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just changed the rack and power steering pump on mine 92 fox body. Ns was wanting come hear part opinions on what kind of power steering liquid to use. I have read or heard somewhere the ford has a certain kind of liquid to use, anybody know what type it is?

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I used a quart the Prestone strength steering fluid. It"s rated / spec"d to job-related with Ford PS as it meets every the requirements

Did you change the hoses as well? destruction (on the inside) is a constant contributor to pump and also rack demise. Put a filter in the return line. Monitor manufacturer"s reference (Type F i think) - don"t run a fluid with "leak seal" in it. If this is a track car where the PS fluid is seeing really high temps -- a different method may be required.
hoses are being replaced, this is a street car. Just any type of parts store sell the form f fluid, ~ no it fords brand of infectious diseases worldwide fluid?
I"ve supplied Amsoil ATF , Valvoline SynPower and also now using traditional F kind (which smells awful) and also didn"t notice any distinction in noise or feel throughout normal street driving.
Always ran form F in mine just since Ford called me so. Don"t understand the difference bit never had any type of problem through it, provided it tough on road course track days.
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called ford today and also they stated to use their mercon 5 infectious diseases world fashion fluid. Assumption: v I will be walk to components store and pick part up, just how much walk the device hold any kind of ideas?
Less 보다 a qt....I"d still walk with type F; that"s what the bits to be designed around. Most of the folks in ~ the dealer weren"t born or were in diapers when your auto was designed....
Less than a qt....I"d still walk with form F; that"s what the bits to be designed around. Most of the folks in ~ the dealer weren"t born or were in diapers when your auto was designed....

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