The Fox design B is a moderately-priced side-by-side double-barrel shotgun with hidden hammers. Presented in 1939 through Savage arms Corp., this gun bear the surname of the famous Fox shotguns i m sorry were developed for many years by the A. H. Fox pistol Co. In Philadelphia. In 1930, Savage bought out the Fox Co., and the model B is the only shotgun that is still in manufacturing under the name "Fox".

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There space a number of versions of the version B. The design B has 2 triggers, and the model B-ST has actually a gold-plated non-selective solitary trigger and beaver-tail fore-end. Both versions have actually a ventilated rib, and also are available in 12-, 16-, and 20-ga., and also .410-bore. They attribute a box-type frame which is case-hardened in colors, automatically pushbutton safety and security on top receiver tang, and black walnut stock and fore-end. The share is of pistol-grip form with cap, and grip and fore-end space checkered. Barrel lengths selection from 26" come 30", and chokes from enhanced cylinder to full. The design B De luxury is comparable to the B-ST, yet with a chrome-finish frame and trigger guard, and also checkering ~ above the stock panels.

In previously versions the this gun, the fore-end stole is organized to the fore-end by 2 timber screws. In some later specimens 2 maker screws are provided in lieu of hardwood screws, and in the newest design B the rear fore-end screw engages a threaded hole in a level steel fore-end insert. The latest form is illustrated.


1 Remove trigger guard screw (37) and unscrew cause guard (36) from frame (11). Remove buttplate screws (59) and buttplate (58). Then remove stock bolt (45), share bolt washer (22), and stock. Remove fore-end (46) by pulling down on its former end, open action by pushing to best on height snap (12), and remove barrel assembly (1) native frame

By cutting board E. WESSEL


2 eliminate triggers (25 & 26) ~ drifting out trigger pin (27) from right to left. (A) Drive the end safety bar pin (21), and also remove create springs (23 & 24) and also safety lever (20). (B) Pry out safety and security spring (17), (C) remove safety plunger (19), and safety button (18)

3(A) Drive out sear pen (28), and remove sears (30 & 31). Eliminate sear feather (32) from under cocking lever spring (33). (B) Drift the end cocking lever and also hammer pen (29) and also take out hammers (38 & 39), mainsprings (43), mainspring plungers (40), and cocking bar (35). Revolve out firing pen retaining screws (41) and withdraw shooting pins (42) and also firing pin springs (44)

1. Barrel assembly

2. Prior sight

3. Rear sight

4. Extractor

5. Cocking plunger retaining screw

6. Cocking plunger spring

7. Cocking plunger

8. Extractor screw

9. Peak snap trip

10. Top snap pilgrimage spring

11. Frame

12. Optimal snap

13. Top snap screw

14. Top snap plunger

15. Top snap plunger collar

16. Peak snap plunger spring

17. Safety and security spring

18. Security button

19. Safety plunger

Parts Legend

20. Safety and security lever

21. Safety bar pin

22. Stock bolt washer

23. Trigger spring, left

24. Create spring, right

25. Trigger, left

26. Trigger, right

27. Trigger pin

28. Sear pin

29. Cocking lever and also hammer pin

30. Sear, left

31. Sear, right

32. Sear spring

33. Cocking bar spring

34. Cocking lever spring pin

35. Cocking lever

36. Trigger guard

37. Create guard screw

38. Hammer, left

39. Hammer, right

40. Mainspring pli^nger (2)

41. Firing pin retaining screw (2)

43. Mainspring (2)

44. Firing pin spring (2)

45. Stock boll

46. Fore-end

47. Fore-end screw, front

48. Fore-end insert

49. Pistol fixed cap

50. Pistol grip cap screw

51. Fore-end iron

52. Fore-end feather pin

53. Ejector screw

54. Fore-end screw, rear

55. Fore-end spring

56. Fore-end spring spring

57. Ejector

58. Buttplate

59. Buttplate screw (2)


4 Depress optimal snap trip (9) so that peak snap (12) deserve to move come its central position. Using a screwdriver, force top snap plunger feather (16) forward and also to left the end of lug in peak tang that frame. Remove optimal snap plunger (14). Top snap plunger collar (15), and top snap plunger spring. Using an balance out screwdriver, remove height snap screw (13) and also lift out height snap (12). Peak snap trip (9), and top snap trip spring (10). Reassemble in reverse. As soon as replacing height snap plunger spring, the is neccssary to usage a divided-blade push tool similar to a bent screwdriver with separation blade come facilitate compression that spring

5 remove cocking plunger retaining screw (5—upper arrow), cocking plunger (7). And also cocking plunger spring (6). Remove Extractor screw (8—lower arrow), and also withdraw extractor (4)

6 as soon as replacing hammers, a special device (A) is required. The is a piece of stole or brass *Vh"x%"x6" long, and also bent 90° at approximately AVz" of its length. Its short end is shame to same rundown as ago of hammer, and lower allude is shaped to get in sear notch the hammer. Clamp framework in vise v padded jaws so that rear of frame is up, and also place mainsprings and mainspring plungers right into frame. Place a hammer so the its forecast at reduced front engages notch in mainspring plunger, and also push hammer toward front of framework with too! to align hole in hammer through hole in frame. Insert punch through framework hole and hammer, happen punch through cocking lever, placed in second hammer, push it forward v tool, and also insert punch with holes in second hammer and other side of frame. Then drive in hammer pin.

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Pushing out punch. Illustration shows relative place of components ■