TLC's display "Freaky Eaters" was a display in TLC held by psychotherapist Mike Dow and nutritionist J.J. Virgin which help food addicts.

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Christine (Addicted to Sugar)


Christine is a forty 7 year old middle-aged woman yet her diet is prefer that the a 5 year old that was given the money to buy whatever she wanted to eat.She eats a range of sweets such as candy, chocolate bars, ice cream, cakes, cookies and also caramel popcorn.Even at an early age, Christine preferred sugar. Even though she stayed in a farm in rural Nebraska, she gorged ~ above Twinkies and Ho Hos instead of fresh livestock and also produce.Christine was married in ~ the at an early stage age of twenty and her marital relationship only lasted five year. The brief union created a son and daughter. The son, Kevin, to be featured in this episode yet the daughter to be not.The bitterness divorce made Christine revolve to sugar as a means of comforting her. This is however dangerous as substantial sugar consumption can cause obesity, diabetes and also cardiovascular disease.Christine spend a whopping six thousand five hundred calorie from sugary food and this is four times the quantity the average woman need to consume.Kevin to be so worried that he got to out come Freaky Eaters professionals Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist, and also J.J. Virgin, a nutritionist, to shot to aid Christine cure she addiction.

The 2 experts bring Christine to a sugary dig made the end of seven hundred fifty pounds the sugar. The tomb is significant with a tombstone v Christine's name on it.Kevin additionally reads a eulogy come his mommy as if she had actually passed away.The experts and also Kevin also try to healing Christine's fear of water and help her conquer it.They likewise encourage Christine to chef real home-cooked meals and to socialize more in bespeak for her to protect against using sugar together a crutch.They successfully assist Christine conquer her street addiction.


Christine is addicted to potatoes with cheese even if it is they be fries, chips, mashed potato or tater tots.While over there is nothing wrong with having actually these treats occasionally, eat cheesy potatoes on a regular basis is a surefire method to get diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Christine has been eating nothing however cheesy potatoes the past thirty years and has an aversion to various other kinds that food. The has end up being so negative that she does no eat along with her husband Patrick.Christine has an input of eight thousand calories and also one hundreds seventy 6 grams of fat.On a yearly basis, she consumes three thousand pounds of potatoes and also one thousand 5 hundred cups of cheese. She husband Patrick tries help her through asking assist from professionals Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist, and also J.J. Virgin, a nutritionist.The two shot to aid Christine by showing her just how much cheesy potato she has been eating. They present her ripe hundred pounds that potatoes and also one hundreds twenty pounds that cheese. This is Christine's four month usage not her one year consumption.They likewise have she touch different vegetables and also have her lug ten pounds of potatoes while castle walk approximately the neighborhood.The two professionals gradually have Christine shot out other foodstuffs in stimulate to expand her diet and also have her sit in front of she husband while they eat roast chicken and salad.Christine has since quit eating cheesy potatoes and also has turn her attention to spinach wraps and also salads.


Michael is a carnivore.He consumers 5 pounds the meat a work which equals one hundred fifty pounds a month and one thousand eight hundred pounds a year.He has never tasted a vegetable in his whole life and also his parents never tried to acquire him come eat vegetables.Michael is also very controlling.This has put a strain through his girlfriend of seven years, Jenna.Jenna is also fearful the Michael might die that a love attack similar to her father did five years ago.Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist, and also J.J. Virgin, a nutritionist shot to aid Michael to obtain on the best track.They rental shock therapy by mirroring Michael one hundred fifty pounds the meat in an aquarium.They then have him grind all that meat.They also visit a doctor and also he mirrors them two hearts - one healthy one and also one v heart disease.The specialists accompany Michael to the Genghis khan Mongolian BBQ restaurant and also have the sample part vegetables along with the meat the he typically enjoys.Michael is now ready to go huge and takes his girlfriend on a picnic wherein they gain some salad.He now eats vegetables everyday and also has significantly reduced his meat intake.

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Amber used to eat baby food but became a stroller, stick eater once she to be a toddler. She mother, Paula, noticed the Amber would eat just french fries and nothing else. Paula tried come ask specialists on what to do however nothing worked. She simply hoped Amber would grow out the it.Unfortunately, Amber never ever did and she has been eat french fries because that twenty six years.The sad part is the her daughter McCartney has end up being a picky eater as well.Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist, and also J.J. Virgin, a nutritionist try to aid Amber and her daughter.They begin with offer Amber multi-color fries.They then have her shot fried potato, carrot, asparagus and also mushroom.Then, they have her eat a baked potato.Amber make the efforts making a taco yet she cannot eat it.She lapses ago to eat french fries.The specialists invite Amber and also her daughter to pick vegetables in a farm and also have Amber and her daughter try cucumbers.In the end, Amber still ate french fries however she also ate other foodstuffs as well.