto turnDriving
une tournureturn (of phrase, events); appearanceMdJ - T
tousserto coughMdJ - T
toutevery, very, all, everything; quite, veryTrès synonyms
tout droitstraight (ahead)Directions
tout entierentireLiaisons
le toutoudoggyBaby talk
le tracstage fright, nerves, (to be) nervousMdJ - T
une traductiontranslationMdJ - T
le traintrainTransportation
un traiteurdelicatessen, catererMdJ - T
une trancheslice, edgeMdJ - T
tranquille(adj) - quiet, gentle, peaceful, calmMdJ - T
le transporttransportationTransportation
travailleur(adj) - hard-workingPersonality
traverserto crossDriving

to stumble (lit and also fig)

MdJ - T
la trempe

moral fiber, soaking; (inf) - hiding, thrashing

MdJ - T
trempé(adj) - soaked, drenched; to get involved (in other dishonest)MdJ - T
trente et un31Numbers
trèsveryTrès synonyms
très utilevery usefulLiaisons
une trêvetruce, respiteMdJ - T
trimbaler(inf) - come lug, cart around; to trail alongMdJ - T
le trisorting, selection, grading, siftingMdJ - T
trinquerto toast, drink to; (inf) - take it the rapMdJ - T
la tripetripe; (inf, gif) - core, fiberMdJ - T
les tripesgutsMdJ - T
TristanTristan, TristramFrench names
le troctrade, exchange, barterMdJ - T
un trombonepaper clipOffice
trompe l"oeil
une tronche(fam) - mug (face), noggin (head)MdJ - T
troptoo (much), veryTrès synonyms
trouerto make/wear/punch a feet in, come pierce (literally and also fig)MdJ - T
la trouille(fam) - excessive fearMdJ - T
un truc(inf) - thingie, whatsit, trickMdJ - T
un trucmuche(familiar) thingamajig, thingie, whatsitMdJ - T
tuyouSubject pronouns
un turbin(fam) - job, day-to-day grindMdJ - T
tutoyerto usage "tu", be on acquainted termsTu vs Vous
Tu vas allerYou're going to goOptional liaisons
un tuyaupipe, (inf) - tip, piece of adviceMdJ - T
un typetype, kind; classic example, epitome; (inf) - guy, bloke, chapMdJ - T