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Have a 1999 Ford E450 chassis v a V10 Triton 6.8L Gas engine that I have the right to not gain the proper coolant temperature sending out unit for.This chassis sit under my course C motor home, not that this renders a distinction though. Ns was traveling the end to Colorado native Florida come visit friends and started having trouble through the engine overheating and the head temp sending unit would kick in in ~ 255 deg F (according come freeze structure data on my OBD II reader) leading to the temp gauge to pen itself to the max and also having the over-temp light and also oil irradiate come on. This is normal when the head temp sending unit (the one the sits under the throttle body top top the drivers side the the engine, the one that can not it is in accessed without removing the alternator, kicks in and the PCM does what the is an alleged to do. So when I ultimately got to Colorado, I made decision to change the head temp sending out unit to see if it had gone bad.Went come my local Auto Zone because that a brand-new unit and also they inadvertently provided me with the coolant temperature sending out unit. Not understanding that I had actually the wrong part, I replaced the coolant temp sending out unit instead of the head temp sending unit. I threw the end the old coolant temp sending unit the was working fine as I had a new one one figured the I would not require the old unit. Come to find out later, i realized the I obtained the wrong component so i went back to Auto Zone and also got the right component (head temp sending out unit) and replaced it. By then, the old coolant unit was lengthy gone in the trash.Started mine trip earlier to Florida and noticed the my temp gauge was not reading the temp properly so i took the unit out and went earlier to Auto ar to get a replacement. The replacement did not job-related either. Therefore I made decision to walk to a Ford Dealership midway with Kansas and also get the OE coolant temp sending unit, component number 3F1Z 12A648 A. Put that unit in the engine and still the temp gauge to be not reading properly.I know that the temp gauge is functioning properly since the engine overheated again and the gauge acquired pinned just like before. I additionally noticed the the gauge would relocate a very tiny from gift bottomed out when the engine got very hot, not much movement, but around 1/8 the an customs or so. I also have the shop manuals for this engine as well as the wiring manual and also looked increase the experimentation procedure to check out if miscellaneous else to be wrong. Every test for the coolant temp passed including the shorting out the 2 pins on the wiring harness bring about the temp gauge gets pinned. The shop manuals test say the the corrective activity is to replace the coolant temp sending unit.So currently after instead of the coolant temp sending unit with three aftermarket units and one OE unit, i still deserve to not gain the temp gauge to review properly.

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I check the ohms reading on the replacement devices an all units space reading about 30 ohms cold (I check out somewhere the it must be approximately 2000 ohms) so ns am reasoning that i am gaining the not correct coolant sending out unit also though i have detailed the VIN come these human being (the 8th digit is "S").Can someone you re welcome tell me what the component number is because that the unit the I need as it seems that neither Ford or any kind of parts save (Auto Zone, O"Reily"s, etc) have been may be to carry out me v the right part.I require the coolant temperature sending unit that sits top top the overcome beam ~ above the entry manifold ~ above the prior of the engine just behind the alternator. It has actually a rectangular connector and the fifty percent that screws into the head is shaped favor a cone.