Having trouble identifying foodstuffs that begin with the letter C? A letter video game is always a an excellent game. Once it concerns food, there space so plenty of you deserve to name. In this article, we space taking a look in ~ some foodstuffs that begin with C, including fruits, veggies, and also fluids that begin with C. You have actually probably eaten most of them, and some you will certainly be hearing of them because that the an initial time. Take it a look and educate yourself!


Foods That start With The Letter C

From coleslaw to casserole, we’ve acquired you covered. We’ve provided many foodstuffs down below that you will do it be acquainted with, yet you could be surprised by how plenty of you never knew existed.

1. Cabbage

Cabbage is a veggie v thick green or purple leaves that surround anther bulb of environment-friendly younger pipeline inside. Cabbage is packed v nutrients and can be provided in different dishes.

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2. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetables of the mustard family. The name in Latin means “flowers of cabbage” as the veggie looks like a cabbage. It can be eaten raw or as a part if any culinary dish.

3. Cajon pea

Cajon pea is a small nutritious seeds of the pigeon pea plant. The plant is frequently cultivated in dry areas. The seeds vary in color.

4. Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? Cake is a baked food that us can’t aid obsessing about. Over there are countless varieties that cake, yet a conventional cake is made using flour, eggs, sugar, and fat, then decorated with some icing sugar or whipping cream. My favorite has to be this coca cola cake from Cracker Barrel.

5. Calamari

The word originates from Italian for “squid” and also refers come a well known deep-fried stop appetizer made form squish. Calamari is prepared differently depending upon the locality and may have different names.

6. Calvados

Calvados is a drink do from apples the are native to the Normandy region. The drink to be traditionally taken between meals to awaken one’s appetite. It’s do by juicing fresh apples, fermenting them right into cider, and distilling the cider into a clear brandy.

7. Canape

The food is pronounced as “can-a-PAY” if you to be wondering. The a small, finger food made v a tiny slice of bread or pastry together a base, a spread out of butter, cheese or mayo, and different toppings. It was traditionally offered right before dinner despite it’s usually served with cocktails.

8. Candy

Candy is something extra-sugary that is made from sugar. Liquid is regularly mixed with fruit, nuts, and also other additives to create different flavors. Nothing forget come floss or brush your teeth after having actually candy!

9. Canola

Canola is one oilseed do from tree crossbreeding. Rapeseed from which the oil is do produces toxicity compounds hence the require for crossbreeding to do it safe.

10. Cantaloupe

Crazy about watermelons? If yes, girlfriend will also love the cantaloupe fruit. The is a juicy and orange summer fruit in the family of the watermelon and also honeydew melon. It’s subtly sweet v a most water.

11. Caper

Capers come native the caper bush or flinders rose, a perennial plant that produces rounded leaves and also white or pinkish flowers. The caper flower sprout are supplied as a seasoning while the caper berries are used as pickles to include texture and flavor to various dishes.

12. Cappuccino

A cappuccino come buzz you the end of a long weekend; yes? Cappuccino is one espresso-based coffee the is native to Italy. It to be traditionally prepared with steamed milk foam. The espresso, steam milk, and also foam room in same ration however can be varied for the toughness of the drink.

13. Capulin

Capulin is a Mexican black color cherry tree that produces edible fruits. The fruits room red v a single hard stone.

14. Carambola

Carambola fruit is additionally referred to as the star fruit. The a sweet and sour fruit that is shaped like a star. The meat carries the tart flavor that renders it a great addition to various dishes. The skin is also edible.

15. Caramel

Caramel is do by heating or food preparation sugar under high temperatures as much as 170 degrees Celsius. It’s supplied in many candies, sauces, and also as a topping in desserts. You’ll additionally find your regional Starbucks making use of it in your caramel macchiatos.

16. Caraway

Caraway is a spice thy has, for many years, been offered as a spice and also even for organic medicine. The dried fruit has actually an earthly bitterness flavor and also can be supplied in sweet and also savory dishes.

17. Cardamon

Cardamon is a spice make from spindle-shaped seeds pods. The totality seed can additionally be supplied or soil and included to miscellaneous delicacies. The seeds room black or brown, however the pod varies in color depending on the origin.

18. Carp

Carp is a deep-water freshwater fish that is farmed because that food in some parts of the world. That is can also be discovered in ponds and aquariums.

19. Carrot

You probably use carrots every job in different dishes. Carrots room a root veggie the is mainly orange in shade though they also come in yellow, black, red, and white. They likewise come in different types depending top top the root shape.

20. Cassava

This is a root vegetable that is packed v resistant starch and other nutrients. It grow in tropical countries and also has a nutty flavor.

21. Cashew

Cashews room nuts that room shaped prefer a kidney. They have to be roasted prior to eating.

22. Casserole

A casserole is any kind of food that is cooking in a casserole or a big deep dish. Among our well-known casseroles on this website is this delicious tater tot casserole, i beg your pardon your entire family will certainly love..

23. Cassiri

This is a beer lookalike that is made by fermenting cassava juice. Its

24. Catfish

Catfish is a common fish discovered in freshwaters, specifically in north America and also Eurasia.

25. Cayenne

Cayenne is a form of pepper that is made from the cayenne plant. That adds nice warm soups and stews.

26. Celery

Celery is a member of the parsley household with succulent pipeline stalks. They have the right to be consumed raw or included to a selection of dishes.

27. Celtuce

Celtuce each other the celery. This leaves deserve to be consumed raw or stir-fried or included to various dishes.

28. Cereal

Cereal is a breakfast staple that is make from grain. It can be oats, Weetabix, and also any personal favorite.

29. Challah

Challah is a braided classic Jewish white bread that has eggs, raisins and leavened v some yeast.

30. Chapati

Chapati is a flatbread make from flour and also cooked ~ above a griddle. It renders a an excellent accompaniment come soups.

31. Chardonnay

Evenings space for a chardonnay, right? This is a white alcohol grape do from green-skinned grapes. That the number one marketing white wine brand!

32. Chaya

Chaya is referred to as “tree spinach.” that a perennial shrub that thrives all year.

33. Cheddar

Cheddar is a smooth-textured cheese range that can be included to a variety of dishes.

34. Cheese

Cheese is a food made from fermented or pressed curd milk giving it a tangy flavor. It come in different varieties and also can be included to a wide variety of foods.

35. Cherry

Cherries are typical fruits that are a really nutritious and good source that vitamin C. A single hard rock characterizes them.

36. Chicken

Chicken is a residential bird the is preserved for eggs and delicious meat. My favourite chicken food at the minute needs to be these delicious chicken nuggets v our Bisquick chicken pot pie in second place.

37. Chickpea

Chickpea is a legume the is regularly mistaken for a pea. It’s a very nutritious and good source of protein.

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So, i beg your pardon food have actually you tried and which sounded foreign? We would love to hear about other foods that begin with a C that you know.